Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meditate in my direction!

     I have recently tried meditating. A few things have sent me into this new experience, partly a book I am currently reading (self-help book), and also a different book that I have already read (Eat, Love, and Pray).
     Of utmost importance is my crazy energy level. I am always going (lapped that Energizer bunny years ago!), always thinking, always busy.
     Pretty much the only time I am just quiet is when I am asleep, reading, or watching a movie! And, as far as silencing my brain...I would say that is when I am sleeping, but really I have tons of vivid dreams, so I don't know about that!
     Just to take complete quiet and relaxation time, that seems like a momentous occasion!
     The last few afternoons I have allowed myself this both literal and figurative quiet time.
     I love the feeling of calm and peace that comes along with this quietening of my mind and body!
     What else I have noticed is my increased energy...kind of like a recharging of the battery!
     I plan on keeping this ritual, maybe trying it on a daily basis, but for now, just doing it when I feel like it and when I do have that quiet time available.
     I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this meditating suits me so well. I was born in 1971, and for most of my life, I have thought that I should've been an adult in the 60s and 70s!


     Positive affirmations! They work wonders! I just love it when you start saying positive things and then all sorts of positive things start happening in your life.
     I am reading a couple of interesting self-help sort of books related to weight and the whole mind-body connection. I LOVE IT!
     One of the other major focus points in the two books that I am reading is about FORGIVENESS.
     What's cool about really isn't for the other person. That's right, when you forgive someone, it releases what you don't need to carry around in your heart!
     TRUST ME, I know it's really hard to forgive certain people, especially when they are difficult and/or attempt to cause havoc in your life.
     But, guess what?? You can forgive a person and still not have anything to do with that person! Forgiving doesn't mean that you are best friends or that you even have to like the person. This is especially true because of the fact that the act of forgiveness is releasing the person actually doing the forgiving.
     I personally have a person in my life that I have the least amount to do with as possible, only because the person goes out of the way to be unkind.
     I choose to forgive this person (often) and even feel sorry for her, as she must be in such pain that she has to lash out to hurt others.
     What's great is that even if she is being UGLY, I don't have to accept her icky energy!!
     Give it away! Remember the serenity prayer!!
     Then remember your positive affirmations: I choose to forgive this person to release this hurt from my heart. I choose to find the positive in my life. I choose!
     I especially like looking at positive affirmations as related to losing weight. I will be my perfect weight to allow my body to feel its genuine vitality and energy.
     Just try it! Wake up in the morning, put on your attitude, smile at yourself in the mirror!! Say out loud the positive things about your life! Give away the negative aspects.
     Here are some sites with some SUPER positive affirmations that you can try out. It really does work!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Words and Rice!

     I have soooo much to tell you! I may not write more until tomorrow, but I promise I will! Good stuff!
     For now, I just REALLY want to tell you about this SUPER cool site that a friend sent me today!
     If you know me, you know I am the biggest WORD NERD ever! I love words!
     There is a place where you can challenge your vocabulary, all the while earning grains of rice to be given to help feed the hungry! It's legit! The United Nations World Food Federation is the group delivering the rice that is earned.
     I even read an interesting article in the New York Times about this site. The article informed readers of all the important info, and then proceeded to discuss the benefits of testing your vocab, and how eventually you even start to know words that you didn't even know you know!
     Check it out!
     I have some exciting news to share about some really GOOD things happening in my life right now. Coming soon, promise :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My fishbowl is draining!

      Good news! I almost feel like I am out of the fishbowl that has housed my head for many days now!
      I had major pressure and sinus activity that was making me miserable!!
      Last night, when we went over to our friends' house (which I even debated going because I still felt poopy), Rich told me I should take an allergy pill.
      I did, and today I feel incredibly improved. Not totally better, but well on my way! I even have a prescription allergy pill, and I don't know why I didn't think to take it?? Hello!
      Today with much more energy, I completed all the household tasks, and even squeezed in some moderate exercise of reading and riding the bike!
      I am sooooo excited about having the recumbent bike, here in the house. I can just get up in the morning, stay in my PJs, turn on the television or grab a book and ride off into the sunrise!
      My friend Dee sold me her recumbent bike, and I told her that when I am skinny this summer, she can take some of the credit, too!!
      I plan on getting up every day this upcoming week and riding the bike, and depending upon how I feel I might even ride it at night when we are watching our favorite shows.
      And, it really helps that I am reading a book I LOVE right now! Rick bought me Rhett Butler's People for Christmas. This is an authorized (by the Margaret Mitchell people) version of Gone With The Wind. It's all from Rhett's perspective!
      OK, so if you didn't know Gone With The Wind is one of my all-time favorite books. I don't know if it because I am from the South or I just love that time period. GREAT BOOK, and so far this new version is, too.
     I would really like someone in Hollywood to make the movie again, still set in the same time period, same story, etc., but modernized with today's technology and sets, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love the old version, but I think it would be a great movie to remake!
     I definitely feel motivated to ride and read! And, it helps now that I can breathe :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yada, yada, my head feels heavy

     I know it has been days. I have had an icky cold coming on since Monday. Dang it all. This was the week I wanted to rock the exercise!
     I did work out on Monday for 30 minutes to a show called Shimmy, which is basic belly dancing. That was fun!
     But, yesterday and this morning, no working out. My head hurts. I can barely breathe through my nose. Yada, yada!
     I have been drinking water, but I am barely getting 80 ounces. I don't know what's going on there, except that I do find it easier to drink water at school.
     Really this does not make ANY sense, because I don't have as much freedom to use the bathroom at school! LOL!
     Well, off to school. If I feel better this afternoon, I think my step-daughter and I will dance to one of my aerboics tapes (at least that will warm us up after a cold day).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The big 15,000!

     I can hardly believe that my blog counter rolled over the big 15,000 hits! WOW! This has truly been a fun ride, and I look forward to next 15,000!!
     Yesterday was a busy, but good day. I did drink my quota and more, 120 ounces of water. And, I lost another pound.
     I have really taken a different approach this time around. I have not gone gangbusters right out of the gate.
     So, this week my big focus is going to be on exercise. The deal is that I really do like to exercise. I am not someone who detests it! I have just gotta get it going!!
     Today has been a super day!!! I have packed away all the Christmas decorations, and although I did not want to take down my tree, I do love re-discovering my livingroom!!!
     I even have enough room to get an exercise bike (like a recumbent one), so I need to locate one :)
     We have a basketball game tonight, and then Ricky is taking me out to dinner. I have been saving my calories today. And, I think we MIGHT go to the movies tonight or else we are going tomorrow afternoon!
     Well, have a good one...and, to my loyal readers: THANKS!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eating and spending GREEN!

      One of my biggest frustrations (and, I have blogged about it before) is the fact that healthy foods are more expensive than the junk food. It's a conspiracy.
      Well, OK. I know it's about the actual manufacturing of the food and the expenses related to that, determing the actual price.
      Anyhow, I know that we are raising our own cows and pigs anymore because it's just not cost effective; it's actually too expensive!
      We are going to rodeo up our chickens and start collecting eggs again. Have you noticed egg prices?
      I read a good article this morning, all about this issue. Check it out!
     I do know that when I shop at the Farmers Market, the prices are always LOWER than the local groceries stores. BUT, what's a girl to do in the winter?


Seriously...with all this cold weather, your body is working harder to keep you warm. Drink more water in the winter (It's just as important as during the hot months!)! You can follow along with my water intake on my Twitter updates. 28 ounces this morning!! P.S. It's the same with your animals :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TODAY is National Hot and Spicy Day!

     OK, last night I decided I wanted to cook some goulash, something hearty and warm for such a chilly night, and I wasn't in the mood for soup (I do make a mean Chicken Noodle!), but something more thick.
      I ended up just adding things. Of course, that's what makes goulash so perfect! Anything goes!
      I cooked up a pound of extra lean hamburger meat (you could use ground turkey, too). Then I added two cans of black beans, two cans of corn, a heaping tablespoon of sour cream, and my secret ingredient: Two cans of Ro*Tel diced tomatoes with chiles, onion, cilantro, and lime juice.
      I love Ro*Tel everything, thanks to Daddy and Pa! I still can't believe how many people don't even know of Ro*Tel. Check out their site! They have great recipes, and sometimes it just a twist on one of your favorites.
     In our family we have a couple of special cookbooks that I dearly love. One is from the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team, but the real rangers - cowboy lawmen!), and the other is a collection of recipes from people around Texas.
     For my goulash, I added a little shredded cheese for me, and a healthy amount for Rick and Jordie. They also both added crushed corn chips to their bowls.
     I know it was a hit because we BARELY had any leftovers!! I did take a small bit to work for lunch, and I added a whole wheat tortilla. YUMMY!
     I thought today would be a good day to share last night's recipe because it is National Hot and Spicy Day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


     Things I have noticed in just two days of hyper-water drinking. You should try it and see if you feel the same! I have WAY more energy. I started thinking about this. Let’s go extreme. The person dying of thirst in the desert: S/he would have little to no energy, right?
     I am WAY less hungry and not even wanting to snack. So, maybe when we go to snack, really we are thirsty rather than hungry. I’ve noticed that I am actually feeling thirsty and want even more water (sort of the Lays potato chips’ effect, where you can’t eat just one).
     I am also very cold today. This, of course, could be the weather, but I distinctly remember this effect every time I have beefed up my water consumption.
     I did find one of my old blogs that relates to this topic. I can't believe it is almost two years old!!

     Interesting water consumption links:

Jack Frost nipping at your ear...

     A little cold out there! WHAT was I thinking? I woke up this morning, first, VERY thirsty!!
     SO, I downed a glass of water (14 ounces), and then I decided I didn't want to do aerobics, and instead wanted to go for a walk. Huh?
     I bundled up and headed out into the dark. It was a lot colder than what my thermometer said! It thankfully wasn't super windy.
     I know I burnt extra calories just trying to stay warm!! I only walked ten minuntes out and ten minutes back.
     I am not really sure that I will walk tomorrow morning, at least not outside.
     Then I came home for a warm shower, some hot tea, and a glass of water (28 ounces total).
     I am just feeling full of energy. I don't know if this could be the water? It could be that I am wide awake after my frigid walk, but I felt pretty hyped up and that's why I went for a walk in the first place.
     Last night we had a preschool meeting, and I am totally STOKED about the upcoming auction. Mark your calendars for Friday, February 29th (yup, Leap Year)!
     I just love being involved to make good things happen. You just have such a sense of accomplishment :) And, I love being around the people involved!
     Maybe that's where the energy is coming from? Have a great day!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Monday!

     I woke up at 5:30 this morning, 20 minutes before my alarm was set to start playing music to wake me up to get ready to work out. BUT, I woke up with an icky headache.
     I drank water, took some Tylenol, and went back to bed. When my alarm went off, I still had a bit of my headache left, so I went back to sleep until my normal time of 6:30.
     I do like the idea I have for my new goal. Rather than saying I will work out five times a week or whatever, my goal is five hours a week.
      When I watched the National Body Challenge on the Discovery Health Channel, that was the trainer's idea.
     She then said to add more time each week, rather than more workouts. I just feel like that takes the pressure off, if you miss a day.
     I do have a busy afternoon and evening with preschool meetings, but I am going to try and walk right after school with a couple of my co-workers.
     And, I will try for tomorrow morning, too! I did drink two glasses of water this morning (that's 16 ounces down!).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a wonderful weekend!

     As you can tell from my Twitter updates, we spent lots of time this weekend playing. It was a very relaxing weekend filled with tons of laughter.
     I also love the weekends because Cody is on liberty, so we chat off and on from Friday evening until Sunday evening. That really makes it feel like he is not so far away.
     I ate really well this weekend. I did have a MooLatte from Dairy Queen, when we had our girls day out, but I counted those calories, and I ordered a regular instead of large one (no small sizes to choose). Ready for this?? 590 calories, and 23 grams of fat. That just meant I had to eat light for dinner, which I did.
     We made a yummy salad. Our little one loves cooking, so we spend lots of time in the kitchen together!
     We also planned out what kind of Valentines she wants to make, and even she started talking about ideas for her birhtday party in May! Maybe she has a future ahead of her that we don't all know about...planner??
     I did not exercise intentionally, just running around out in the snow, and a Wal*Mart trip.
     But, I have a HUGE plan for this upcoming week. I WILL drink my water goal each day (70 ounces). And, I will exercise for at least 5 hours this week.
     I have been watching the National Body Challenge on the Discovery Health channel. I just find it so inspiring!! I am going to register myself. I did fill out an application to be considered to be on television!
     It's really been a satisfying weekend. I do have a somewhat busy week ahead, but good stuff :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hail to the TORTOISE

      A loss is a loss. I lost 2 pounds this past week! Yippie, Yahoo!
      I really do feel some satisfaction in that because now I am dipping under the 250 mark (now 248.8), which is always a good feeling.
      Also, I am going to focus on exercise this upcoming week, so I hope to see more loss next week.
      But, what's really cool is that SIMPLE changes can make a difference.
      This time around I want to tortoise my way through this race. Seriously when I think about the past, I realize that I have been way more like a rabbit. AND, I WANT TO WIN THIS RACE THIS TIME.
      I challenge you to this: Choose one thing to do differently for a week, and see how it feels. Try it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


     Big news...I decided to start another blog, more random really than anything :)I will talk about all sorts of issues that I feel strongly about. Anyhow, check it out if you are interested!!
     I will still maintain this blog, still talk about health, eating, exercise, etc. I will still Twitter to this blog, and probably not the other one for now.

What a day!

     As you can tell from my Twitter, today was busy.
     OK, as most of you know, Dean Klepec's home burnt down this morning. (There is a story and a picture on the Chronicle online.) Everyone was OK (including the animals), but they did lose pretty much everything.
     I have been collecting money from the staff to purchase some Wal*Mart and JC Penney's cards (both of those places have agreed to add to our donations!), and I will be buying those tomorrow, so they will have them for over the weekend.
     I am OVERWHELMED by the generosity of so many people in this community!!! The list of what people are doing to help out is quite long!
     From this, people need to remember to appreciate everyone and everything they hold dearly in their lives. And, be proud to live in a community that cares so much for its own!!!

Sleeping in

     Good morning!
     Last night I fell asleep while we were watching television, and I did set my alarm to get up earlier and try the Dance Moves exercise show on FIT tv.
     Obviously I was tired, because I slept right through that alarm, and I am super glad that my normal alarm is set to go off daily!!
     I decided that I am going to try next week for the aerobics. This week my focus has been on eating and water. Although, I have walked a couple of times, and I am going for a walk this morning, and maybe even this afternoon.
     I know this is short, but I am running a little late, and I have my little one's hair to do still, so gotta go.
     I weigh today, and I will twitter what the scale says during my lunch!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Slow Motion Morning

     I tried to log on earlier this morning to write a much longer blog, but the site was sleepy, I guess.
     SO, yesterday I did a good job of eating...until around 9:30 p.m. WHAT THE HECK?
     I don't know what it was. I really wasn't hungry. But, I really wanted cheese, so I had two chunks. Grrrr...
     I did not go over my calories, but after I ate the cheese, I realized that I didn't REALLY want it. I should've gone for a glass a water, but I didn't!
     Yesterday I was wishing that I still had PE. It's so funny to listen to the kids complain about having to take PE every day! If only!!!! I would love to have a job where I had to take PE in order to be paid!!
     Well, I will continue this blog this afternoon! Running out of time :) Have a super day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

     Yesterday was a good day! I walked after school, and I discovered Twitter, as you can see off to the left!
     What I love about Twitter is that I can send an update at any time. I can Twitter from anywhere, since it's from my phone, and that's especially good for the times that I stay at Rick's, since he doesn't have a computer!
     But, even just driving down the road (well, not when I am driving, since that's illegal now, but rather when I am a passenger), or when I am having a moment: good or bad.
     I also discovered these new steamer bowls fom Healthy Choice, that are very yummy for lunch.
      Well, this is a short one this morning, but definitely you can read the three other posts below, and all my Twitters on the side!
     Here's to an even better day today!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Checked off the Bucket List!

What's really cool about this list is that EVERYTHING was on my Bucket List, but I have actually accomplished them!!! What was fun was reviewing my list just since last year!!

Become a mom
Visit Roswell and the alien museum
Go to the 4 Corners Monument
Walk on Abbey Road
See Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle
Go to England
Go to Alaska
Go on a road-trip (I have been on MANY, even one solo!)
Change a tire on my own (trust me I was in the middle of nowhere!)
Become a teacher
Earn a Master’s Degree
Teach at the college level
Go to Las Vegas (lots of fun trips there)
Go to Puerto Vallarta
Swim, catch fish and see dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico
Visit the Alamo
Go to Disney Land
Play fastpitch softball in a national tournament
Publish poetry
Own a motor scooter
Own a VW Bug
Go to professional football games
Go to rock concerts and take my kids to concerts
Go to Carlsbad Caverns
Camp in Yellowstone - see Old Faithful
Hike at the Arches National Park
See the Bingham County Copper Mine
Soak in a natural hot springs
Go to a drive-in movie
Go on a long motorcycle trip
Go to a spa for a week
Go to Reno / Lake Tahoe
Finish a triathlon
Learn how to cook
Be an elected city councilwoman (in Leavenworth)
Raise animals/live on a farm
Work at a ski resort
Snowboard, downhill ski, snowshoe, cross-country ski
Camp regularly
Hike Enchantments
Go to the opera
See Phantom of the Opera
Direct a play/musical
Swim in the Pacific Ocean
Stand under the Peace Arch
Have a pet fish
Ride a train
Go to the top of the Space Needle
Attend a professional baseball game
Ride a horse on a beach
Ride in a glass-bottomed boat
Jump off a cliff into water
Whitewater river raft
Go to Crater Lake
Go to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum
Go to San Diego Zoo, Aquarium, and Sea World
Walk on Cannery Row
See a sunset and sunrise at the ocean
Fly first class
Go to the Redwood Forrest
Sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere
Sleep on a trampoline
Be buried at Pebble Beach
Go to Pike’s Place Market
Go whale watching
Ride a ferry both on a car and as a pedestrian
Stay in a fancy five star motel
Watch hydros
Adopt a family at Christmas
Get a tattoo
Take a college level astronomy class
Catch a fish
Fire a gun
See the Northern Lights
Stand behind a waterfall
See a professional rodeo
See the Ice Capades
Make a snow angel
Go to a movie alone
Ride on a streetcar in San Francisco
Walk on Santa Monica Pier and Boardwalk
Host a blog
Spend an entire day reading a book and doing nothing else
Play an instrument
Fall in love
Raise money for cancer
Sew clothes
Make an intricate gingerbread house from scratch
Eat escargot
See the laser show and fireworks on the 4th of July at Grand Coulee Dam
Spend over 8 hours in Powell’s
Make a snowman
Make homemade ice cream
Fall asleep in a hammock
Dance in the rain
Have a picnic
Stay awake for over 24 hours
Write and publish articles
Join the banana slug club
Drive a jet ski
Fly a kite on the beach
Seen an original of Van Gough, Monet, Manet
Attend a Ringling Brothers Circus
Learn Origami
Drive on Route 66
Drive on Highway 101
Go to the Oregon Coast
Visit the Sea Lions Cave
Get a passport
Answer an online personal ad
Cross over the Great Continental Divide
Coach a team
Ride in a horse-drawn sleigh on New Year’s Eve
Go on a hayride
Hit a homerun
Survive an accident I shouldn’t have survived
Eat REAL sushi
Had my picture in the newspaper
Eat fried green tomatoes
Bowl in a league
Bowl a game over 200
Cut down a Christmas tree in the mountains and snow
Write a letter to the editor
Get a professional massage
Eat at a Hard Rock Café
Get a tattoo with Cody
Sell something on e-bay
Attend a formal Tea
Fix my teeth
Start a book group

My own BUCKET list!

Things I want to do in my lifetime…

Besides the obvious like see my kids graduate from high school and college and be at their weddings and meet my future grandchildren, and see them everyone live happy lives!

Not necessarily in any particular order.

I do have a list of things I want to do:
 Backpack Europe
 Visit Australia and New Zealand
 Write a book that makes the New York Times bestseller list
 Learn an old language (Latin or Greek, maybe)
 Learn to drive a motorcycle
 Learn to ride a horse with confidence (second nature) – working on this one!
 Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
 Learn to play the piano
 Visit New York – I have always wanted this, but I would very much now like to stand at the site of the twin towers, as well I have a list of about twenty things I want to do in New York!
 See a musical on Broadway
 Go on a cruise
 Be on a reality tv show
 Be on a game show
 Study more, go to college again, maybe earn my doctorate next or an entirely different degree like law
 Volunteer either for a mission or something like the peace corps (I have a huge urge to help in New Orleans)
 Learn construction (maybe I could add this to the one above and work on a Habitat for Humanity house)
 Go bungee jumping
 Go skydiving
 Return to Alaska, but in the summer
 Visit all 50 states, so far I have been to 18 states, 4 provinces in Canada, and 3 other countries
 Go to Mt. Rushmore
 Go to Washington DC – I desperately want to see the Vietnam Memorial Wall
 Learn to rock climb outside (I love indoor rock climbing)
 Go to the David Letterman show
 Swim with dolphins
 Learn to scuba dive; I have been snorkeling when we went to Mexico; that was incredible.
 Go up in a hot air balloon
 Go to the Great Wall of China
 Learn to sing, take lessons
 Go to the Grand Canyon
 Ride in a gondola in Venice
 Run in a half-marathon
 Ride in a helicopter
 Be a size 10 again
 Ride my bike to work
 Learn a specific dance like tap or waltz
 Watch a sunrise with my kids (have seen many sunsets with them)
 Play chess at Central Park
 Send a message in a bottle (This is cool for a whole bunch of reasons; I remember when I sent a message in a balloon filled with helium once.)
 Have my palm read
 Be a member of a school board
 Act in a play or musical (I have directed, but never acted)
 Celebrate New Year’s Eve in an exotic place
 See a gi-normous 4th of July fireworks display – bigger than Wenatchee!
 Rent a houseboat
 Watch a Nascar race in person
 See the Nutcracker in a professional performance
 Donate my hair to Wigs for Kids
 Get a makeover
 See Shakespeare’s Grave
 Learn to paint or draw
 Go to Alactraz
 Go to MOMA and the Smithsonian
 Go to the Louvre in Paris
 Go to Atlantic City
 Attend the Olympics
 Eat Italian food in Italy
 Live in a log cabin in the woods
 Visit a concentration camp
 See Cirque du Soleil
 See Niagara Falls
 Learn to skateboard
 Learn to knit
 Learn to quilt – for real
 Learn to make an espresso (like at the coffee place, not my howe machine)
 Own a bookstore
 Watch an entire season of a show I have never seen before at one sitting
 Kiss under the Eiffel Tower
 Drive a semi-truck for at least a day
 Travel the whole of Africa
 Go on a week-long trip on a sailboat (a big one)
 Visit each continent
 Run/Jog in a 5k for charity
 See the 7 Wonders of the World
 See Stonehenge
 Bury something important to me and leave it there for someone to find many years from now
 Celebrate Christmas in July
 Be silent for 24 hours
 Be at a Manchester U game
 Take a swamp tour in the Everglades
 Attend the Sundance Film Festival
 Read 100 works of classic literature (getting close)
 Enable somebody else to accomplish a goal on their list
 Grow my hair to where I can sit on it
 Re-connect with some of my best friends in the world and meet up at least once a year, maybe even to do something on our lists!
 Forgive someone with my WHOLE heart
 Be up-to-date on family scrapbooks
 Clear out everything that makes me a pack-rat (storage, especially, almost done!!)
 Have a nice porch/deck with rocking chairs
 Refurnish my rocking chair from when I was born
 Give a commencement speech
 Go to the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving
 Walk on the Bonneville Salt Flats
 Bake bread
 Start a writers group
 Start a Bunco group
 Write a list of 100 things I want to do before I die and keeping adding to it as I accomplish things and keep a list of things I have done!

SEW that's that!

     It has been since last week when I blogged. I have mostly good news in the health area of life. I have been eating exceptionally well.
     I shoot for between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. I am eating several smaller meals to feel more satiated, and I am eating protein which definitely does the job!
     Even better, if I want something that would normally be a NO-NO, I am really thinking about it, then if I decide to, I eat it, but just count the calories!
     So, now I am almost on a week of eating better. That’s a good feeling, and I have been drinking more water, although not the amount I want, so that’s my goal for this week!
     Exercising…I am starting to exercise today after school with friends at work. We are going to walk inside the school since the roads are so slippery outside. I also want to work in some aerobics at home in the morning this week.
     Little changes to make a big difference. That’s my idea this time around. I packed my lunch today, and I know that is a HUGE help to me. Also, I am in the mode of making sure I know exactly what we are eating for dinner, so there’s no last minute surprises.
     Some other nurturing I am doing is that of the spirit. I am reading lots lately, which is something I love to do. I am still involved in my book group, and now possibly two groups!
     I am in the beginning stages of trying to start a writers’ group locally. I have three other people who are interested, so we are going to kick that off soon, too. If you are a writer out there, looking for other writers, holler at me!
     You know I have a HUGE “to do before I die” list. I love the concept of that new movie with Jack and Morgan, The Bucket List. So, I am excited to bring those things to fruition and officially add them to my “What I’ve Done In My Life” list!!
     We are also forming a Bunco group, which I am very excited about. Now, here’s the rub…YES, these activities add more BUSY into my life, but they are all things I want to do and am looking forward to the pure enjoyment of doing.
     Speaking of that, Rick bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. This was truly one of the best presents I have ever received. I can hardly believe that I am 36 and just now owning my very own sewing machine.
     I love to sew! We just completely revamped our little one’s room, and I made her some of the cutest horse pillows ever! We also made her bandana pillows (to go with the whole theme).
     I love my sewing machine, and boy is it fancy. I have always had to borrow sewing machines in the past. I used to sew TONS when my boys were wee little ones. We had some of the best Halloween costumes EVER.
     Sewing is so relaxing to me. And, my machine does all sorts of fancy stuff and is computerized. That has been a major transition for me, but I love it.
     I have lots of plans for things to sew. I especially can’t wait to make the little summer dresses for our little girl that I used to wear.
     Anyhow, there ya have it! Find something that you deserve to do, and DO IT!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Starting Over (Again)

     Yesterday was the first day that I started all over again with trying to make healthy choices. Some stuff went as planned and some did not.
     First off, I was tired from returning home the night before at 11 p.m. after a great visit with Rick’s bro in Moses Lake. And, it was the first day back to school, too.
     So, with those two excuses on my bulging belt, I did not exercise yesterday. BUT, I did eat VERY well!!! I wrote down everything I ate and even kept track of the calories, too.
     I drank more water yesterday, too. AND, last night while I was reading, I had a moment of wanting to snack. So, I went into the kitchen and heard the Cheese-its calling my name.
     Instead I started thinking that maybe I was thirsty, and I drank a big glass of cold water. Wouldn’t you know it? I walked away from those screaming orange crackers!!
     Yesterday I also made an appointment with a co-worker to weigh on the wrestling scale. I didn’t really want to know what I weighed, and I know I have gained weight since this summer, and based on how my clothes feel, I know I am right at the highest I have been.
     I did know that I had to weigh though. That’s reality, and it gives me a starting point. I also decided that I am going to weigh weekly.
     Even though I weighed today, I am normally going to weigh on Fridays. I figure that will give me some motivation during my weekend!
     250.8 pounds. That’s what I weigh right now. SIGH. Back to where I started when I started this blog almost two years ago (February 2006).
     In spite of this, I was very excited today. I felt motivated by that scale, and my co-worker who is so positive and reminds me not to give up on myself.
     But, I know that it’s never too late to make it happen, to lose the weight, and gain years on my life.
     I recently have thought a lot about health, as I have some people that I am very close to that are suffering some serious health problems.
     And, something that really smacked me in the face was that some of the choices these loved ones made in their lives have now affected their quality of living.
     I want to be around for a long time. Are you kidding? I have WAY too many things on my “Things To Do Before I Die” list!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ring away!

     2008 is here!!! Ringing in yet another year!! I am very excited for what is to come, what the future holds. I am also ok with leaving some things behind in 2007!
     I can't believe we are headed back to school tomorrow already! Today we took Cody back to Spokane to fly back to San Diego and then we went and visited Rick's brother Rod in Moses Lake.
     What a great visit we had!!! I am so excited that Rod and his family will be so close to us, as I really enjoy spending time with them all!
     In thinking about this Christmas Break (which I know I sound like a whiner when I say it seemed far too SHORT), I really am glad that I made the choices I did.
     I focused my time on family and friends. I had coffee and lunch with a friend, and we really caught up on our lives and hopefully we have made a new connection to now spend more time together :)
     I went to lunch with my good friend, her mom, and another close friend. We had such a nice time, laughing, chatting, just relaxing.
     I also had lots of family time which just felt like a nice recharge of the battery. Life sometimes gets so hectic that I don't feel like we have the time to just enjoy one another the way we do when we are on vacation.
     We spent time with our friends on New Year's Eve, and we had a blast playing Phase 10!! I had the realization at the beginning of the night that it was my 5th New Year's Eve with our family friends, the Lockwoods! Very cool!
     I spent lots of time reading...I am reading two books right now, and I love them both!! I will update you about that tomorrow :)
     And, although I feel like all of the resolutions we seem to make are often broken or they are the same resolutions every year, I did resolve to start exercising daily and eating well starting tomorrow, January 2nd.
     SOOOOO...farewell 2007, and may 2008 be Full of Family, Friends, and Fun!!
     P.S. I have some extra motivation for losing weight this year...more on that later, too :)