Wednesday, April 30, 2008


     Woo hoo!I lost 4.8 pounds this week! That brings my total to 18.2, and I am happy about that, indeed!
      Our group results are: 4.8, 4, 4. One person gained .6, and I still need one other gal's results.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nova Marathon Challenge

     For the record I need to say that I do NOT intend on running a marathon. I do want to take up running this summer, but not necessarily long distance, or at least THAT long.
     Have you heard about Nova's Marathon Challenge? My doctor told me about it last week when I was in there for the pitting edema (which by the way I still have).
     As far as I can tell, they took 13 individuals who were all over the board in fitness level (mostly not fit) and all of them had some physical challenge of another (smoking, diabetes, etc.); none of them had running experience.
     They trained them for nine months (the site actually has the training calendar); they trained both mentally and physically.
     They were tested (almost ridiculously so) before, during and after this experience. It looks like all but one finished and MANY had very respectable times!
     What a cool experience!

FAT chick running, and it's all about the shoe, OH how I love shoes!

     Lately I have been enormously interested in running. And, I mean real running, not just an easy jog, but motating at a good speed.
     Of course, I am in the planning of stage of learning how to run. Now, doesn't that sound silly?
      I have been researching the effects of running and also if obese people should run.
     Mostly everything I have read points to a running plan in which a person slowly moves up to the point of running a couple of miles straight.
     Most of the basic programs I have found center around an 8-week plan. One of my favorites is at this site.     I have also found that it's important to have good running shoes, and most people don't even know if the condition of their feet and what sort of shoes they should buy. Unfortunately many of the employees at shoe stores don't really know either.
     I was lucky because when I trained many years ago for triathlons, I had a trainer who helped me figure out which shoes would give me the support my feet needed. This site has a good start. Here is another helpful one, too.
     There is a shoe store chain called Shoes-n-Feet which we there are five locations over near Seattle. This place will even have you walk on a treadmill and videotape your gait to determine what sort of shoe you should be looking for.
     I have also read many outstanding reviews about a place called Super Jock 'n Jill. It definitely seems like the people who work there know their stuff!
     As far as the weight factor, really it's about the pressure on one's joints because of the extra weight.
     You should check out this info and this link as well. I found it all quite intersting.
     Obviously it's sort of a catch 22, in that, if you run, you lose more weight since you burn more calories.
     I have purchased and am waiting for several books about running. The one I am most excited to read is ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer.
     My plan as far as running goes and starting it is that I am going to start in June and have it be more summer goal.
     A couple more plans to begin running that I would like to leave with ya!
     Be healthy!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My trip weekly update!

     This was an OK week for working out, and considering how busy life was with cheer tryouts, prom, baseball games, etc., I feel pretty good about the mileage. I am looking forward to this week being a bit higher though.
Monday = 2 miles walking
Tuesday = 1 mile walking, 7 miles on the recumbent bike (watching American Idol)
Wednesday = 5 miles on the bike
Thursday = 2 miles walking, 5 miles on the bike
Friday = 1 mile walking
Saturday = 2 miles walking
Sunday = 5 miles on the bike
TOTAL = 25 miles
     This week I plan to walk more regularly in the morning, and I am thinking about adding a Cool Salsa aerobics tape that I have.
     Had I added up to 28 miles, I would've been cruising into Vancouver, WA, so even though I am three miles out, I am going to go ahead and blog about Vancouver, since next week I will be able to talk about one of my favorite cities in the United States, Portland!
     When I think of Vancouver, I think of all sorts of things. First, that's where my step-son Michael lived for over a year, while going to college there.
     I also always think about Vancouver, BC, which I have also visited several times. Something I recently found out is that the folks of Vancouver, WA, have periodically considered a name change of their beloved city to something like Old Vancouver or Fort Vancouver. Both the American and Canadian towns were named after the explorer and sea captain, George Vancouver, but ours was discovered first.
     You know, I feel very lucky as one of my history teachers was Dale Lambert, and he wrote the Pacific Northwest History books used in our schools.
     My first long-term sub teaching job was a history gig, and it included a PNW class using that same book (although updated) from which I had studied.
     I am always fascinated by our history here in the Northwest. I think it's more interesting to me because it's younger.
     Anyhow, I have been to Vancouver, WA throughout the years, and it has certainly exploded in growth.
     I have several friends who teach in Vancouver, and curiously all of them English teachers.
     It's nice to roll into the town, and I look forward to heading out and into Oregon. Yeah, Vancouver's the last stop in Washington on my route, nestled on the Columbia.
     So, good-bye Washington!

Friday, April 25, 2008

You go, girl!

     Things were sooo busy that I didn't even realize that I hit two BIG milestones!!!
     First off, I am now in the two-thirties! This excites me because I was in the two-fifties!
     The other cool thing is that I have less than 100 pounds to lose. I was over that marker, and it feels good to below it!
     I am proud of myself!!!

Check out the calorie counter site!

For nutritional information, besides the WWers site, I really love

Yummy, yummy for my tummy!

I just want to share with you what I had for lunch today!

10-inch (large) whole wheat tortilla (la tortilla factory) = 1 point
1 slice of cheddar cheese = 1 point
1 Gardenbuger = 1.5 points
1 tbsp sweet and spicy Southwestern style mustard (Safeway) = 0 points

Total = 3.5 points

I took the frozen Gardenburger and nuked it for 1 minute. Then I took the tortilla, cut up the slice of cheese into bits and pieces, did the same to the G-burger, and microwaved it all for 2 minutes. Then I squirted the mustard on, rolled it up, and OMGoodness, it was delicious and filling!

I am telling you those tortillas are what make it for me. I love them, and I can make all sorts of concoctions out of them!

Hope you enjoy!

Stress and weight!

     I know I have blogged about stress before, but I just ran across another interesting article that I decided I would share with you.
     One interesting thing is that even though my life has been HECTIC with cheer tryouts, baseball games, and other school stuff, I don’t really feel stressed. I feel busy.
     I think part of this is that I first the first time in my life (other than when I was a toddler, maybe – trust me, as a teenager I had way more responsibilities than an average kid), I am actually taking time for myself and not allowing anything to take that away!
     I have not missed a weigh-in. Although sometimes life is too hectic to stay for the meeting (that’s happened twice), but I still make it to weigh in NO MATTER WHAT!
     I have also started tanning. I KNOW, I know, that if I am on a health kick, why I am tanning. It really is my quiet time, my 20 minutes during the day where I am all alone, and just mellow. I don’t tan year-long, and I haven’t used a tanning booth in years.
     Anyhow, back to the article I read. The question posed: Can stress cause weight gain? Basically what the writer focused on in the article is that with the results of a British study, they can correlate that overweight people often do gain more weight because of stress. It’s even believed that overweight people turn to sweets and high fat foods during their emotional eating. As well, the study found that skinny people often don’t eat when they are stressed.
     I also liked the brain functions information in the article. They talked about how “the brain has evolved to protect us in times of scarcity. Sadly, the brain does a poorer job of protecting us against abundance!” Which, you know, that makes sense. How many times have you heard someone say that if you don’t eat enough, your body will think it’s out in the wilderness starving, and therefore store EVERYTHING you do put in your mouth to survive.
     Totally check out the article, and it has some good links to other interesting articles related to weight loss and being healthy!>1=31036
     This article did not talk about cortisol and its effects on weight loss, but, of course, that reflects directly to stress, too. Cortisol levels are high when a person is stressed (and, also during those times of fight or flight), and it affects a person’s metabolism, energy level, immune system, and blood sugar and pressure levels. Definitely chronic high cortisol levels (someone who is always stressed out) assist in gathering fat in the stomach area.
     Bottom line? Work on losing the stress! Be healthy in mind, body and soul!

Yeah, baby!

     Bring on the sunshine!! I had the most beautiful walk this morning, and I can't wait to walk at lunch and maybe even before the baseball game starts tonight!
     I am excited because today I am wearing a super cute pair of cropped pants that I couldn't wear since last year! Woo hoo! Talk about motivation.
     Promise to write more soon. I am hoping I can catch up this weekend (probably Sunday).
     Ciao! Be healthy and have a HAPPY, sunny Friday!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A couple of quick things!

     Hey! I have a couple of things to blog about that are on what seems to be an ever-growing list of topics!
     First, again, I cannot emphasize how much I love WW! It really does make you pay attention to PORTIONS!
     Case in point: I love eating the Progresso Light soups that everyone talks about and touts as being a "0" point food.
     Let's clarify, if you eat HALF of the can, yes it is "0" points, but if you eat the entire can, if you use your WW slider to calculate, if you look at the calories, fat, and fiber, you will see that a can is "2" points.
     Of course, those two points are not going to make or break your day, but really it is aobut paying attention to portions!
     OK, next. I just found out that we have a person who offeres water aerobics locally!! I called last night to find out details.
     Serena Fiacco (322-1400) offers the classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and she has several different times, but right now, only one class has an opening.
     She's totally reasonable in price. She charges $6 class, with $3 going to her and the other going for to the owner's of the pool. You pay monthly based on the number of classes you attend.
     I asked her if this was "mellow" water aerobics or a workout, and she said DEFINITELY a workout! I am totally thinking about trying this out this summer!
     That's all for the moment, be healthy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick update!

     One of my meetings was canceled this evening, so I only had cheer practices, stayed after to make up our squads, ran Jordie to fit his tux, went to WW to weigh in, ran back to pick up Jordie, and now I am home!
     I am cooking a yummy soup (definitely a soup kind of day!), and I am going to ride the recumbent bike in just a bit.
     Good news! I lost 2.8 pounds! I am happy about that, for sure. I really didn't expect too much since I still have the pitting edema, but as I said, I am going to continue to focus on how the pants feel!
     So to recap the group: One lost 3.6, 2.8, 2.2, 2.2, 1.8; that's 12.6 pounds for five us. We are still trucking right along, and I am VERY proud of us all!
     I will try to blog later tonight or else catch up with you tomorrow, as I might hit my pillow early...I am all tuckered out.
     Be healthy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a B-E-A-U-tiful day!

     Today I walked at lunch with two of my students who are both thinking about also joining WW.
     We had so much fun walking and chatting; definitely I enjoy exercising with other people.
     The weather was decent (didn't need to wear a jacket), and they plan on joining me at least two days a week, if not more.
     Tonight while we watched American Idol I rode the recumbent bike. It feels so good, and I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow night!
     Life has been quite busy with cheer try-outs and all, but I have still been making time every day to work out, and also personal mellow time (I am tanning.).
     Today I had a Relay for Life meeting after school, a tanning appointment, Jordan's baseball game (that I had to leave early), and cheer tryout practice. CRAZY! Tomorrow really isn't much better. I can't wait until next week!
     I have all sorts of blogs that I want to write; I have a big list brewing!
     Stay tuned, and be healthy!

Pass the strawberry, please!

     Strawberries! I love them! And, Safeway had a super duper sale on them, so I bought not one, but two, packages!
     I have made smoothies. I have also eaten them cut up in cottage cheese. I just love them!
     They make me think about all of the yummy fruit that the summer brings, and also the Farmers Market! I can't wait for that to open up.
     I am also seriously considering a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share with 8th Street Greens.
     In addition to that, our little one and I are busy planting our garden for this year. We have started in the house, and we are working on decorating apple bins, as we are going to have a bin garden, so the critters (birds and marmits) won't eat all of our produce.
     I love eating all the fresh food in the summer. Hopefully our weather will eventually cooperate, and we actually will have veggies and fruits sooner than later.
     Be healthy!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Almost 100!

     23 more miles added to the trip this week. I am now in Kalama, WA, which I have visited before, and I actually have a friend who teaches at the high school there.
     I have this unique interest in things that are categorized as "The World's Largest" fill in whatever. Someday I will blog about that, probably on my other blog!
     Anyhow, Kalama has the World's Largest Totem Pole. That's cool. I love totem poles, and I have my own totem animal.

     If you ever go to Kalama, you have to go to the Port of Kalama! There is so much to see and do there. I guess, I just love the water, so it's no wonder that I think it's a cool place.
     I am excited because I am only 7 miles away from 100! And, I am not too far off from Portland, which is one of my favorite places!

Let's play catch-up

     Hey there! It's Sunday! I have lots to tell you to sum up a pretty busy week.
     First, I added a new tool to my blog. You can actually search specifics topics on my blog. Try out water, and you will find tons of entries.
     One thing, I did have a year's worth of blogs that I still need to add onto my site; something on my "to do" list, for sure.
     You see, in the beginning, I was actually posting with The Chronicle rather than on Blogger. So, I still have those missing blogs, but I just need to add them on.
     This week, I did walk for 3 miles, and then rode the bike for 20 miles (two days of 10 each). So, that's a total of 23 miles, but I planned and wanted to do much more.
     BUT, I ran into some health complications this week. I started retaining major water in my lower legs on Wednesday evening, and by Friday it was so bad, and I was worried because of the pitting edema (pushing in on your leg, and the imprint stays there), that I actually went to the doctor on Friday morning, and she ordered a bunch of lab tests (worried about my thyroid, kidneys, and heart).
     I do feel better today, and I still have some swelling, but not as bad as it was. I have definitely taken it easy this weekend.
     I will write another blog today to update my map and virtual adventure and the markers for my trip.
     The week was very busy each and every night, since I am in the midst of cheer tryouts, and this next week is just as busy, but then life will mellow out somewhat.
     I have still be eating well, and drinking my water, and taking my vitamins. Even though I did not exercise as much as I would've liked.
     I also today went through all of my clothes, and I bagged up all the pants, shorts, and shirts that are too big for me, and I am giving them to someone else because I do NOT plan on ever wearing them again; I will NEVER be that size again in my life.
     That feels good! Be healthy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Starbucks and stretching at sunrise!

      This morning I headed out early. I woke up at 4:45, donned a sweatshirt and sweatpants, and headed out to...Starbucks!
      You can read more about my thoughts on Starbucks at my other blog. (
      Anyhow, as I was waiting to be the first customer, I had time to waste and it wasn't crazy cold, but it wasn't warm either.
      So, as I watched the shades of pink and orange creep up, I danced around to the music. I did mini-step aerboics on the concrete parking stop.
     I was the first paying customer, and I ordered a Frappuccino Carmel Light Blended Coffee, no whip, grande, which is only 3 points!!
     By the way, they do have a Nutrition by the Cup brochure over by their Neighborhood bulletin board that breaks EVERYTHING down (not points, but all the other info).
      So, indeed, I did enjoy the sunrise, stretching, and Starbucks this morning! Be healthy.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'll take the sLoW and STEADY with a side order of sunburn and sore muscles!

     I lost .6 last night. I was surprised because of how my clothes are fitting and the changes in pants sizes, as I expected more. But, it's a loss. Basically since I gained .6 last week, lost it this week, I average out to zero for the two weeks. I ahve a total of 11 pounds SIGH.
      The other ladies: 1.6, 1.2, .6 (me), and a 2.2 gain. I am missing one gal. And, then Rick's cousin lost 9.6 in her first week!!
      The leader last night spoke about the myth of exercising and weighing more. She did say, and then I decided to research more, that when you exercise hard and you have sore muscles that your body will retain water.
      My ankles have been swollen since this weekend. I actually have had pitting edema for two days. I figure it's sore muscles, my thyroid, or?? I am actually making an appointment to go and have my thyroid checked again. I have been taking my medication faithfully, and I did also get a thyroid booster from the health food store.
      I decided to check out what the leader said about water retention; it is true. Your body holds onto water to rehab those injured muscles. Hmmmm. So, you have to keep drinking water, give your body a break, and lower the intensity level of your exercise.
      I don't know what I think about that. You see, I am bored when I walk on flat surfaces. I LOVE walking up gi-normous hills. I love the adrenaline, the endorphins, the high. I love the accomplishment and challenge.
      I do know that I am GUNG HO. That's just my personality. I don't know about taking it easy.
      I am not giving up. I am motivated to keep moving down in pant sizes, and I know the scale will eventually match up, too.
      Another interesting thing I ran into in my research, I found that sunburns cause MAJOR water retention. I had a NASTY burn on Saturday that only started feeling better on Tuesday!
      Balance. I need to find it. I know I can. Be healthy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am a 19 (A perfect 10 times almost 2)!

     Today is weigh-in, and I am excited! I hope everyone (myself included) weigh less today!
     Also, I have some more good news. On Sunday when Rick and I went to Chelan, we stopped at Wal*Mart, and they happened to be having a clothing clearance sale. I found quite a deal.
     I bought a pair of white jeans for $2! I have never owned white pants before, but what the heck! I didn’t want to try them on, so I bought two pairs, one size 22 and the other size 20.
     This morning, I put on the size 20, and they are WAY loose! I just wished I would’ve bought at least a size 18 or maybe even 16, especially at that price. I am giving my 22s away, and I am hoping that the 20s might shrink in the wash a bit.
     When I started at the beginning of March, I wore 22s SNUGLY. Yesterday I did try on a pair of my all-time favorite jeans that I own. They are 18s, and I could wear them (albeit, they were way too tight), but I will wait for another 5 pounds before I do so in public!
     I did wear a pair of 20s yesterday that hadn't fit (couldn't even button) back in December. So, I guess I would say that right now I am in between; I am a 19. My goal is a 10.
     Have a great Hump Day, and be healthy!

What's new?

     My site is undergoing some changes right now. I am in the process of updating stuff, so your patience is appreciated!
      If you go to the very bottom, you can see my new ticker to keep track of my virtual coast to coast adventure!
     My blisters have almost entirely healed! Yeah. I have very much missed walking, but thank goodness for my bike!
     I have been reading TONS about running. I plan on writing about that soon.
     I also have something VERY BIG coming up that I can't wait to tell you guys about! Stay tuned!!!!
     And, to close out with a smile, my friend sent this to me today, and you just have to check it out! This is legit. It is for the Bare Buns Fun Run in July in Issaquah, WA. CAUTION: Some inappropriate pictures.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


     Today I am comfortably wearing a pair of pants that I last tried on in December and could not wear then!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Plan, plan, plan!

     The first month of this endeavor I just really wanted to focus on eating. I did add in some exercise a couple of weeks into it, but that is my focus right now.
     For this month I am going to really focus on my cardio. I want to get in at least 30 minutes a day, but lately I have been getting in an hour.
     In May I plan to keep the healthy eating going and the cardio, and then I want to add in weightlifting three times a week.
     Already we are planning ideas for this summer including riding bikes and hiking. I am also going to swim during lap swim, I think, and I was also reading a fascinating article about bowling.
     I think it would be very cool to bowl several times a week. I have all my own stuff (ball and shoes), and it would be fun to take my little one there, as she loves to bowl, too. And, I always receive a card for her that she can bowl one free game a day during the summer.
     Whatever you do, choose to be healthy!

Socks and sunscreen

     Blisters? Are you kidding me? I have been walking now for a month, and I have not had any blisters, and then today, I got them.
     I know exactly what the problem is and WHY I got blisters today. It all relates to NOT the shoes I wore, but the socks. I was in a hurry, and I had set out everything else this morning, but I forgot to set out socks, so I just grabbed some out of my drawer, and they were not sport socks by any means. Grrr…
     They are not too huge, but I do have one on both heels. I could just ride my recumbent tomorrow morning, instead of walking, I will just have to wait and see. So, I went and purchased moleskin, and hopefully I can deal with these stinking blisters which really are just a pain literally and figuratively.
     Speaking of pain…I have a nasty sunburn, and it’s all my fault. I KNEW that Saturday was going to be wicked hot, and I even twittered about getting the sunscreen out, which I did (I have 50.), but then I forgot it at home, and someone did offer some to me at the ballgame, but by then, it was truly too late.
     I am fried on my face, my hairline hurts the most. My nose is super red, and that doesn’t count all the weird lines on my legs, chest, and arms because of what I was wearing and where I was sitting in relation to the sun. SIGH. Can someone say DUMB BUTT??
     I have been putting on Aloe (pure), and I even rubbed on vinegar to take out the sting (which it did), but I am still sore. I actually wore a skirt today because I didn’t want to have pants rubbing up and down on my legs all day. I think my lips were even were affected.
     But, I won’t let these setbacks hold me down. I still exercised this morning, and I will tomorrow, too. Be healthy and wear your sunscreen and good socks!!

What a walk!

     Even though every Sunday I am going to blog about my virtual trip, I will still share with you what I am doing in reality!
     So, this morning I got up early, had all my clothes and water ready, and I headed out to conquer the Conconully Hill (that's not really its name, at least I don't think).
     As I am walking up the hill I feel sprinkles on my leg, and I look up and think because of the gloomy sky that it might be sprinkling, but then I realize that my water bottle has sprung a leak in the very bottom of the bottle.
      I just carried it upside down, and that seemed to subside the runaway water. But, then I came up with a brilliant idea, and I just used my gum to cover the little hole.
     This, of course, made me crack up because all I could think about was Chevy Chase in Vegas Vacation when he goes on the Dam Tour, and attempts to plug up the holes with gum. LOL!
     Then on the way back down the hill, are you ready for this? I kid you not, but a guy in a house right below me walked out of his house, into his backyard, and took a leak. I am totally serious!
     He lives in town! I realize his backyard is mostly private, although probably his neighbors on each side could witness this event, too. And, it was in the light of day, and the guy was in his work clothes, not that being in his jammies would change things.
     Maybe his toilet is not working. Maybe...I doubt it, though. It was just a bit much for me.
     After my eventful walk this morning, I can't wait to see what the day brings! It's a busy one! Be healthy (and be careful of what you might see when you are out on your walk!)!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


View Larger Map
So, as you have read, I am going to update my trip with all the exercise I do for the week on Sundays. In using the Google pedometer tool, I ended up finding this cool map feature on Google that allows me to create my own personal one! SO, each Sunday, I will include this, too! I would suggest viewing the larger map. You can click on the blue points on the map for things that I am writing about. Sometimes it's just the link to my blog, but sometimes I write other stuff on the blue point, and I will occasionally choose a point to add that's not directly on my route, like Cape Disappointment for example. I am sure this will evolve into exactly how I want it to be as I go along! ENJOY!

Quite and expedition!

     I love history. I love exercising. I love exploring. And, what's unique about my walk/ride trip is that right now it connects with Lewis and Clark and their expedition.
     With my 8 more miles to add the trip (and, by the way, ROSS CANYON kicked my bootie this morning, but I totally made it the entire way without stopping, and my friend who works for the county told me it was a 7% grade), for a total of 70 miles, I have now passed over the Lewis and Clark Bridge from Rainier, Oregon into Longview, WA.
     This bridge connects directly to Longview, in that the it was originally privately owned and named the Longview Bridge; it was built back in 1930, and to pay for its almost $6 million pricetag, they actually charged a toll, until the State of Washington bought it in 1947.
     Then back in 1980, the bridge was rededicated as the Lewis and Clark Bridge. Another cool thing about it is that it was designed by the same guy who made the Golden Gate Bridge.
     I do like that I have actually been to these places many times in my life. Right now I am two miles out of Longview.
     Longview was basically on the map after a man from Missouri, Robert A. Long moved his timber company there in the mid-1800s.
     What I like about Longview, two things. First, I like Green Day, and they have a song actually called "Longview" which was inspired by friends that the band members had on the punk rock scene who hailed from Longview. Some people think that that Green Day came from Longview, but they didn't!
     I also love the Nutty Narrows Bridge!! It's a bridge that a guy had made, using an old firehouse, to allow safe passage for squirrels that were previously being oblierated into roadkill at an alarming rate!

     So, my trip has taken me back into Washington, for a little while, and then I will be back into Oregon. I can't wait to get to Portland, one of my favorite cities in the world!
     Tune in next Sunday, for how far I travel along my road! I know that this next week is particularly busy, so I plan on making my exercise happen in the morning, and then IF I have more time, I will squeeze in more exercise when I can.
     Be healthy!

I forgot to count how many licks

     Friday night Rick and I had Subway for dinner. I love that I can have a foot-long veggie sandwich for $5 and 8 points. It feels like so much food!!
     Then we decided to go to the movies. We went to see Leathernecks. First, let me say...fantastic movie! I wrote more about it on my other blog.
     OK, so there I am without being prepared. I didn't have a chance to swing by the store to buy popcorn. So without smuggling in popcorn, I was a little worried.
     I mean does one go to a movie and NOT eat popcorn??
     Rick bought a small bag of popcorn, and I got water and some Junior Mints. (I can eat half a box of KING-size Junior Mints for 3 points).
     I had a Tootsie Pop in my coat pocket (1 point), and so I decided I was going to enjoy that.
     Well, I sucked and sucked and sucked on that thing, until it had NO covering other than the Tootsie roll piece.
     I actually still had my lollipop when Rick's popcorn was gone! I have never in my entire life not just bit into a Tootsie pop! I could've been the poster child for the old-time commercials with the owl!
     I did it. But, since I was watching the movie, I didn't count how many licks/sucks it took. LOL!
     What I did realize though is that I could do it. And, really I am not sad that I missed the movie popcorn, which for me is just a mindless consumption of not even really good popcorn.
     I ate a little less than half of the Junior Mints. YES, I actually took the box home with me. CRAZY!
     WOO hoo! Be healthy!

A look from above

     I had a fantastic walk yesterday up to the top of the hill heading to Conconully from out of Okanogan. It was very peaceful.
     I took some pictures with my cell phone, so they are not the best quality; next time I will take my camera.
     I noticed tons of deer tracks along the road, and the birds were singing non-stop.
     I passed a house that is being built that last week was just at its foundation, and now it looks almost all framed in with two stories going! That's some progress!
     It kind of made me think of myself in a metaphorically way. Last week, I felt stripped to my foundation emotionally, and this week, I feel like I am building back where I was.
     I also noticed, while I was walking yesterday, flowers! It was sweet!

     I will write more later today about my walking/biking adventure. I want to wait until after I walk this morning, to add those hours in to the total.
     Check in later! I am off to walk Robinson Canyon!! Be healthy!

Friday, April 11, 2008


     It's been kind of a long week. I feel emotionally exhausted for sure. I am looking forward to this weekend.
     We have a double header baseball game in Brewster, and then Jordie is going with his dad. That means Rick and I have Saturday evening and Sunday without kiddos.
     It will be nice to have some quiet time for us, since things have been so hectic lately.
     I did blog a tribute to my G-pa on my other blog, if you want to know what kind of man he was and how much he meant in my life.
     I have been thinking a lot lately about inspiration, as my G-pa was definitely one of the biggest inspirations in my life.
     At this week's WW meeting, a gal received an award, and when she was asked how much she had lost, she told us 80 pounds! That's so inspiring to see someone who was where I started and is nearing her goal, and she has lost so much weight!
     I really feel good that I have small goals in mind, and how I want to lose 10 pounds a month in the beginning, so I don't feel discouraged when the scale doesn't like me one week.
     I keep reminding myself that when summer hits I will have been living like this for three months! That's COOL!
     Be healthy and have a happy weekend (get out there and enjoy the sunshine!!)!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My adventure continues

     OK, biking and walking across the United States, I am still doing it! Here’s the deal. I did decide to add my walking because some days I just want to get outside. I still need to take my bike in to have a tune-up, so I could actually start riding it, too.
     I have decided that I will update my trip on Sundays. But, since I haven’t in so long, I will do so now (and, then again on this Sunday – there’s some definite motivation to work in some working out this weekend).
     32 miles on March 21st. The following week with walking and biking I logged in another 10 miles, and over Spring Break I added another 11, so that’s 53, and this week so far I have 9 miles, so that’s a grand total of 62 miles on this trip, since March 17th!
     I am now just a few miles from the Lewis and Clark Bridge crossing over the Columbia River and heading back into Washington. I have passed through Westport and Clatskanie.
     A little about Westport, it was named after John West who settled the area in 1850. I just love the history of the Pacific Northwest, and maybe it’s because it is such a young history. Maybe it’s the idea of what the West really symbolized. I have always imagined my life as a pioneer or settler. You can take the Wahkiakum County Ferry from Westport over to Cathlamet, WA.
     I have never been to Clatskanie, but if I were to go, I would want to check out the following. First, the Bradley State Wayside Park, of course, because of its name! But, really it looks like an interesting place to explore with a rich history. It was one of the first pieces of land donated to the Oregon Parks from Fred and Elemar Bradley. And, the views are incredible.
     Lewis and Clark wrote about this place, and they even wrote about its fog!!

You can check out more pics and interesting info at this link:

     Another place I would definitely want to check out in Clatskanie would be the Delena Yew Tree. This tree is over 100 years old and it’s the largest of its kind in Oregon. It marks the spot where they stagecoach used to stop when going between Astoria and Rainier.
     There you have it. Stay tuned for where we end up on Sunday!

Fun Fitness!

     I am totally considering the purchase of a Wii system! I think it would be such a fun way to keep a variety of fitness happening in my life.
     Recently I watched a show that featured unique amenities at hotels around the country. In particular the focus was on technology and gadgets. One hotel, the Parker Meridien Hotel in New York, highlighted actually renovated their much unused squash court, and now customers can workout with a trainer to a Wii game such as boxing or tennis. You can check out the entire story at
     I have both friends and family who have the Wii system, and it looks like tons of fun. I have watched people play golf, and my girlfriend has friends that have a couples’ party where everyone plays the Wii in friendly competition!
     I would like to buy the system and the following games: Dance, Dance Revolution, Tennis, Boxing, Carnival Game (probably not a huge calorie burner, this one, but I love those games, and this is a much cheaper way to play them!) Winter Sports (includes ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, etc.), and any other sport games.
     I found a site of someone who gave himself a 30-day challenge of working out with the Wii for thirty minutes a day. He chronicles his experience, and it’s a fun thing to read from start to finish. What a cool idea!! And, he talks about some games that he didn’t expect to be as fun as they were and how they worked different parts of his body. Check it out at:
     In addition to using the Wii, I am especially interested in a new extra that will hit stores May 19th. Wii Fit looks like a COOL program of all sorts of exercises, yoga, core activities, balance, even Hula hoping, and it also keeps track of fitness stats for you. Check out the video all about here:
     Be healthy! And, have fun while you’re at it, why don’t ya?!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not as I had hoped...

     The roller coaster continues for me. I actually gained .6 of a pound this week. And, honestly...THAT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.
     I had such an emotional week, but I hardly ate. In fact, I was under my points every day, and maybe that is the problem. Maybe my body thinks it should be on starvation mode. I don't know.
     I did exercise a ton, but I KNOW that you don't gain a bunch of muscle in a week, so I am not even going to use that as an excuse.
     I didn't drink as much water this past week. I swear I must have lost a bunch of water with all the sadness about my G-Pa.
     The funny thing is that when I weighed in, and even though I was hoping for two pounds, I wasn't devastated.
     I know I was OK with things for a couple of reasons. First, I get that my body does this fluctuate thing, and for me the bottom line will be what the scale registers at the end of the month.
     Also, in the big scheme of things, with the sadness I have experienced this past week, and continue to do so this week, it just sort of puts things in perspective. I am not going to be all sad about .6 of a pound.
     For the rest of the group, I think we lost one gal. Her life is just too busy for her right now, and I am hoping she comes back in the summer, as life will definitely slow down for her then.
     But, we also gained another gal, Brenda; she is Rick's cousin. So, I guess we are still at a six-pack!
     Weight loss for the week for everyone else. One person lost 4, 3.8, 1.2. I gained .6, and another gained .8. So, as a group, we lost a net of 7.6.
     I need to figure out totals, as I know we have some impressive numbers. One person has lost just over 19 pounds already!
     That's all for tonight! Be healthy!

Hump Day!

     Tonight's weigh-in, and I am excited! I hope that I have lost 2 pounds; that's my goal.
     If I reach it, then I will be out of the 240s!! I have exercised quite a bit this past week, and my eating has been under my daily points.
     Yesterday was a bit tough, as I woke up with a nasty headache, and I had it for the ENTIRE day. But, it's thankfully gone now, and I feel good this morning!
     I will definitely write tonight to let you know how everyone did! I can't wait!
     Be healthy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

PET peeve (seriously)

     I absolutely LOVE walking. I love being outside. I love breathing the fresh air, visiting with neighbors (I even had one join me for a walk the other day!), and, of course, exercising!
     BUT, I have a pet peeve. And, this is a literal PET peeve. What's the deal with all the people who allow their dogs to run free?
     I don't have a problem with a barking dog in its yard, because it's doing its job, right?
     BUT, when I am minding my own business walking down the road, and some maniac dog comes charging, growling and barking all the way, it MAKES ME MAD!
     Sometimes, not always, the dog's owner will come outside yelling at the dog to get back home or whatever, and I want to yell at the dog owner to take care of his/her dog in the first place!
     OK, sorry for the rant, but really, I think it's totally rude when the same dog owners have their dogs, that they KNOW don't stay in the yard, outside to terrorize the innocent walkers.

Feels soooo good!

     I am SOOOO proud of myself. I have had a roller coaster week with lots of emotions, and I have NOT been an emotional eater! I have been very conscientious of my choices and exactly how I feel.
     And, even last night, I was watching a little bit of tv before we went to bed, and I was feeling BORED, and I had the urge to snack.
     I grabbed one Coffee Nip, and that took care of business.
     I love just being aware of my emotions. On Saturday, I was exhausted and pretty much just wanted to take a nap, but instead I went for a long walk first, then I did crash for a little bit.
     It feels good taking care of myself! Be healthy!

Let's catch up!

     Yesterday was a sad day for our family. My grandpa died at 7 a.m. our time, 9 a.m. in Texas. I cannot begin to describe how I feel, but I can just say that I will miss him immensely. I am going to write a tribute to him later on my other blog.
     After my sister called and told me yesterday morning, I pretty much wanted to coccoon into my bed. But, if you knew Grandpa, you would completely understand why I dragged myself out of bed, and out the door.
     I walked from my house to the top of the grade, up Conconully Highway from Okanogan. It was the most beautiful walk ever.
     The weather was just right, no wind, not too cold. It was early, and nobody was out, nobody on the road.
     Walking up the hill, I concentrated on making it all the way to the top. And, so I was sort of on auto-pilot.
     I stopped at the top, looked out at the beautiful valley and said good-bye to Grandpa. I have always said that I feel closest to anything spiritual when I am out in nature.
     Then I headed back down the hill, which I just bawled the entire way down, uncontrollably. As cars passed me, I feared they might stop to see if I was OK, but thankfully nobody did.
     As I came almost to the bottom of the hill, three doves flew out and above my head, and then returned to their roost, cooing at me, calming me. I knew at that moment, my grandpa was with me.
     I stopped crying, and headed home. I know he would be so proud of me for getting up and enjoying the beauty of nature around me.
     I am proud of me for that, too. I want to be healthy. And, I know I am on my way towards that. I will miss him.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A good two days!

      I headed out yesterday to L-town to hook up with my best friend. What is so fun is that we can go without seeing each other for months, and then pick right up as if we saw each other yesterday. I absolutely LOVE Marti and her family!
      She is also a certified trainer and nutritionist. She always gives me such good ideas about working out and eating.
      We talked for hours and hours yesterday! Then today we worked out and sat in the sauna together like old times, for sure!!
      I wish I had access to a sauna here! Does ANYONE know where one is? I would even be willing to pay to use one, seriously.
      Marti also made an observation about me. She has been along for the MANY weight loss adventures I have began, and she noted that this time seemed really different to her. She said that it didn't feel so intense, much more natural.
      OH MY GOSH!! That is exactly how I have been feeling about Weight Watchers and working out. I feel like it has been easy and not stressful at all.
      I think it's because since last summer I have been working hard at REALLY taking care of myself. So, now this new effort feels right.
      Have a great day! Be healthy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Give me a GOLD star!

     I earned my second gold star at Weight Watchers last night! I lost 5.4 pounds, which is now a total of 11 pounds in four weeks!
     Even though I had two SLOW weeks, I know that this is what my body does, especially after looking at the WW logs from years ago.
     For the rest of the group, one person lost 4.2, another 2.6, and .4, and two of the other gals were out of town, so I don't know how they did yet.
     I am excited to see results, and motivated to keep going! I keep thinking about where I could be by summer.
     This has been a great week off (outside of my G-Pa). I have spent lots of times with friends.
     My very good friend had a surgery, and she has been basically home on bedrest. So, my step-daughter and I went and visited with her three days straight. We took her my famous homemade chicken noodle soup (that my best friend Marti gave me her recipe), and we watched movies and just caught up!
     Today I am headed off to Leavenworth to stay with Marti. I always LOVE going for a visit! I am staying over, and it will be a nice getaway. Since my step-daughter is at her bio mom's today until tomorrow afternoon, this all worked out perfectly.
     It's been a nice week of taking care of myself and rejuvenating, much needed.
     Have a great day, and be healthy!