Monday, August 31, 2009

Worked out this morning! First day of school!! Woo hoo ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nothing good to report...

     Need motivation.
     Ate a double chocolate brownie with ice cream for lunch today.
     Did change irrigation at our other field. That's it for exercise today.
     Really have been eating healthy (with the exception of b-day celebration).
     Getting lots, organizing, purging...just not focusing on ME :(
     Need to re-focus.
     Shorts fit, but feeling a little tighter. Need to weigh: Reality.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The caverns ROCKED!! 2 hours of amazing exercise!!! Whatta hike!! I'm so proud of my family ;)

We are on vacay!

     What I love about going on vacation and being around Rick's brother Rod and his family is that they are active people, and so I always feel GOOD not lazy!
     Montana is so beautiful and the temperature is so mild, that you just want to be outside! And, there are lots of things to do outside for sure!!!
     We have walked for two nights in a row. There is this really cool trail system near their home, and so Shelley and I (and, the dog Louie) go out exploring that!
     Today we are headed to the Lewis and Clark Caverns, which is a two-hour tour, so we will be doing some walking there :)
     I am excited to go there, as I did go to the Carlsbad Caverns with my boys on our trip to Texas, and we all loved that place!!
     It's crazy because the temperature in the caverns is below 50!! So, we actually have to take jeans and sweatshirts and stuff.
     Tomorrow we are doing a waterpark, and I know we also have some hot springs in mind, and a hike or two! I can't wait :)
     On the eating front, we have been doing good! Lots of healthy meals and yummy fresh salads!
     We are definitely having a perfect vacation, one in which you feel everything being nourished: your body, mind, and soul!