Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HAPPY day!

OK, a few happy things today :)

1) I realized that my weight on my driver's license is MORE than what I actually weigh!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!? And, boy the picture looks so different!!! It was taken last May, which was before I started my healthy journey!!!

2) I am wearing a pair of pants today that I wore only when I first moved here so long ago! YEAH :)

Today was just a day full of accomplishments, and I love it when things get done! I think the sunshine was making all the kiddos have positive energy, as it was just a fun day!

Water - 100 ounces
Tea - nope
Exercise--nope, decided I needed the extra hour of sleep again today. I am going to exercise tomorrow morning though:)
Protein - 77.6 grams of protein
Calcium- 113.5% from my food.
Vitamins - YES!
fruit/veggies - 7 servings
Calories -YUP!

I definitely feel like I am feeding my body well. I am eating quite healthy, and I like that I am focusing on the fruits, veggies, calcium, and protein.


1/2 cup cottage cheese -100- protein 15 grams, calcium 10%
coffee- SF FF- 16 ounces - 105- 12 protein, calcium 46.5%

celery - 20 - .8 grams of protein, 5% calcium
Laughing Cow Cheese- 35 - 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%
Gardenburger 120 – 6 grams of protein and 8% calcium
cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium
Jello pudding - 60 - 2 protein, 10% calcium
Carrots – 20 - .5 protein, calcium 3%
Open Nature bar - 180 calories, 5 grams of protein, 2% calcium

tatertot casserole- 250 - 24 grams, 1% calcium (meat), 2 grams of protein (tatertots), 5%calcium, 1 gram of protein (cream of mushroom soup), 7% calcium,
salad- 20
croutons - 30
raspberry lite vinaigrette - 50
cheesy bread - 150- 5 grams protein, 6% calcium
strawberries - 49 - 1 cup - 1 gram of protein, 2% calcium

Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Monday :)

Today was a GREAT day :)
I didn't feel too shabby when I woke up, and I was a bit worried that I was going to be sicky icky today :( I decided to not workout, which was hard for me, since that has been two days in a row--didn't work out yesterday either. I am DEFINITELY going to workout in the morning tomorrow!! So, tomorrow will be day 26 of my aerobics!!

Water - 100 ounces
Tea - 1 cup of tea!
Exercise--nope, decided I needed the extra hour of sleep, and I am VERY glad that I did that because I feel so much better right now :)
Protein - 84.9 grams of protein
Calcium- 112.46% from my food.
Vitamins - YES!
fruit/veggies - 5 servings
Calories -YUP!


1/2 cup cottage cheese -100- protein 15 grams, calcium 10%
coffee- SF FF- 16 ounces - 105- 12 protein, calcium 46.5%

apple - 95- .5grams of protein, 1%

232 calories -2 of my yummy homemade Mexican egg rolls that I baked last night for dinner!
113 for 2 egg roll wraps--4.6 grams of protein, 1.3% calcium
109 for 2 ounces lean ground beef--16.5 grams of protein, .66% calcium
10 for cabbage

celery - 20 - .8 grams of protein, 5% calcium
Laughing Cow Cheese- 35 - 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%
jello- 10 calories

cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium

french dip - all natural roast beef- 60 calories (4 slices)- 11 grams of protein
bun - 230 calories, 7grams of protein, 8% calcium
1 slice mozzarella - 50 calories - 4 grams of protein, 10% calcium
au jus sauce - 5

sweet potato fries - 28 fries--280 calories--4grams of protein, 4% calcium

smoothie - 150 calories - 7 grams of protein, 20%calcium

Today started off rough, but it definitely got better!!! WAY better :) I am feeling sooooooo much better!!!!!!! YEAH :)


Another pound, buh bye!!!
Last week: 193.8
This week: 192.8


Sunday, January 29, 2012


Okey dokey, artichokey!

I blogged yesterday about my NSVs :) YEAH! That was awesome!! I didn't blog about, but realized another NSV last night at the performance. There were several people during the play run that I had not seen in months and months, and what was super cool, is that they all commented about how good I look!! YEAH :)) That rocks!

So the last real blog was on Monday. Let me tell you about my week...

It was our play week, which included three dress rehearsals (one with an audience of 150+), and four performances, and a cast party to celebrate!!!!

Plus, you gotta add on the following:
1) End of first semester, which includes final second quarter projects, and of course GRADES!!!
2) I picked up a nasty bug :( I blogged about a tickle in my throat on Monday, and it was full blown sicky icky by Wednesday, and TERRIBLE on Thursday! A little better on Friday, and I seem to be on the upswing today!
3) A friend and former co-worker passed away on Wednesday evening :(((( It is a really sad story for this family...they have had a ROUGH year and a half. My heart is with them!

I didn't blog because when I got home, I seriously just went to bed. I was taking lots of Emergen-C, Airborne, drinking tea, and Nyquil and hitting bed early to try and beat this nasty cold, which many of our students have been down with it for WEEKS.

OK, so I am not going to catch up on the day-to-day bit, but I will just sum things up for ya, and we are back to normal blogging :)

Eating--I ate well, I ate enough veggies and fruits, and I did have some treats. On Friday after school my little one and I went to Dairy Queen. I had my first Blizzard in I don't even know how many months, maybe six? I had a small, and let me tell you, it made my poor little sore throat feel so much better! Ad, it was a nice treat :) As well, I ate veggie pizza at our cast party, though I just ate the toppings. I ENJOYED food this week, though I didn't worry about it, and I just paid attention to portion sizes!

I drank enough water and tea! I did take my vitamins every day, and PLUS!!!

I did not keep track of calories, calcium, or protein, though I did write everything down! I will get back to that today :)

OK, now for exercise...I did get up in the morning to do my aerobics. THOUGH...I did not on Thursday, which actually made me sad. BUT, I knew I needed to take it easy, and I needed the extra sleep. When I woke up with the alarm on Thursday morning, I had a fever, and I just knew, even though I really wanted to that I needed to skip it. I was on such a roll...23 days in a row through Thursday. I skipped Thursday, but then back on Friday. I did workout out on Saturday, and I am going to do it again today! SO, that puts me at 26 today. So, even though I didn't do The Firm 30 days in a row, almost, but instead I will do it 30 days (with one day off in there). I also did not do my sit-ups this week, mostly because I just felt so crappy.

There ya have it...what a week!! I survived, and I am looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

NEVER fear, I am still here!!!

SO, this week has been NUTSO! I will blog ALL about it tomorrow and catch up!!!

This is just short and sweet to:
1) Tell you I will update tomorrow!
2) Share some NSVs with you :)

Non-Scale Victory #1
I had lost a shirt that I love, and another staff member had the same shirt, and it was too big for her, so she sold it to me! It is a size large, so I figured I wouldn't be able to wear it for a bit. BUT, I wore it last night, and I actually had tons of comments about how slim I am looking :)

Non-Scale Victory #2
I bought two pairs of black size 14 jeans that I have worn this week! It's so hard for me to realize that I am in a SIZE 14!!! At the beginning of summer, I was in TIGHT size 20s, and really unwilling to purchase any 22s, so I would not even wear jeans or shorts that were a size 20, and instead wear athletic shorts...

Non-Scale Victory #3
I am still wearing the same bra size--at least the cup--which is nice that I am not losing it there :) But, the around part has gone down!!! First it was one hook, then another, and now an entirely different number :)

Non-Scale Victory #4
I haven't bought any new ones yet, BUT OH MY GOODNESS...I need to, and will do so this week, but my undies are like bloomers at this point, so dang big that they roll down or bunch up, LOL...too much extra material.

So, there ya have it. Still feeling motivated :) Still doing GREAT!! Still seeing progress. YUP, I'm definitely STILL HERE!

Monday, January 23, 2012


195.8 last week
193.8 this week!!
That's a loss of 2 pounds :)
And, a total of 50.2 pounds!! WOOT WOOOOOO!
At this rate, in two weeks, I should be into the 180s!!!!!

Slow and steady. Slow and steady! And, that's with eating nachos and whatever else my heart desires! Just writing it all down, being ACCOUNTABLE AND HONEST!!!

I am keeping the same goals as last week! I will look at changing them next week, after the play is over!!

Water - at least 100 ounces
Tea - at least 1 cup
Exercise - The Firm every day, and 200 sit-ups a day starting Tuesday-100 each in the morning and the afternoon.
Protein - Keeping track of grams of protein again.
Calcium- Keeping track of the calcium I get from my food.
Vitamins - Taking a multi-vitamin, B super complex, and a fish oil.
fruit/veggies - At least 4 servings
Calories - At least 1000 calories.

So, how about today?

Water - 100 ounces
Tea - 1 cup of tea!
Exercise - Day 21 of The Firm, and 95 sit-ups in the morning and 95 sit-ups in the evening.
Protein - 85 grams of protein
Calcium- 122.5% from my food.
Vitamins - YES!
fruit/veggies - 5.5 servings
Calories -YUP!


Cereal- Frosted Cinnamon Toast Crunch- 160 calories -1.5 grams (p) 15%(c)
Milk-Not sure how to count this because I don't drink it when it's had cereal in it. So, I do know that I consume some of it, but it's very little.
coffee- SF FF- 16 ounces - 105- 12 protein, calcium 46.5%

celery - 20 - .8 grams of protein, 5% calcium
Laughing Cow Cheese- 35 - 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%
Gardenburger 120 – 6 grams of protein and 8% calcium
cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium
Jello pudding - 60 - 2 protein, 10% calcium
carrots - 20- Carrots – 20 - .5 protein, calcium 3%
Open Nature bar - 180 calories, 5 grams of protein, 2% calcium
LC Cheese - 35 - 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%

cod fish - 189 calories - 41.1 grams of protein -3% calcium
salad - 20- 1 gram protein, 2% calcium
cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium
honey mustard - 20
croutons - 30
1/8 cup of cheese - 55 calories - 3.5 grams of protein, 10% calcium

sweet and salty granola bar-160 calories, 3 grams of protein, 2% calcium
orange juice - 110- 2 grams of protein- shocked no calcium?!?

It was a long day. Up and down. UP and down. uP and dOwN!! But, overall it was good, and it ended with a massage, and my honey had dinner ready :) SIGH.

P.S. I think I am trying to get sick. I have a tickle in my throat :( I have been taking Airborne and EmergenC, and I am trying to keep it at bay!! I don't have time to be sick! I haven't been sick in so long...SO, I am hoping I can kick this before it becomes anything. I will keep ya posted.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Let's see...I did get to sleep in today :) YEAH! Then I did some reading...into anew series right now. I am reading James Dashner's The Maze Runner series. It's fantabulous!! Totally. If you like the Hunger Games, you will like this trilogy, too.

I did get up, and since I forgot to take my vitamins last night, and I had a tiny headache, I decided to take them this morning with some Excedrin, and THAT was not a good idea :( I ended up puking about 15 minutes later. NOT FUN. But, I know better than to do that!! That's why I take the stinking things at bed time in the first place, DUH!! So, I am going to write a note and put in by my bed to remind myself!!

I am getting so excited for this upcoming week of the play!! I am also so proud of myself for keeping my health goals WITHOUT any excuses!!! Normally I would be eating fast food because it's easy and fast, and I wouldn't be exercising. Instead I am prepping, planning, cooking healthy, and getting my butt out of bed in the morning to exercise! This just shows me that if I can do this during THE busiest month of the year for me, it is a part of my life now. That's exactly it...I have changed my life :)

Another MAJOR difference in my life now...I plan out all of our meals at least one week, sometimes two or three weeks at a time. I plan out my exercise for the week, and I write EVERYTHING down that I eat, keeping track of my calories. All of that planning is HUGE for me. I also am doing tons of prepping of all my veggies for the week.

Water - YUP! 125 today!
Teas - nope
Exercise - YES! Great day of exercise!!!
Protein - 57 grams of protein
Calcium-104.6% from my food.
Vitamins - Tried to make-up yesterday, and that DIDN'T happen. But, did take them tonight!!
fruit/veggies - Just barely made 4 servings!
Calories - Yes...wasn't sure it was going to happen since I didn't feel like I could eat anything until late afternoon. I definitely ate more chili than I would have if I would've eaten normal calories for the day!

CALORIES IN = 1070.4
CALORIES OUT = 702!!! Not too shabby :D

IN =
Today was a really tough day. I started the morning out throwing up because of the vitamins ordeal. ANYHOOT...then I just didn't feel like eating anything at all :(

almonds - 1 ounce - 170 calories, 6 grams (p), 8% (c)

2 cups of white chili soup - 314.40 - 24.4 grams of protein, 5.6% calcium- Very yummy and easy, and even more easy with the shredded chicken I had already prepped and had in the freezer! I have the recipe posted on the recipe page!
milk 2%- 8 ounces - 130 calories - 8 grams of protein, 30% of calcium
cheese - 1/4 cup - 110 calories - 7 g (p), 20% (c)
sour cream- 2 tbsps - 40 calories - 1 g (p), 6% (c)
croutons -12- 60 calories - 1 g (p)
pear - 96- .6 grams of protein, 1% calcium

smoothie -
frozen peaches- 50 - 1 gram of protein, 4% calcium
milk- 100 - 8 grams of protein, 30% calcium

The Firm DAY 20!!! And, it's consecutive!! I didn't think I would get all 30 days of mine in a row, but now I am starting to think it might be possible. I am not going to beat myself up about it, if I don't make it 30 in a row, but I am doing it 30 days!! I can feel the difference in the muscles in my arms and legs, and I can SEE the difference in my triceps!! I did 90 sit-ups in the morning, and 90 sit-ups in the evening. That's 380 calories burned. WHICH BTW, was in our little house sauna...83 degrees, MY GOODNESS!

Then this afternoon I decided to go out and make my own cross-country ski track in our field, which I did, and it was a BLAST!! I LOVE cross-country skiing!!!! And, I was thinking that our little one, who wears the same size of shoe I do, could totally do this next weekend, depending on the weather. Today I was out there for 35 minutes and my HRM recorded 322 calories!! WAHOOOIE!

I have my meals planned, snacks prepped, and I'm ready for the week!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


The plan for Saturday was to get some things done that needed to be done! And, I did just that!! I caught up on laundry, which was behind. I did my shopping--which I saved 45% on my groceries, highest percentage yet :)

Water - 100 ounces of water, right on the dot!
Teas - Nope.
Exercise - The Firm- Day 19 and 85 sit-ups in the morning and evening!
Protein - 57.8 grams of protein
Calcium- 68% from my food.
Vitamins - dang it! I forgot. I am going to put up a note in my bedroom, so I don't forget!!!
fruit/veggies - 6 servings
Calories - Just barely squeezed in enough calories. I do find it hard on the weekends to eat enough...which I think is the opposite for most people. I think most people go a little bonkers on the weekend. IDK.

CALORIES OUT = 429 calories!

Coffee with creamer - 40

celery - 20 - .8 grams of protein, 5% calcium
Laughing Cow Cheese- 35 - – 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%

Pretzel thins - 110 calories - 3 grams of protein
Salsa - 30 calories
Pomegranate juice -100% - 150 calories, 1 gram of protein

chicken drumsticks - 234 calories for three - 38.1 grams of protein, 3% calcium
BBQ sauce - 40
homemade coleslaw- 90 - 2 gram of protein, 8% calcium
cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium
pear - 96 - .6 grams of protein. 10% calcium

frozen strawberries- 50 - 1 gram of protein, 4% calcium
milk- 100 - 8 grams of protein, 30% calcium

EXERCISE - 349 calories for The Firm today! It was AN AWESOME workout!! That's a relief considering yesterday's was not. I wonder if the calorie burn today was the fact that it's 83 degrees in the house?? Or, maybe just the extra sleep. LOL! It's all good. I will take it! 40 calories for sit-ups in the morning/40 in the evening-170 total sit-ups today!

Two days...

My Thursday and Friday were good!! They were busy! That's my life :)

So, Thursday I had school, drama, back home for dinner, and then back to the school for Poetry Out Loud, which was AWESOME! So, when I got home at 8:30, I just wanted to watch some American Idol and go to bed! I did do my sit-ups, but I didn't blog, and I forgot my vitamins--not habit yet, I suppose.

Water - yes! 144 ounces
2 teas - yummy pumpkin spice and black cherry
Exercise - The Firm- Day 17 and 75 sit-ups in the morning and evening!
Protein - 104.8 grams of protein
Calcium- 96.5% from my food.
Vitamins - Forgot to take them!
fruit/veggies - 5.5 servings
Calories - 1224 calories

CALORIES in = 1224
CALORIES out = 345
Net calories = 879

1/2 cup cottage cheese -100- protein 15 grams, calcium 10%
coffee- SF FF- 16 ounces - 105- 12 protein, calcium 46.5%

celery - 20 - .8 grams of protein, 5% calcium
Laughing Cow Cheese- 35 - – 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%

Ahi Tuna - 2 ounces -70 - 17 grams of protein
shrimp - 2 ounces - 35 - 10 grams of protein
2 mandarin oranges - 85 - 1.2 grams of protein, 6% calcium
pom poms - pomegranate seeds - 50 - 1 gram of protein, 1% of calcium

carrots - 20- Carrots – 20 - .5 protein, calcium 3%
Open Nature bar - 180 calories, 5 grams of protein, 2% calcium

spaghetti - 524- which was 2 servings - 39.8 grams of protein, 17% calcium
sauce - 100 calories, 4 grams of protein, 4% calcium
noodles - 210 calories, 7 grams of protein
beef- 164 calories, 24.8 grams of protein, 1% calcium
Parmesan cheese - 50 calories, 4 grams of protein, 12% calcium

I am so proud of myself! I can't believe I am waking up early to exercise!!! WAHOO. And, that I have worked out consecutively for so many days!!!The Firm, today day 17!!!! And, I have made huge increases in the sit-ups.

FRIDAY, OH FRIDAY! How I love thee...
So, I can say that Friday I didn't feel like I had TONS of energy, probably from a busy week. I loved it when I was wearing my skinny expensive jeans, and YUP, they are already loose. AND, you know they are cute when middle school girls tell you so!!!

Water - 100, just barely made it.
no tea :(
Exercise The Firm- Day 18 and 80 sit-ups in the morning and evening!
Protein - 77.6 grams of protein
Calcium- 119.5% from food
Fruit/veggies - 4 servings
Calories - 1362, YUP!
Vitamins- YUP, yup!

Net calories = 1042

oatmeal- 1/4 cup- 75 calories, 2.5 grams of protein
brown sugar - 1 tsp - 15 calories
Coffee- sf/ff- 16 ounces -105- 12 protein, calcium 46.5%

Gardenburger 120 – 6 grams of protein and 8% calcium
honey mustard - 20
peas - 33 – 4% calcium and 2 grams of protein
LC Cheese 35 - 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%
Cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium

Open Nature Bar - 180 calories, 5 grams of protein, 2% calcium

Nachos - 759 calories, 43.8 grams of protein, 51% calcium

cheese - 240 calories, 14 grams of protein, 40% calcium
chips - 280 calories, 4 grams of protein, 4% calcium
hamburger meat - 164 calories, 24.8 grams of protein, 1% calcium
salsa - 30
sour cream - 45, 1 gram of protein, 6% calcium

So, this was the first day that I felt like I was going through the motions when I was doing my aerobics in the morning. I did do it. But, you know how some days your workout is intense and you just really feel it, this was not one of those workouts.

I did have a good day which you read about over at my other blog, but it was just funky morning energy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Wednesday already?

Now crashing out last night, and my general BLAH, it all makes sense…TOM showed up this morning. Sheesh. One thing, though, NO cramps at all. But, grumpiness yesterday, indeed! Today I feel MUCH better, less tired, and definitely not cranky. I love all the snow, even though everyone else around me is complaining. IT’S pretty!!

Water- 120 ounces
Tea- 2 cups today! That was easy with this COLD weather!! I had a cup of egg nog tea, and a cup of licorice tea.
Calories - I am so proud of myself. I have been eating the necessary 1000+ each day!
Exercise- YUP! The Firm (Day 16) and 140 sit-ups total.
Vitamins - YES! I actually double dosed these, one round this morning, another tonight.
Veggies/fruits= 6.5 servings
Calcium = 80% from my food only...
Protein = 72.4 grams

Calories IN = 1224.5
Calories OUT = 348
Net Calories = 876.5

Calories OUT = 348
The Firm – day 16!!!
Sit-ups 70 – since I missed last night’s. I did get 70 yesterday, but I figured I would reset today with 70 in the morning and 70 in the evening.

What went IN =
Cottage cheese – 100 - protein 15 grams, calcium 10%
Ff/sf coffee – 70 – yeah, found out the calories are even better than what I thought! 31% calcium, 8 grams of protein

Garden burger – 120 – 6 grams of protein and 8% calcium
LC cheese 35 – 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%
Peas – 33 – 4% calcium and 2 grams of protein
1.5 Mandarin orange – 67.5 - .6 protein and 3% calcium
Cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium

Open Nature bar (honey, peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds) - 190 - 6 grams of protein, 2% calcium.

tatertot casserole- 433 - 24 grams, 1% calcium (meat), 2 grams of protein (tatertots), 5%calcium, 1.7 grams of protein (cheese), 1 gram of protein (cream of mushroom soup), 7% calcium, 2.2 grams of protein (milk)
pear- 96- .6 grams of protein, 1% calcium
salad, croutons, homemade dressing - 60
1224.5 total

Today was a much better day, thank goodness!! I give it a solid 8.5 :) And, now we are on the downhill into the weekend!

BLAH and crash!

Tuesday…felt like a Monday. That was the energy of the day. I started off with working out and felt really great, and expected it to be a ROCKIN’ day, but in the end, it was funky. The kids were very forgetful at school, and it just felt like everything was a little off. I would rate the day a 7, which is probably generous.

In the end, when I got home, we had a really nice dinner—Ricky cooked! And, I was glad to be home and warm. At bedtime, I read with our little one, and we finished our Ramona the Pest book, yeah! We read it on her Kindle Fire, and for the first time with the lights out in the room. So, we were all snuggled under my duvet. When we finished, and she kissed me good night, I just relaxed a bit and closed my eyes. Next thing I know, Rick was waking me up to ask me if I was really going to sleep, which I was! I fell back asleep and did not wake-up until 5 this morning to the alarm to get up and workout. So, I fell asleep at 8 p.m. last night. I guess I needed it! But, this also meant that I did not take my vitamins, charge my phone, set anything up for today. You get the picture!

So, here is what yesterday looked like otherwise!

No vitamins – took them in the morning, and will take today’s in the p.m.
The Firm – Day 15
70 sit-ups in the am - NO sit-ups in the pm
Veggies and fruit – 6.5 servings
Water = 120 ounces
1 cup of tea—blueberry
Protein – 116.9 grams of protein
Calcium – 61% of calcium for the day via food – not counting the vitamin I am taking.

What went in:
SF mocha frap – 210 – bday and Pumphouse - 31% calcium – 8 grams of protein – Normally I would NOT have a mocha frap, but it was my best friend’s birthday, and we were having a FRAP party for her birthday!!! And, I did choose a SF frap, which was pretty tasty. I REALLY appreciate how cool the Pumphouse peeps are! I love Rachel, the owner. She totally help me to figure out how many calories were in the drink, since it’s not something I normally drink. And, the other cool thing about this, I found out that the milk she serves me is SKIM instead of FF, and it has 70 calories for 8 ounces instead of 90!! So, that will change my calculations each day!
Cottage cheese ½ cup – 100 with green Tabasco – protein 15 grams, calcium 10%

Chicken – 110 – 25 grams of protein
LC cheese 35 – 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%
Peas – 33 – 4% calcium and 2 grams of protein
1.5 Mandarin orange – 67.5 - .6 protein and 3% calcium

Celery – 20
LC Cheese – 35 - – 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%

Open Nature mixed sesame Nuts, fruit, honey bar – 100% natural - 6 grams of protein, calcium 6% – 190 – YUMMY!!!! I love these bars. BEST ones yet!!
Cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium
Carrots – 20 - .5 protein, calcium 3%

Chips - 100
Salsa – 20
Ahi tuna steak – OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 140 calories for 4 ounces, 34 grams of protein!
Shrimp – 4 ounces – 70 calories – 20 grams of protein
Salad with homemade honey mustard dressing and croutons – 60
Bbq sauce – 40

Dinner only 310 calories and OH SO fulfilling!!! All that protein. Even Rick felt like the Ahi tuna steaks made him really full!! WOWSER, they were sooooooo good!!! Definitely adding this to our regular menu, and hoping Safeway keeps them in stock in their fresh seafood section.

CALORIES in = 1270.50
CALORIES out = 330
Net Calories = 940.50

What a day...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another good day!

So, first today I did my workout! YEAH!! Then we got ready and headed down to run a few errands, before heading to drama rehearsal. Today we ran our show from 1-6:30 p.m. It seems like a long day, but in the end, it was a blast :)

We spent the beginning of the rehearsal getting costumes on--trust me, the energy is NUTS! We took cast pictures, and then ran the show in costume, so the kiddos could get a feel for how they could move and whatnot. It's all really coming together. And, we had a huge potluck of snacks, and finally we had a YUMMY cast dinner. We are on big family :) I love the dinner times for us!

My goals:
*I ate 7 veggies/fruits. CHECK
*4 servings of calcium. Approx. 47 grams of protein.
*Last night I started and tonight I will take: A multi-vitamin for women, a fish oil, flax, and borage capsule, and a B-Super Complex.
*I exercised finishing the 14th time of The Firm. And, I did 65 sit-ups this morning and this evening!
*I drank 116 ounces. NO tea.

Calories IN = 1260
Calories OUT = 340
Net calories = 920

banana - 110
coffee- 16 ounces - 125

Mandarin orange - 45
celery- 20
LC Cheese - 35
carrots - 25

taco salad- hamburger meat, salad, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes - 300

1 chocolate chip cookie- 90
1 brownie- 100

salsa- 40
chips - 170
1 cup of milk - 100

apple -100

OUT - The Firm and 130 sit-ups :)

Tomorrow will be an early morning! Getting up to do the aerobics! Lunches are already packed, clothes already set out, both for workout and school! BRING IT ON!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


198.8 last week
195.8 this week!!
That's a loss of 3 pounds :)
And, so long 48.2 pounds! Next week will hopefully be the big 50!

Still no TOM. Not that I am complaining, but it should have already happened, and I did have the crazy PMS, so IDK.

I am feeling really good! I am feeling more tone :) It's crazy to think that I have exercised every day except on Christmas Eve since December 15th. That would mean from December 15th - January 15th (32 days), I worked out 31 days! And, as far as consecutively, it has been 22!!! I am freaking ecstatic about that!!

Actually I am so glad I have this blog, though I have been thinking about keeping a tracker or record either online or the old fashioned way to record just my exercise, so I can remember things more easily.

January--no work out days...

December--no work out days...
December 25
December 13
December 14
December 6
December 2

The big difference also between December and January is that some of the days of exercise in December were only 15 minutes, since that was my goal, and in January all of the exercise has been 45 minutes for The Firm aerobics AND then however long for the sit-ups!

Now, looking at my weight...
Mid-June I weighed 244.
I made it through Vegas and back at 242.
July 3 239.
July 10 = 235.4.
August 1 = 228.4.
August 8= 227.2
August 15 = 225
August 22 = 223
September 19 = 218
September 26 = 215.6
October 10 = 212.8
October 17 = 211.8
October 31 = 207.8
November 8 = 209.2
November 14 = 206.2
November 30 = 203.8
December 5 = 202.8
December 19 = 198
December 26 = 197.8
January 2 = 199.8
January 9 = 198.8
January 16 = 195.8

I highlighted the half month marks, or as close to it, as I could to see my progress. This last month was definitely slowest, but I am OK with that, because I am seeing the most change in my body! And, I keep reminding myself that I didn't gain between December and January. As well, if I look at the bigger picture, I have lost 10.4 pounds in two months! I am totally GOOD with that :) And, 22.2 pounds in four months, so it's been a pretty steady average of 5 pounds a month. If that's what I keep doing, then mid-February I could see the 180s! I do also realize that as I get closer to my goal, it's going to get harder and harder to lose weight. But, I will just keep trucking! I AM DOING THIS :D

My life is all about goals!

GOALS last week—
Now, let's look at last week's goals :)
*Eat at least 4 servings of fruits/veggies a day and at least 1000 calories a day. THIS was way easier than I thought, especially with my prep of cutting veggies and storing them in easy to grab snack bags! And, my oh my, how much fuller I felt!! Don't have to eat crappy food, when you are all full of the wholesome natural stuff!
*Exercise- The Firm every day (45 min x 7) this week AND get my run in on at least one day. I wanted to run this week, and I didn't :( Even though I did meet my exercise minutes goal!—So, I did The Firm, no problem! I am so proud of myself for getting up early on work days!! I did not get my run in, and quite frankly, I am OK with that. I am going to hit the running again seriously in February when my play is over. That will give me almost three months to prepare for my half-marathon.
**I also want to do 25 sit-ups to start. I would like to add 5 sit-ups each day. That would make me up to 55 sit-ups by next Saturday! THIS IS SOOOO funny! I doubled this goal! YUP!! I made it to 120 sit-ups a day, with 60 in the morning, and 60 in the evening.
*Drink at least 100 ounces of water AND at least one cup of tea a day. – I did this, too!! Yummy, I love tea, and forgot how much I do. I only had one day of not drinking tea!

Goals for this week coming!
>>>Keeping the at least 4 veggies/fruits a day.
>>>I want to keep track this week and tally the number of calcium and protein servings that I have. Then it will give me an idea for what my goal should be with that next week!
>>>I am going to take a daily vitamin and B-12, and maybe fish oil.
>>>I will continue to do The Firm each day. And, I will continue with the sit-ups adding 5 a day in the morning. So, I will be at 90 times twice a day, by next week!
>>>Continue drinking at least 100 ounces of water and at least one cup of tea a day!

So, I really haven't added too much, just some little things that hopefully will make a big difference!


Today was full of ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

This morning I had a HUGE list of things I needed to do! So, I am glad to say I did LOTS of stuff that needed to be done. Besides the normal housekeeping and laundry duties, I decided to rearrange and organize our pantry. YOU SEE...since I have been crazy coupon lady, I have too much stuff! And, it was all hodge podge in the pantry. NOW, it is all completely organized :) YEAH ME!

I did take some time to do some searching on Pinterest! I LOVE LOVE LOVE love Pinterest :) I have some great ideas for decorating my door at school the next couple of months! And, I let our little one look at all the Valentine's Day card ideas, and she chose some really cute ideas!

Then we had errands to run, and thankfully I had my little helper, which made it easier and LOTS MORE FUN! First went to Ace Hardware to look for one item I needed for the play, but they didn't have it, which means either a Wal*Mart or Home Depot:( But, I did find THE cutest card ever for my best friend for her birthday on Tuesday! I almost bought another Carhart coat because they were on sale for 40% off, but in the end, I decided to wait. You see...I have a 2X coat now which is WAY too big, so I tried on a L, and it totally fit, but I plan on losing another 50 pounds by next winter, so I would need to get a M, but they didn't have one. Felt good to easily wear a L!

So, we headed to the $1 store next, needing to get some props for the play, and also a few things for our Valentines :) Then we headed to Rite Aid to find a few other things on my list, and we stumbled upon CRAZY sales. I got the CUTEST Christmas gi-normous coffee mugs (I collect these) for only 74 cents, so I bought the rest of them, and stored them for Christmas gifts next year! As well, I bought a couple of presents, that were also 75% off! YES!!!

Our final stop was the grocery store for our weekly grocery trip! I ended up using $40 in coupons, and saved $85 on sales and BOGO free deals! SWEET!

We came home, put all the groceries away--which was super duper easy with everything so organized. Then I did all my veggie prepping, where I cut celery and cucumbers, and then bag them and carrots in to snack size bags! I LOVE snack size baggies :)

We did a little V-Day decorating...I know it seems early, just under a month away, but our little one is only with us half-time (rotating weeks), so we try to do special things about a month ahead of time, so that she can enjoy it for two weeks or so (which ends up being a month, our time).

So, with all of this going, on I didn't do my aerobics in the morning. SO, I REALLY really really really really didn't feel like doing them, and seriously considered not doing them, since I was going to be starting at 5 p.m. In the end, I knew I would be disappointed in myself, if I didn't, so I did! AND, I am soooooo glad I did!! It was a good workout, too! I also did my sit-ups on the exercise ball, which makes them FULL sit-ups and not crunches. I have now done the aerobics 13 days in a row!!!! WOO HOO :)

I have observed that it generally harder for me to eat enough on the weekends, and also to consume enough water! The structure of the school day makes it wasy easier.

AND...some semi-bad news...I think I have bursitis at my hip. What is bad about that is that the pain in the worse in the middle of the night, and it radiates down the lateral side of my right leg and wakes me up several times :( UGH. I did see that it is related to overuse...HMMM. I found some stretches to do, so I am trying that, and this didn't start until I started the sit-ups, so I don't know if it could be that? I am not willing to stop The Firm, and once I get up and get going, it does usually feel better. It's a bit frustrating :(

Goals today--
Water- 100 ounces
No tea today…struggling to drink enough water!
Workout – The Firm – Day 13
120 sit-ups- did them on the exercise ball
Enough calories, YUP!
Fruits and veggies – 4 ½ servings—not so stellar, but still over my goal!

Net calories = 850
Coffee with creamer – 40
½ of a heart-shaped waffle – 50
Lite syrup – 50
Open Nature – Sweet and Salty Nuts and Honey 100% Natural – 200 -I just discovered these babies!! They were on sale, so I decided to buy one, and OH MYLANTA, yummy!
Honey mustard pretzels- 120
Celery - 20
Carrots- 25

½ pear- 50
7 ounces of chuck steak – 320 – Yeah, my honey BBQed, even though it was crazy cold outside! LOVE HIM!
1 yellow potato – 100
Sour cream – 40
BBQ sauce – 60

Smoothie – 150 (frozen fruit and milk)

Overall, it was a good day! I am glad that I was able to get lots doneso! Feels good :) I am pretty excited about my weigh-in tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012



I did get up early and do my workout!! I am so proud of myself for being consistent with this!! I am starting to feel like I can feel a difference in my muscles in my arms...I don't know that you can see it yet, but I can definitely FEEL it!

We drove over and picked up my Mama and baby sis!! I was so excited to see them!!! They were hysterical commenting on my weight loss. They haven't seen me since right when I started this journey. We had such a blast, so much laughing and talking :) Ricky and Lacy are so funny together! I can't wait to go visit them on Spring Break!! I will see them this week, too, but it will be fun when I go in April, and I don't have to work. Plus, I will get to see Cody and his wife!

We stopped in Airway Heights for lunch at Quiznos, and one of my favorite students, who graduated last year, was working there!! SHE GUSHED about my weight loss. Then when we got to Omak, and I took my Mama and baby sis to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things they needed, and I ran into another one of my favorite cheerleaders EVER, and her parents, and they asked how much I have lost and told me how great I looked!! I had actually seen them back in November, so that's cool that it is noticeable to them now. WOW...that's a lot of people in one day!!!!!

Another great thing about the trip over, I was able to plan out my meals for the next TWO weeks, and even write my grocery list. I also did my detailed lesson planning for school for the next three weeks! YAHOO :) I do have lesson plans that I have figured out through the rest of the year, but I usually do a week or two at a time for the detailed bits, so I feel really ahead of things. I also did some stuff I needed to do related to the play. YEAH!

Oh, by the way, TOTALLY OFF TOPIC, but I haven't mentioned it before, but I love my George Foreman grill!!! Tonight I did hamburgers on it, and it's so fast, and it also takes ALL the grease away. We do bbq in the winter, but my little GF grill is quick and easy :) I also like to use it for our sausages--chicken, of course!

The Firm DAY 12 :)
Veggies/fruits- 6.5 (not counting the baked beans)
Water- 118- 1 cup of tea
Ate enough calories!

I did pack snacks for the trip!!

Coffee- 16 ounce – 125
Banana - 110

Small veggie sandwich at Quiznos- 230

Carrots – 20
Celery – 20
LC Cheese- 35

Gala apple –74
½ pear – 50
Whole wheat bun- 180
Hamburger meat ** - 3 ounces - 164 -- So, we just got 100 pounds of hamburger from my fellow teacher. We always buy from him, and it's the BEST hamburger meat I have ever eaten, even including when we raised our own beef!! He is very into what and how he raises his beef. ANYWHO, it's cool because there is VERY little fat!!
BBQ sauce, honey mustard, lettuce, onion - 50
Beans- 160

Smoothie - 150

Net calories = 998

Workout- 320
110 total sit-ups - 50

Today was FANTASTIC :))

Friday, January 13, 2012

FRIDAY the 13th!!

Today was an odd energy day. Up and down, up and down. I started the morning off spilling my water--all 24 ounces :( But, I cleaned that up, and then had an awesome workout :)) The day proceeded as such. I heard some not good news from a friend. Rick was sick, but then school was fun and good. You get the picture. SO, I give this Friday the 13th all solid 7. The highlight of my day: definitely our little one coming home. I love those Friday nights!!

Here's the day's calories and goals in review:

120 ounces of water-no tea today because I had a second latte :)
6 servings of fruits/veggies
The Firm -45 minutes- 320 calories - 11th day in a row! Oooh rah!
50 sit-ups this morning and this evening! I can't wait until I am up to 100 in the morning and another in the afternoon.

CALORIES in = 1522
CALORIES out = 345
Net Calories = 1177

Here's what I ate:
cottage cheese- lime juice, garlic and pepper- 100
coffee- 125- 16 ounces

coffee- 75- only drank half of it!

pear- 110
cukes in honey mustard - 45
celery -20
LC Cheese-35
fish- 120- gotta love leftovers :)

Mandarin orange - 45
carrots -20
LC Cheese - 35

Chicken artichoke bacon deelite Papa Murphys pizza- 198 per slice x 4 = 792 - And, yes, I knew what I was doing. I ate two pieces, and then had another two much later.

That would be it. I'm pooped! Going to bed early, big day tomorrow!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

THURSDAY! I give this day an 8.5 :)

Yesterday was an emotional but satisfying day!

War Horse was a good movie. It’s long, but it’s one of those movies, where you don’t feel like it was as long as it really is…I cried. But, I knew I would. This older couple was sitting in front of us, and I heard the little old man say to his wife, “I got all misty eyed there, Dear.” TOO SWEET!

Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do! Rick and I always sent in the same seats—he’s the creature of habit, not me! And, I like watching movies in the newer theater because we are able to put the little armrest up, and snuggle! I also brought some nuts last night packed in a snack bag to give me the salty treat, if I needed one. That and my water, and I was a happy camper! It doesn’t even feel like I am missing out on the greasy popcorn, and I appreciate how it makes our movie trip way CHEAPER!!

So, I talked a little bit about why yesterday was emotional, and one reason was the Rachel’s Challenge assembly. Rachel’s Challenge, an incredible program that came to our school. WOW! Truly touched my heart. So, after hearing the back story—which is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! You then learn the 5 basic tenets of the Rachel’s Challenge program. What I love about this…THIS IS HOW WE ALL SHOULD LIVE. Adults included!!

1. ELIMINATE PREJUDICE – by looking for the best in others. And, we don’t have to just talk about prejudice of gender, race, religion, etc. We can even think about when we don’t like someone (sometimes for valid reasons), how we just need to FIND THE GOOD in them. We have those people in our lives, too. So be it the stranger who we PRE JUDGE or the person who annoys the heck out of us, make the effort to find their best.

2. DARE TO DREAM – set goals, keep a journal. BOY howdy! This has been a year of goals for me!! All sorts of goals that I am accomplishing. I don’t journal in a journal anymore—though I have volumes of these—but, I do blog every day, which is just an electronic journal. I definitely dare to dream, and I think it has made my life so much more positive and fulfilled.

3. CHOOSE YOUR INFLUENCES - input determines output. This is all about surrounding yourself with positive people and finding outstanding role models. I have them as an adult, and I try to be one, as well.

4. KIND WORDS - small acts of kindness= huge impact. This is sooooo truth! Whether they be random or on purpose, giving kindness makes you feel alive, and it’s awesome to receive it, too!!

5. Start a Chain Reaction - with family and friends. It’s like a puddle that ripples out. Make things right, be positive, do good things to those around you, and it is contagious, it will start a chain reaction.

This is so relevant to my life this year, and my working on being appreciative! I’ve noticed that other people in my life are being less negative, too. I have also begun to notice the people who are REALLY negative. People that I hadn’t noticed that before because I was sucked into how they were thinking. That’s been an eye-opener for sure!

All righty then, here’s what today looked like…

Well, first off, the last two days I have got out of bed to exercise, and I have had an extremely sore thigh muscle, along the side of my right leg. Not muscle sore, but it actually feels more like nerves. I have had sciatic nerve problems before, but those are more in the hip and back. THIS is nuts. It makes me tempted to not exercise, but instead I spray on the analgesic, rub down my thigh, and then work right through it. I have felt better by the end of working out, but boy it’s ugly when I first get up. Guessing I have a pinched nerve or something. I am stretching now before bed, and extra after the workout, hoping that will help. The bottom line is I am not going to let it get me!

Calories IN = 1010

Calories OUT = 325

Net Calories = 685

The Firm – 45 minutes – DAY 10!!! How cool is that?!?! Day 10. I am so PROUD of myself for getting up in the morning to do this workout. I am going to do it for 30 days, and then I will try something new. And, then I will actually do different things, at least ever 6 or 7 days. But, for now, this is a goal for me, to do the video 30 days, and I would LIKE it if it was consecutive days, but I will take 30 days nonetheless!! I am 1/3rd of the way to that goal. It helps that I LOVE this workout!! It is cardio with light weights, and it has ab work and push-ups, too, which I am able to do 20 BOY push-ups!!! Feeling strong, yes indeed!! I am excited because I am going to start Zumba class again in February!

45 sit-ups in the morning, 45 in the evening – I had someone ask me why so few. WELL, the old Trisha would have done like 100 or more at the beginning and then been so stinking sore for days afterwards that I would have not been able to do any for so long, so instead, just like my running, I am going to build up to it. My eventual goal is to be able to do 100 in the morning, and 100 in the evening. So far I have not been crazy sore…just enough sore to feel that the muscles are working and have been working!

Veggies and Fruits – I can really feel the difference in how full I feel. It definitely goes to show that healthy foods are more nutritional and do their jobs properly! I had 7 servings of fruits/veggies!

Water – 120ounces and 1 cup of Oolong tea.

Poached egg with spices and green Tabasco – 78
Coffee – 90

Carrots – 20
Mandarin orange – 45

Grilled chicken – 110
LC Cheese – blue cheese – 35
Peas – 25
LC Cheese – sun dried tomato – 35
Spices – onion, pepper, garlic
*Both of these I put into the microwave and heated up, so the LC cheese was creamy. OMGAWSH!!!! Scrumptious!!! So tasty!

cukes- 35
Mandarin orange- 45

homemade honey mustard dressing - 20
cod-6 ounces-lots of spices :) - 267

dried cherries -70

I feel like next week I am going to look at how much protein and calcium I am including in my daily intake. I am also curious about vitamins. I used to take a daily one and also some extra b-12, and a fish oil pill each day, but I haven't in a long time. Need to do some research :)

Glad tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sometimes crying just makes it better...

WOW! So, today we had Rachel's Challenge at our school. It was VERY emotional. I am in a hurry, as we are going out for date night to see War Horse--I hear I need to bring tissues--so, I promise to write more about Rachel's Challenge. IT'S SO POSITIVE, and effects all aspects of our lives!!

So, in case I don't blog again tonight...here's my stats for the day :D

Calories IN = 1070
Calories OUT = 320
Net Calories = 750

100 ounces of water
2 cups of tea- Yerba matte and Oolong!

I would say 6 servings of veggies/fruits.

The Firm –day 9! Boy, what a difference it makes to exercise in the morning!!
80 sit-ups

Cottage cheese garlic, pepper and GREEN tabasco-100
Coffee- 90


White albacore tuna- 100
Miracle Whip – 40
Cucumbers – 20-with green Tabasco, garlic, pepper
Celery – 20
LC Cheese- 35

Mandarin orange - 45
Carrots- 20
Sucker - 40

Footlong veggie sub on wheat – 460
Nuts - 100
Total = 1070

So, though I cried today, it was good. And, even though I will probably cry again tonight at the movie, it's still been a good day. Sometimes crying REALLY does just make it better...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling proud! And, today was easily a 9!

I am so proud of myself!! I still feel like I need to pinch myself for losing 10 pounds through Hallogivingmaseve!! Such a tough time of the year. Though I feel like things have been somewhat slow this past three weeks, I am happy with how things are going overall, and I have to keep reminding myself that there is a BIG picture here!!

I was thinking today that I have some things on my list that I want to accomplish by the end of April!!! Things to do by April 30th:
1)Lose 25 pounds (putting me at 174)
2)Start weightlifting - not just using the light weights with cardio.
3)Run a half-marathon – registered for the one in Wenatchee on April 21st!
4)Go to Vegas- Wanna go on Spring Break - definitely want to go to the spa again!
5)MAYBE, just maybe...join the Physique Challenge at the North Cascades Athletic Club. I have been thinking about it, and considering it as a MAJOR motivation to really kick my health into gear for three months. I have to wait until February because I am in the middle of my play. We will see. I am pretty competitive :)

Today was a solid 9 :) I had a great day!!

I ate enough calories!!
11.5 servings of fruits/veggies- I definitely feel FULLER!
168 ounces of water and 2 cups of tea!
The Firm workout this morning, equals day 8 in a row! 70 sit-ups :)

Calories IN = 1200
Calories OUT = 350
Net Calories = 850

Poached egg with Italian spices and GREEN Tabasco-80 - YUMMMMY!
Coffee- 90

Carrots - 20
Mandarin orange - 45

Organic butternut squash soup – 180 - deeeeeelish!
Cucumbers – 25 – with chili lime spices
Peas – 25
½ apple with lime- 50

Celery -20
LC Cheese – 35
Mandarin orange – 45

Tatertot casserole with a twist- hamburger meat, cream of mushroom soup, cheese, green Tabasco sauce, garlic, pepper, and potatoes o’brien (potatoes with onions, red and green peppers)- 360
Salad - 25
croutons - 30
homemade honey mustard dressing - 20

Smoothie- frozen strawberries and 1 cup of milk - 150

**So, I have also decided to add spices to everything I eat. I do love spices, but often I forget them for things like plain veggies and fruit. I love Italian seasonings, Cajun seasonings, and I love the chili lime seasoning I have. And, one of my MOST favorite flavorful addition: GREEN TABASCO sauce!! YES! I am also a HUGE fan of lime. I am allergic to lemon, so I use lime on anything and everything that people normally use lemon.

There ya have it, folks!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Yup, it was a Monday!

199.8 last week.
198.8 today.
1 pound loss!!

The crazy thing is that I was having all the symptoms last week, and it was supposed to be TOM, but it still hasn't happened. SO, I don't know what's with that!

I had a good day today. Not great, just good :) I'd say a solid 8.437629 :)

I did The Firm this morning before school! I LOVE working out in the morning! I also did 30 sit-ups this morning, and I will do 30 more before bed. So, that will be 60 sit-ups for the day, twice my goal!!!!! Guess my goal was too little. I plan on increasing to 35 and 35 tomorrow. I will be up to 60 in the morning and 60 in the afternoon on Sunday!!

I drank 144 ounces of water today. I am having tea as I type.

I had 9.5 servings of fruits/veggies! WOO hoo :) I do feel REALLY full!!! I ate enough calories!

Net Calories = 1040

English muffin -150
Cherry jelly – 50
Coffee- 90

Carrots - 20
Mandarin orange - 45

Garden burger - 120
Peas – 25
Honey mustard -20
Celery -20
LC Cheese – 35
Mandarin orange – 45

Pear – 110
Cucumbers – 25
Carrots – 20
LC Cheese -35

Dried cherries - 65
½ Whole wheat hot dog bun -80
Smoked tequila lime chicken sausage – 190
Honey mustard – 20
½ apple – 50

Smoothie- frozen strawberries/peaches (50) and 1 cup of milk(100) - 150

I definitely had a good GOAL day :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Last week's goals:
*eat more fruits and veggies this week!-CHECK
*exercise 210 minutes a week- which is 30 minutes a day, but I realize some days might not be 30 minutes, but other days I will be able to do more, so it should all balance out! I want to have at least 15 minutes a day!!!!!!!- CHECK 270 minutes from The Firm and then 25 minutes of Denise Austin - so a total of 295!! COOL :)
*100 ounces of water a day - YES!!
*1000 calories eating a day - All days but one. And, I didn't really feel well the day I didn't.

Now, let's look at this week's goals :)
*Eat at least 4 servings of fruits/veggies a day and at least 1000 calories a day. I wanted to have a specific goal this week, not just eat more fruits and veggies, but specifically eat at least 4 servings! SO, that actually made me prep even more veggies tonight ;))
*Exercise- The Firm every day (45 min x 7) this week AND get my run in on at least one day. I wanted to run this week, and I didn't :( Even though I did meet my exercise minutes goal!
**I also want to do 25 sit-ups to start. I would like to add 5 sit-ups each day. That would make me up to 55 sit-ups by next Saturday!
*Drink at least 100 ounces of water AND at least one cup of tea a day.

There ya have it!

Feeling stronger! RAWR :)

I haven't disappeared! Life was BUSY this weekend. Here's what the schedule looked like and I rated each day, too:
Friday-- 8.5 out of 10
School at 7:15 a.m.
Meeting at 7:45 a.m.
Teach until 3 p.m.
Drama rehearsal until 5:30 p.m.
A Home Depot run for materials and supplies for the play.
Deliver supplies to the school- 7 p.m.
Chaperone/run dance from 8:30-11 p.m.
HOME 11:15 p.m.

Saturday-- 8.5 out of 10
Up at 7:45 a.m.
School at 8:30 to work on set construction.
Done with set stuff at 11 a.m.
Prep the nachos and chili for concessions.
Ran a few errands to get stuff for the play.
Home- 1:45 p.m.
Aerobics and shower.
Left home at 4 p.m. to go run concessions at BIG b-ball game!
Left there at 9:15 p.m.
Over at friends for dinner and RELAXATION TIME.
Home at 2:00 a.m.

Sunday - 8 out of 10
10:30 a.m. woke up to coffee brewing :)
Housework and down time!
3 p.m. - Aerobics
5 p.m. - Store

SO, as you can see it was nutso, but good!

OK...now the health bit of things! Tomorrow I will get back to daily blogging, and including all of my calories. For today, I am just giving a summary.

All three days I:
drank enough water- 125 ounces at least each day!
ate enough calories - I ate at least 1000 calories each day (Friday - 1080, Saturday -1420, and Sunday - 1120)
EXERCISED!!! I did The Firm dvd! I didn't feel like working out yesterday, but I MADE IT HAPPEN :))) I have had a couple of really great two days of working out. Feeling really strong! I have finished The Firm workout 6 days in a row, which is actually 15 days in a row now, and I have exercised 22 of the last 23 days! That's right!! The only day I didn't work out in there was X-Mas Eve, which we actually celebrated as Christmas with our little one, and I had killer tooth pain.

There ya have it!! Three days in one :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today was a 7.5 for me.
Not too hot, not too cold, just average, I suppose.

I did wake up at 5 a.m. and do my workout. But, I didn't do it as well, as I normally do. I think the biggest issue is that I am tired. I stayed up too late last night, and I also had a knotty muscles in my left should blade that was bugging me through the night :(

I did eat veggies and fruits today.
I did drink enough water.
I also tried out my new coffee pot and made some tea at school today! That was nice :)
I ate at my calorie quota.
And, I exercised.

Going in...
Cottage cheese 100
Coffee- 100

Boca spicy chicken -160
Egg- 78

Carrots -15
LC cheese- 35
Mandarin orange -45

Cheerios-PB – 1/2 cup - 73- YUP! These are DELICIOUS :)
Mandarin orange – 45
nuts - 150

Swiss cheese - 110
French fries - 240
Bbq pork sandwich – 420 - bbq sauce (50), swiss cheese (110) bun (160) pork (100)

Calories in = 1591- the most I have had in a long time! What's so funny is I remember this time last year when I would eat thousands of calories in one day!
Calories out = 310
Net calories = 1281

168 ounces of water
2-12 ounce cups of tea

Exercise- The Firm – 310-I definitely didn’t feel as energetic while doing it today!

Again I was totally happy about having my meat prepped! It makes dinner happen so much more quickly :) During this play time, it is saving me!!!!

A funny thing happened today. I had two different guys ask me about my weight loss. One said his wife wanted him to ask me what I was doing because of how good I am looking and how I have lost a lot of weight! And, the other is actually the husband of someone with whom I work. He told his wife that he saw me at Safeway this past weekend, and he was impressed with how much weight I have lost, and he didn't even know I was losing weight, so it seemed dramatic to him! My co-worker came to share that with me :))

Going to bed early tonight!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Double Exclamation Point Day!!

Happy Hump Day, indeed!! I would say that today was a 9.267 out of 10 :)) Woulda been perfect, if I wouldn't have had to deal with a selfish person, who hurts innocent people :( I know I can't change the world, or ANYONE for that matter...I just dislike having to see the after effects. ANYHWHO...

Have you ever had one of those days where it felt like everything was going right? Today was a clicking on its cylinders. Just feeling like everything was working exactly how I had it planned, or wait, even at times better than I had planned!! Quite honestly, today was one of my all-time favorite teaching days ever!! I LOVE these kind of days!! I went from an awesome day in the classroom, to a HYSTERICAL play rehearsal--man our show is gonna kick drama bootie!!!! VERY funny :) Then home to a quick and yummy dinner. LOVING the pre-cooking I did. Can you say YES to making life easier?!?!

Okey dokey, so it started out with, yup, you guessed it, I got up at 5 a.m. and did my aerobics :)) I love it!! I do!! It's funny because I do it with the sound muted, and so all you can hear is the tapping of my shoes on the hardwood floor! TEE HEE :) I might try it with my ipod tomorrow!! I LOVE this working out in the morning!! I feel SO energetic!!!!! I also drink 72 ounces of water by the time I get to school. That's one SWEET side effect to working out in the morning.

Today I wore a new shirt I was given for Christmas. And, a super gorgeous necklace that a special person made for me. I just felt all Maria-West-Side-Story-like, yes, I felt PRETTY!! I had on a pair of black corduroys that I don't even have to unbutton to get on and off, so I think it's time to buy a new pair!! I did have MANY compliments today from both adults and students :))

Here's the skinny on what I ate today:
Cottage cheese 100
Coffee- 85- didn’t drink all of mine today. Just got busy.

Ham-4 ounces - 140
Mustard- 20

Cheerios-OMG PB - 73

LC cheese- 35
Cookie -90
Salad- 25
Homemade honey mustard -20
½ apple- 50
Tatertot casserole-300 - My step-daughter loves this dinner! The thing is that we try to have all of her favorites during the week that she is with us, and then we eat the stuff she doesn't enjoy as much, some of our favorites, when she is gone :)

nuts - 110

Calories IN = 1093
Calories OUT = 336 -The Firm aerobics at 5 a.m.!
Net calories = 757

Water, yes! 175 ounces of water!!
More veggies and fruit today!!
Made calorie quota!!
Exercise, Yepperooni!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today was a 10!!!

Tuesday. Today. Ten.

I had a blast today :) It all started out by getting up at 5:15 when I did my aerobics! I used my dumbbells, and boy I could feel a difference! Quite a bit different than my soup cans--tee hee!

SO a few observations about exercising in the morning:
I drank tons of water. I drank a total of 75 ounces before I even got to school!! A total of 200 ounces for the day!
My energy was amped up!!! And, it stayed that way ALL day--must be the afterburn everyone talks about.
I felt so much more positive and happy...thank you endorphins :)
I will be getting up at 5 a.m. every school day!!

School was fun! I love my students, so I am always excited when breaks are over. I also finished up a few projects at school, and started a couple others! Drama rehearsal ROCKED! We laughed so hard TODAY!!!!! Home was good, dinner was yummy and fun to make, and we cleaned an organized the kitchen together. I love our family dinners. We always have such interesting conversations. SO...gReAt day!!!!

Calories IN = 1055
Calories OUT = The Firm with 5 pound dumbbells- 346 (more than any other time I have done the same workout!)
Net Calories = 709

What I ate today:

cottage cheese-100
coffee- 100

hard boiled egg - 78

tomato basil tortilla-68
Laughing Cow cheese- 35
flank steak - 2 ounces- 110
lettuce - 10

chocolate covered cashews - 150

chicken enchilada -284 total- 1/2 cup shredded chicken (106), cheese (110), tomato basil tortilla (68)
sour cream - 30

cucumbers - 15
salad - 25
homemade honey mustard dressing - 20
croutons - 30

So, I ate more veggies today!
I drank enough water.
I ate enough calories.
I exercised!
I was so happy I had the pre-cooked chicken, as that made dinner prep 5 minutes, and in the oven to bake! Wahooooooooooooooo.

Monday, January 2, 2012

oOpS! I almost forgot...

Weigh-in today...not so swell!

Last week 197.8.
This week 199.8.
Equals a 2 pound gain.

But, I am OK with this for a couple of reasons. First, I had fun New Year's Eve, and I wouldn't change that. Second...it IS TOM :( So, I expect next week will be a decent loss!

OH, and I guess there is a third because I STILL weigh under 200 AND I weigh considerably less than before Halloween, which means I can say that I officially survived Hallogivingmaseve :))) On November 3rd I weighed 209.2. So, I have almost lost 10 pounds since then!! During all of this craziness.

Last day of vacay!

Today we did have a Girl Scouts meeting, which was a sledding party. I thought we weren't going to be able to sled, and figured we would be going for a hike, but thankfully there was enough snow, so the girls got to going sledding!! FUN :) And, my co-leader and I were able to plan out the rest of our year!! WAHOO!! We have some exciting and fun things to do in the next five months.

Goals for today:

I drank over 100 ounces of water!

I felt kinda cranky this afternoon because TOM should be here any day, and I had a terrible headache yesterday and then today I have this intense neck/shoulder knot that I always get during PMS time :(

I did get my exercise in...though it was later in the afternoon.

I didn't eat enough though :( Not hungry :(( I did eat veggies at dinner! And, I prepped veggies into snack bags, so they are ready to go for this week.

Meals are planned for the week, as is my exercise schedule! CHECK, check, CHECK!

Let's take a gander at today.

What went in...
Coffee with creamer- 30

Ham - 350
Yellow baked potato -100
Cottage cheese – 100
Fried onions- 35
Homemade honey mustard dressing – 20
Sour cream – 40

Calories IN = 700 calories
Calories OUT = 240
Net Calories = 460

What went out!
25 minutes of Denise Austin = Cardio Blast and Kickboxing Cardio - 240 calories - So, for this week I have 25 minutes out of 210.

I am proud of myself for exercising this afternoon because I really didn't want to! That makes two days in a row! Wooooooo hoo!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HELLO, twenty-12!

OK, here we have the 1-1-12 post, ya know, the one about plans, goals, dreams, etc.

I feel responsible for some reflection, too.

2010 was a mediocre year, so 2011 was a BIG improvement, and I feel like 2012 is going to be EVEN BETTER! WAHOO!

I am proud of the things I accomplished in 2011. In particular, my health focus :) I lost 46 pounds in 2011. So, one of my goals...during this 366 days (yup, leap year) I want to lose an additional 54 pounds, for a total of 100 pounds. I am giving myself the entire year to reach this goal. And, folks, I am going to do it! This will be the year!! YUP, yup!

I want to continue my focus of eating healthy and exercising!

I want to run at least two half-marathons. One to simply finish, and a second one to improve on time! I am not making it a goal, but I am seriously considering a full marathon in December--Rock and Roll on the Strip in Vegas! We will see...that could be my second half-marathon, who knows?!

I would like to do some other exercise that I love this year, too! I would like to play racquetball, go HIKING, more bowling, swimming when summer comes around, maybe even join the gym again, which directly relates to my racquetball desires (see my earlier post)

I totally plan on continuing my food journal every day! And, I feel that my weekly goals really worked for me this last year! This makes goals so much more DOABLE!

So my weekly goals for this week are:
*eat more fruits and veggies this week!
*exercise 210 minutes a week- which is 30 minutes a day, but I realize some days might not be 30 minutes, but other days I will be able to do more, so it should all balance out! I want to have at least 15 minutes a day!!!!!!!
*100 ounces of water a day
*1000 calories eating a day

I also plan to keep my thankful blog going, too! Staying positive the past two months has really made an amazing difference in my life :) So, a year of that...I know will only make life THAT much better!

10 Random Things I WANNA Do In 2012:
1) Go to Vegas at least once for the year, maybe twice :)
2) Go white river rafting! I haven't done that in forever, and I love it! I think I found my adrenaline bug again after going ziplining in 2011, not one time, but twice!!
3) Have a booth at Vintage Faire.
4) Work on my novel.
5) Ride motorcycles to Mount Rushmore!
6) Plan out and organize a MAJOR grocery shopping trip--probably to Albertsons in Wenatchee, since they will double coupons and accept all other grocery store sales-- in which I save 80% of at least a $300 total order!
7) Empty my storage unit.
8) Organize the extra bedroom, so it can be an exercise and sewing room.
9) Have at least one yard sale!
10) Try out a new recipe a month.

As you can see, I have some plans for 2012! LOOK out, and keep reading to see what transpires, what changes, what evolves into this crazy life transformation called ME!


As you may have read earlier, I won a $150 gift certificate, and I decided to use half of it to buy myself an expensive pair of jeans! Well, I bought a pair of Ariat jeans, size 32. I bought them one size too small, so that I would work into getting into them. WELL, for kicks and giggles, I decided to try them on last night, NOT expecting that they would be any different, since the weight loss these two weeks has been so minimal--though I did work out EVERY SINGLE DAY except for one, when I was totally sick with tooth pain, and it was our Christmas at our house--and, I was able to wear them!!!!!!!! I wore them last night to bowling!!! Yes, I even was active in them :) I could breathe, no problem!

I asked Rick if they were too tight, and he just complimented me on what they look like :))) And, our little one said, "I love your skinny jeans!" TOO SWEET :)))

Yeah! Size 32 is still bigger than I want to wear for the rest of my life, but I can say I don't know how long it has been since I was in this size!!! YEAH :))) And, I would be TOTALLY tickled to be a 29, which really isn't that far away!

Making the most of it!

I had a couple of things I was hoping to accomplish during my two weeks off :) And, I didn't do too shabby!!!

1) Clean/organize our extra bedroom to set-up as an exercise and sewing room! OOPS!This one fell off the radar, but it's still something that I will need to do!!!! I don't know if it will happen in January or not with the play happening.

2) Ice skating - We had a date, but the CRAZY warm weather (50+ degrees) closed down the outdoor rink. I hope we can still go some time this year...

3) Cross-country skiing- I did go cross-country skiing, and it was a BLAST! I want to go at least one more time up in the mountains! I would love it if we had snow down here, because I would do it in our pasture. We will just have to wait and see. The biggest thing is that I also enjoy the ability to run outside, which I can only do because of the no snow.

4) Downhill skiing- See #2!!! Yup, ski hill is not open :( If it does open this next month, I DEFINITELY want to go, and take our little one :)

5) Bowling- We did go twice!!!!!!!!!! I forgot how much I love bowling :)) Definitely need to keep this going--at least once a month!

6) Volleyball- I did not play volleyball at the open gym, but I did have fun PLAYING! I love how just being active is what I want to do :)))

7) Sleigh ride- THIS is on our list of what we hoped to do next year!!!

8) Read two books- I finished two books!!! I read an outstanding biography on Benedict Arnold, and then I read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. This does not, of course, count the kid books that I have read with our little one on our new Kindle Fires (yes, we both got one for Christmas!!!!)

9) Cook a new recipe - THIS ended up being AWESOME!!! New recipes I made over break: homemade ravioli--I LOVE MAKING MY OWN PASTA!!! Makes me want to get a pasta cutter machine!!! I also cooked swiss mushroom chicken in the crockpot, which I had never made before :) But, the big, AMAZING, splendid, WONDROUS cooking for me...is that I prepped for 15 meals! I have cooked chicken, hamburger meat, stew meat, bbq pork, ravioli in my freezer, and a big batch of hard boiled eggs in the fridge. I do want to also prep some veggies tomorrow, so I am ready for snacks when school starts.

10) Start and finish at least one craft project I have bookmarked on Pinterest!! I did not start and finish one of my projects on Pinterest, though I did do a different project for our Vintage Faire booth, as related to the barnwood we collected and a couple of signs already made! I MAY get the one project I wanted to finish from Pinterest done tomorrow. We will see...kinda a busy day tomorrow!

So, I didn't finish everything that I had on my list, but holy smokes, I did accomplish quite a bit!!!!! I had a FANTASTIC break :))

1st day of 2012

Today was a good day :) We slept in, then we went to pick up more wood!! We were able to salvage enough wood to make a lean-to for my oldest step-daughter's horses!! And, that would be free, ladies and gents!! It was quite a workout, and a family affair :)

I decided to go for a run today, since I had not gone yesterday!! So, it was my first run of 2012!! I went a different route, and I ran 3 miles!! And, walked 2 miles, including back up Robinson Canyon! I had given myself a point I wanted to run to, and I did it NO PROBLEM! I am so freaking proud of myself :) I was thinking as I was running that I could remember back to the summer when I was trying to jog for a MINUTE, and it was HARD!!! Now, I can jog for over 25 minutes, no problem!!!!!! What a difference!!!! I love running/walking because I think about all sorts of things! I was thinking about how this is the LONGEST I have ever focused on my health, and now it doesn't even feel like a struggle anymore. It feels pretty natural. This year for Christmas I had a bunch of health-related items that I wanted--that's a first. One of my most favorite things that I got is a pair of earphones that are specifically made for running!! They rock my world, literally and figuratively!

I have all sorts of exercise plans for the next few months, too. With my biggest excitement being the half-marathon on April 21st! I am even considering and thinking about joining the club. I would only do that for the group exercise classes, and especially the RACQUETBALL, and I am kinda considering the physique challenge, which I would start in February, since the January flight would be crazy with my play!! But, February is much more MELLOW for me :) We will see. Still undecided about that!

Now for the daily update!
Water,YES!! 96 ounces as I am typing this, so I know I will be over 100 by the end of the night!!

Calories IN = 1267
Calories OUT = 662
Net calories = 605

What I ate...
4 cookies – they are my nemesis! LOL - 360- I had been guessing 100 calories a cookie, but did finally figure out they are 90!!
Milk – 110

HB Egg – 74

One pizza of taco pizza – small piece – 400- this is a HIGH guesstimate!
Nuts – 50
Tortilla – 68-I LOVE THESE THINGS!SOOOOO low on the calories, but they taste sooo delish :)

Carne picada-165 - 3 ounces
Sour cream - 40

EXERCISE-5 mile run/walk! It was awesome :))) I am so thankful to be able to run outside!!!

Saturday check in!

I drank over 100 ounces of water!
I had planned a big run for the last day of 2011, but my path took me in an entirely different direction! I did LOTS of sweating picking and loading wood and searching for treasures!!!

Today I wasn't crazy about my calories, and the bottom line is that it is NEW YEAR'S EVE!! I am not on a diet!!

4 cookies - it will be good when they are gone! LOL
Chelan- salmon, shrimp, wasabi butter, French hoagie, chips- yummy!!

Egg nog latte 12 ounce

4 pieces of taco pizza- I had two, and then two later. That's the most pizza I have eaten since I have been focused on my healhty lifestyle!! And, guess what? I don't feel guilty :)))

Marshmallow vodka with diet root beer- OMGAWSH! I had never had marshmallow vodka before. YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY!!!
Nachos - just a few at the bowling alley. I didn't have even one full serving!

Calories in= ??? Maybe 2000?
Calories out= 300

Calories out= 300
bowling for 4 games (and kicking butt!!)- 300. I didn't wear my HRM, but I know from the last time I went over break! Also, I can feel it in my core today!
climbing up the wood pile, hauling wood, etc. - no idea how many...but, I was very active!

2011--over and out!

Yesterday ROCKED! I had such a fun day...however, it started off a bit rocky. Come along with me, and you shall see.

First off the night before I stayed up reading until 2 a.m.!! I haven't done that in forever, but I was reading an EXCELLENT Nicholas Sparks book-- The Lucky One. I haven't been that into a book in a LONG time! I think it was probably the connection with the US Marine, but besides that, it was just such an easy book to read! LOVE IT!!

SO, now back to yesterday. FIRST, I woke up at 8 a.m. to help our little one with her hair, as she was going off to Wenatchee for a day with her daddy :) And, I had a hair appointment at 1 p.m. Once they left, I went back to sleep! YEAH, some extra sleep. WELL, then I woke up at 11 a.m., and I had a message from my hair lady that I had missed my appointment at 10 a.m. WHAT???? Oh, I wasn't a happy camper because the main reason I stayed home and didn't go with the family to Wenatchee was because I had a hair appointment, but then here I was at home and I had missed my appointment :( Grrrr...I rescheduled, and thankfully she could still get me in to wax my eyebrows which were out of control!

After all of this, my MIL called me to ask me some advice about some wood, and if I could bring one of our trucks to help load some back. I WASN'T really in the mood to do this, but I figured I had nothing else to do, so...I grabbed a coffee and headed to the BIG barn burn pile! LET ME TELL YOU--we had a blast sifting through the remnants of this old barn. We found some of the COOLEST things ever :) We picked up some OUTSTANDING barn wood for signs and picture frames and whatnot, and a few other special treasures, too! We are going to have a booth at the Vintage Faire(my VERY good friend is one of the ladies who makes this event happen!) this year, and I am so excited about some of the things we are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After we junked the heck out of the pile, we decided to go down to the Farm Shed in Okanogan! I love the people who own the place, and I love love love the stuff in there, and lots of it is also inspiring!!

After that we finished our little excursion with a lunch at the Breadline! One of my FAVORITE spots on the planet--yes, not just in my little home town, but rather this lovely orb we live upon--to eat! I have made myself a deal about a year ago, that I would try something new EVERY time I go there, and I keep on doing that! Yeah, me! So, I had a Chelan which is a salmon and shrimp sandwich on a French hoagie with wasabi butter. Yummy. Though, I wouldn't list it in my top 5 lunch favorites, but it would make the top 10 list :)

I went home and got ready for our evening! We went to our best friends'--the Lockwoods-- house, which we have done EVERY year since I first started visiting here (yes, even before I moved here!). We had fun!!! We always do. I think it's so awesome when both the husbands AND the wives all get along!!! We love them, they love us, and we ALWAYS have a good time together. We added bowling to the list this year, but the Lockwoods didn't go with us :(( Lorri was feeling sicky icky, so they stayed home and we headed down to the bowling alley.

WE HAD A BLAST bowling!!! It was Ricky and me, and our little one, and then Rick's oldest daughter, her hubs and two of her kiddos (one of the grandkiddos was over in Spokane), and then one extra little friend. First off, I kicked bowling butt!!!! We bowled four games, and the adults bowled against each other. I did suck for one game...didn't even get 100?!?! But, I dominated in the other three games. I had a 158, 134, 94, and a 177!!! WOO HOO on the 177 :)) The little ones all had fun bouncing between bowling, eating all-you-can-eat nachos, chowing on candy, playing games in the video room, and just dancing like maniacs. I seriously had SO much fun. I laughed a ton, and of course Ricky was a source of constant entertainment :) His bowling antics are quite silly!! We decided that we want this to be a yearly tradition. Take the grandkids, any of our kids around, and even their friends and just bowl and play and dance and ring in the new year!!

My day started off a bit rocky, but I decided to let it go, and my day was WAY better than if the original plan had stuck to itself. I tell myself all the time that you gotta go with the flow, and that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, so just roll with it :) And, the last day of 2011 certainly reminded me of this lesson! I love how the last day of this year was AWESOME--it symbolizes 2011 and the hope for an even better 2012 :) That's a big 10-40!