Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BLAH and crash!

Tuesday…felt like a Monday. That was the energy of the day. I started off with working out and felt really great, and expected it to be a ROCKIN’ day, but in the end, it was funky. The kids were very forgetful at school, and it just felt like everything was a little off. I would rate the day a 7, which is probably generous.

In the end, when I got home, we had a really nice dinner—Ricky cooked! And, I was glad to be home and warm. At bedtime, I read with our little one, and we finished our Ramona the Pest book, yeah! We read it on her Kindle Fire, and for the first time with the lights out in the room. So, we were all snuggled under my duvet. When we finished, and she kissed me good night, I just relaxed a bit and closed my eyes. Next thing I know, Rick was waking me up to ask me if I was really going to sleep, which I was! I fell back asleep and did not wake-up until 5 this morning to the alarm to get up and workout. So, I fell asleep at 8 p.m. last night. I guess I needed it! But, this also meant that I did not take my vitamins, charge my phone, set anything up for today. You get the picture!

So, here is what yesterday looked like otherwise!

No vitamins – took them in the morning, and will take today’s in the p.m.
The Firm – Day 15
70 sit-ups in the am - NO sit-ups in the pm
Veggies and fruit – 6.5 servings
Water = 120 ounces
1 cup of tea—blueberry
Protein – 116.9 grams of protein
Calcium – 61% of calcium for the day via food – not counting the vitamin I am taking.

What went in:
SF mocha frap – 210 – bday and Pumphouse - 31% calcium – 8 grams of protein – Normally I would NOT have a mocha frap, but it was my best friend’s birthday, and we were having a FRAP party for her birthday!!! And, I did choose a SF frap, which was pretty tasty. I REALLY appreciate how cool the Pumphouse peeps are! I love Rachel, the owner. She totally help me to figure out how many calories were in the drink, since it’s not something I normally drink. And, the other cool thing about this, I found out that the milk she serves me is SKIM instead of FF, and it has 70 calories for 8 ounces instead of 90!! So, that will change my calculations each day!
Cottage cheese ½ cup – 100 with green Tabasco – protein 15 grams, calcium 10%

Chicken – 110 – 25 grams of protein
LC cheese 35 – 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%
Peas – 33 – 4% calcium and 2 grams of protein
1.5 Mandarin orange – 67.5 - .6 protein and 3% calcium

Celery – 20
LC Cheese – 35 - – 2.5 grams of protein – calcium 6%

Open Nature mixed sesame Nuts, fruit, honey bar – 100% natural - 6 grams of protein, calcium 6% – 190 – YUMMY!!!! I love these bars. BEST ones yet!!
Cukes – 20 - .8 protein, 2% calcium
Carrots – 20 - .5 protein, calcium 3%

Chips - 100
Salsa – 20
Ahi tuna steak – OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 140 calories for 4 ounces, 34 grams of protein!
Shrimp – 4 ounces – 70 calories – 20 grams of protein
Salad with homemade honey mustard dressing and croutons – 60
Bbq sauce – 40

Dinner only 310 calories and OH SO fulfilling!!! All that protein. Even Rick felt like the Ahi tuna steaks made him really full!! WOWSER, they were sooooooo good!!! Definitely adding this to our regular menu, and hoping Safeway keeps them in stock in their fresh seafood section.

CALORIES in = 1270.50
CALORIES out = 330
Net Calories = 940.50

What a day...

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