Thursday, January 12, 2012

THURSDAY! I give this day an 8.5 :)

Yesterday was an emotional but satisfying day!

War Horse was a good movie. It’s long, but it’s one of those movies, where you don’t feel like it was as long as it really is…I cried. But, I knew I would. This older couple was sitting in front of us, and I heard the little old man say to his wife, “I got all misty eyed there, Dear.” TOO SWEET!

Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do! Rick and I always sent in the same seats—he’s the creature of habit, not me! And, I like watching movies in the newer theater because we are able to put the little armrest up, and snuggle! I also brought some nuts last night packed in a snack bag to give me the salty treat, if I needed one. That and my water, and I was a happy camper! It doesn’t even feel like I am missing out on the greasy popcorn, and I appreciate how it makes our movie trip way CHEAPER!!

So, I talked a little bit about why yesterday was emotional, and one reason was the Rachel’s Challenge assembly. Rachel’s Challenge, an incredible program that came to our school. WOW! Truly touched my heart. So, after hearing the back story—which is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! You then learn the 5 basic tenets of the Rachel’s Challenge program. What I love about this…THIS IS HOW WE ALL SHOULD LIVE. Adults included!!

1. ELIMINATE PREJUDICE – by looking for the best in others. And, we don’t have to just talk about prejudice of gender, race, religion, etc. We can even think about when we don’t like someone (sometimes for valid reasons), how we just need to FIND THE GOOD in them. We have those people in our lives, too. So be it the stranger who we PRE JUDGE or the person who annoys the heck out of us, make the effort to find their best.

2. DARE TO DREAM – set goals, keep a journal. BOY howdy! This has been a year of goals for me!! All sorts of goals that I am accomplishing. I don’t journal in a journal anymore—though I have volumes of these—but, I do blog every day, which is just an electronic journal. I definitely dare to dream, and I think it has made my life so much more positive and fulfilled.

3. CHOOSE YOUR INFLUENCES - input determines output. This is all about surrounding yourself with positive people and finding outstanding role models. I have them as an adult, and I try to be one, as well.

4. KIND WORDS - small acts of kindness= huge impact. This is sooooo truth! Whether they be random or on purpose, giving kindness makes you feel alive, and it’s awesome to receive it, too!!

5. Start a Chain Reaction - with family and friends. It’s like a puddle that ripples out. Make things right, be positive, do good things to those around you, and it is contagious, it will start a chain reaction.

This is so relevant to my life this year, and my working on being appreciative! I’ve noticed that other people in my life are being less negative, too. I have also begun to notice the people who are REALLY negative. People that I hadn’t noticed that before because I was sucked into how they were thinking. That’s been an eye-opener for sure!

All righty then, here’s what today looked like…

Well, first off, the last two days I have got out of bed to exercise, and I have had an extremely sore thigh muscle, along the side of my right leg. Not muscle sore, but it actually feels more like nerves. I have had sciatic nerve problems before, but those are more in the hip and back. THIS is nuts. It makes me tempted to not exercise, but instead I spray on the analgesic, rub down my thigh, and then work right through it. I have felt better by the end of working out, but boy it’s ugly when I first get up. Guessing I have a pinched nerve or something. I am stretching now before bed, and extra after the workout, hoping that will help. The bottom line is I am not going to let it get me!

Calories IN = 1010

Calories OUT = 325

Net Calories = 685

The Firm – 45 minutes – DAY 10!!! How cool is that?!?! Day 10. I am so PROUD of myself for getting up in the morning to do this workout. I am going to do it for 30 days, and then I will try something new. And, then I will actually do different things, at least ever 6 or 7 days. But, for now, this is a goal for me, to do the video 30 days, and I would LIKE it if it was consecutive days, but I will take 30 days nonetheless!! I am 1/3rd of the way to that goal. It helps that I LOVE this workout!! It is cardio with light weights, and it has ab work and push-ups, too, which I am able to do 20 BOY push-ups!!! Feeling strong, yes indeed!! I am excited because I am going to start Zumba class again in February!

45 sit-ups in the morning, 45 in the evening – I had someone ask me why so few. WELL, the old Trisha would have done like 100 or more at the beginning and then been so stinking sore for days afterwards that I would have not been able to do any for so long, so instead, just like my running, I am going to build up to it. My eventual goal is to be able to do 100 in the morning, and 100 in the evening. So far I have not been crazy sore…just enough sore to feel that the muscles are working and have been working!

Veggies and Fruits – I can really feel the difference in how full I feel. It definitely goes to show that healthy foods are more nutritional and do their jobs properly! I had 7 servings of fruits/veggies!

Water – 120ounces and 1 cup of Oolong tea.

Poached egg with spices and green Tabasco – 78
Coffee – 90

Carrots – 20
Mandarin orange – 45

Grilled chicken – 110
LC Cheese – blue cheese – 35
Peas – 25
LC Cheese – sun dried tomato – 35
Spices – onion, pepper, garlic
*Both of these I put into the microwave and heated up, so the LC cheese was creamy. OMGAWSH!!!! Scrumptious!!! So tasty!

cukes- 35
Mandarin orange- 45

homemade honey mustard dressing - 20
cod-6 ounces-lots of spices :) - 267

dried cherries -70

I feel like next week I am going to look at how much protein and calcium I am including in my daily intake. I am also curious about vitamins. I used to take a daily one and also some extra b-12, and a fish oil pill each day, but I haven't in a long time. Need to do some research :)

Glad tomorrow is Friday!

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