Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Double Exclamation Point Day!!

Happy Hump Day, indeed!! I would say that today was a 9.267 out of 10 :)) Woulda been perfect, if I wouldn't have had to deal with a selfish person, who hurts innocent people :( I know I can't change the world, or ANYONE for that matter...I just dislike having to see the after effects. ANYHWHO...

Have you ever had one of those days where it felt like everything was going right? Today was a clicking on its cylinders. Just feeling like everything was working exactly how I had it planned, or wait, even at times better than I had planned!! Quite honestly, today was one of my all-time favorite teaching days ever!! I LOVE these kind of days!! I went from an awesome day in the classroom, to a HYSTERICAL play rehearsal--man our show is gonna kick drama bootie!!!! VERY funny :) Then home to a quick and yummy dinner. LOVING the pre-cooking I did. Can you say YES to making life easier?!?!

Okey dokey, so it started out with, yup, you guessed it, I got up at 5 a.m. and did my aerobics :)) I love it!! I do!! It's funny because I do it with the sound muted, and so all you can hear is the tapping of my shoes on the hardwood floor! TEE HEE :) I might try it with my ipod tomorrow!! I LOVE this working out in the morning!! I feel SO energetic!!!!! I also drink 72 ounces of water by the time I get to school. That's one SWEET side effect to working out in the morning.

Today I wore a new shirt I was given for Christmas. And, a super gorgeous necklace that a special person made for me. I just felt all Maria-West-Side-Story-like, yes, I felt PRETTY!! I had on a pair of black corduroys that I don't even have to unbutton to get on and off, so I think it's time to buy a new pair!! I did have MANY compliments today from both adults and students :))

Here's the skinny on what I ate today:
Cottage cheese 100
Coffee- 85- didn’t drink all of mine today. Just got busy.

Ham-4 ounces - 140
Mustard- 20

Cheerios-OMG PB - 73

LC cheese- 35
Cookie -90
Salad- 25
Homemade honey mustard -20
½ apple- 50
Tatertot casserole-300 - My step-daughter loves this dinner! The thing is that we try to have all of her favorites during the week that she is with us, and then we eat the stuff she doesn't enjoy as much, some of our favorites, when she is gone :)

nuts - 110

Calories IN = 1093
Calories OUT = 336 -The Firm aerobics at 5 a.m.!
Net calories = 757

Water, yes! 175 ounces of water!!
More veggies and fruit today!!
Made calorie quota!!
Exercise, Yepperooni!!

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