Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today was full of ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

This morning I had a HUGE list of things I needed to do! So, I am glad to say I did LOTS of stuff that needed to be done. Besides the normal housekeeping and laundry duties, I decided to rearrange and organize our pantry. YOU SEE...since I have been crazy coupon lady, I have too much stuff! And, it was all hodge podge in the pantry. NOW, it is all completely organized :) YEAH ME!

I did take some time to do some searching on Pinterest! I LOVE LOVE LOVE love Pinterest :) I have some great ideas for decorating my door at school the next couple of months! And, I let our little one look at all the Valentine's Day card ideas, and she chose some really cute ideas!

Then we had errands to run, and thankfully I had my little helper, which made it easier and LOTS MORE FUN! First went to Ace Hardware to look for one item I needed for the play, but they didn't have it, which means either a Wal*Mart or Home Depot:( But, I did find THE cutest card ever for my best friend for her birthday on Tuesday! I almost bought another Carhart coat because they were on sale for 40% off, but in the end, I decided to wait. You see...I have a 2X coat now which is WAY too big, so I tried on a L, and it totally fit, but I plan on losing another 50 pounds by next winter, so I would need to get a M, but they didn't have one. Felt good to easily wear a L!

So, we headed to the $1 store next, needing to get some props for the play, and also a few things for our Valentines :) Then we headed to Rite Aid to find a few other things on my list, and we stumbled upon CRAZY sales. I got the CUTEST Christmas gi-normous coffee mugs (I collect these) for only 74 cents, so I bought the rest of them, and stored them for Christmas gifts next year! As well, I bought a couple of presents, that were also 75% off! YES!!!

Our final stop was the grocery store for our weekly grocery trip! I ended up using $40 in coupons, and saved $85 on sales and BOGO free deals! SWEET!

We came home, put all the groceries away--which was super duper easy with everything so organized. Then I did all my veggie prepping, where I cut celery and cucumbers, and then bag them and carrots in to snack size bags! I LOVE snack size baggies :)

We did a little V-Day decorating...I know it seems early, just under a month away, but our little one is only with us half-time (rotating weeks), so we try to do special things about a month ahead of time, so that she can enjoy it for two weeks or so (which ends up being a month, our time).

So, with all of this going, on I didn't do my aerobics in the morning. SO, I REALLY really really really really didn't feel like doing them, and seriously considered not doing them, since I was going to be starting at 5 p.m. In the end, I knew I would be disappointed in myself, if I didn't, so I did! AND, I am soooooo glad I did!! It was a good workout, too! I also did my sit-ups on the exercise ball, which makes them FULL sit-ups and not crunches. I have now done the aerobics 13 days in a row!!!! WOO HOO :)

I have observed that it generally harder for me to eat enough on the weekends, and also to consume enough water! The structure of the school day makes it wasy easier.

AND...some semi-bad news...I think I have bursitis at my hip. What is bad about that is that the pain in the worse in the middle of the night, and it radiates down the lateral side of my right leg and wakes me up several times :( UGH. I did see that it is related to overuse...HMMM. I found some stretches to do, so I am trying that, and this didn't start until I started the sit-ups, so I don't know if it could be that? I am not willing to stop The Firm, and once I get up and get going, it does usually feel better. It's a bit frustrating :(

Goals today--
Water- 100 ounces
No tea today…struggling to drink enough water!
Workout – The Firm – Day 13
120 sit-ups- did them on the exercise ball
Enough calories, YUP!
Fruits and veggies – 4 ½ servings—not so stellar, but still over my goal!

Net calories = 850
Coffee with creamer – 40
½ of a heart-shaped waffle – 50
Lite syrup – 50
Open Nature – Sweet and Salty Nuts and Honey 100% Natural – 200 -I just discovered these babies!! They were on sale, so I decided to buy one, and OH MYLANTA, yummy!
Honey mustard pretzels- 120
Celery - 20
Carrots- 25

½ pear- 50
7 ounces of chuck steak – 320 – Yeah, my honey BBQed, even though it was crazy cold outside! LOVE HIM!
1 yellow potato – 100
Sour cream – 40
BBQ sauce – 60

Smoothie – 150 (frozen fruit and milk)

Overall, it was a good day! I am glad that I was able to get lots doneso! Feels good :) I am pretty excited about my weigh-in tomorrow!!

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