Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling proud! And, today was easily a 9!

I am so proud of myself!! I still feel like I need to pinch myself for losing 10 pounds through Hallogivingmaseve!! Such a tough time of the year. Though I feel like things have been somewhat slow this past three weeks, I am happy with how things are going overall, and I have to keep reminding myself that there is a BIG picture here!!

I was thinking today that I have some things on my list that I want to accomplish by the end of April!!! Things to do by April 30th:
1)Lose 25 pounds (putting me at 174)
2)Start weightlifting - not just using the light weights with cardio.
3)Run a half-marathon – registered for the one in Wenatchee on April 21st!
4)Go to Vegas- Wanna go on Spring Break - definitely want to go to the spa again!
5)MAYBE, just maybe...join the Physique Challenge at the North Cascades Athletic Club. I have been thinking about it, and considering it as a MAJOR motivation to really kick my health into gear for three months. I have to wait until February because I am in the middle of my play. We will see. I am pretty competitive :)

Today was a solid 9 :) I had a great day!!

I ate enough calories!!
11.5 servings of fruits/veggies- I definitely feel FULLER!
168 ounces of water and 2 cups of tea!
The Firm workout this morning, equals day 8 in a row! 70 sit-ups :)

Calories IN = 1200
Calories OUT = 350
Net Calories = 850

Poached egg with Italian spices and GREEN Tabasco-80 - YUMMMMY!
Coffee- 90

Carrots - 20
Mandarin orange - 45

Organic butternut squash soup – 180 - deeeeeelish!
Cucumbers – 25 – with chili lime spices
Peas – 25
½ apple with lime- 50

Celery -20
LC Cheese – 35
Mandarin orange – 45

Tatertot casserole with a twist- hamburger meat, cream of mushroom soup, cheese, green Tabasco sauce, garlic, pepper, and potatoes o’brien (potatoes with onions, red and green peppers)- 360
Salad - 25
croutons - 30
homemade honey mustard dressing - 20

Smoothie- frozen strawberries and 1 cup of milk - 150

**So, I have also decided to add spices to everything I eat. I do love spices, but often I forget them for things like plain veggies and fruit. I love Italian seasonings, Cajun seasonings, and I love the chili lime seasoning I have. And, one of my MOST favorite flavorful addition: GREEN TABASCO sauce!! YES! I am also a HUGE fan of lime. I am allergic to lemon, so I use lime on anything and everything that people normally use lemon.

There ya have it, folks!

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