Saturday, January 28, 2012

NEVER fear, I am still here!!!

SO, this week has been NUTSO! I will blog ALL about it tomorrow and catch up!!!

This is just short and sweet to:
1) Tell you I will update tomorrow!
2) Share some NSVs with you :)

Non-Scale Victory #1
I had lost a shirt that I love, and another staff member had the same shirt, and it was too big for her, so she sold it to me! It is a size large, so I figured I wouldn't be able to wear it for a bit. BUT, I wore it last night, and I actually had tons of comments about how slim I am looking :)

Non-Scale Victory #2
I bought two pairs of black size 14 jeans that I have worn this week! It's so hard for me to realize that I am in a SIZE 14!!! At the beginning of summer, I was in TIGHT size 20s, and really unwilling to purchase any 22s, so I would not even wear jeans or shorts that were a size 20, and instead wear athletic shorts...

Non-Scale Victory #3
I am still wearing the same bra size--at least the cup--which is nice that I am not losing it there :) But, the around part has gone down!!! First it was one hook, then another, and now an entirely different number :)

Non-Scale Victory #4
I haven't bought any new ones yet, BUT OH MY GOODNESS...I need to, and will do so this week, but my undies are like bloomers at this point, so dang big that they roll down or bunch up, LOL...too much extra material.

So, there ya have it. Still feeling motivated :) Still doing GREAT!! Still seeing progress. YUP, I'm definitely STILL HERE!

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Tina said...

Yeah, empathy here - my boobs disappeared. Just wait, you are next. Sadly, I'm too cheap to buy all new bras - so I washed the cheap ones in hot water and stuck them in the dryer. They almost sorta fit now. Sorta.