Friday, March 30, 2007


     I am sure you can totally relate, but when you are gone from your job for two days in a row, it takes at least that many days to catch up and feel normal again.
     Yes, that is my excuse for not blogging the past days. Life has been incredibly busy, even moreso than normal.
     And, I use that term "normal" without truly knowing what the heck it means in my life, other than busy.
     I have some BIG plans for Spring Break, which starts this afternoon!!! WOO HOO!!
     I have MANY things that I have to do, but I also have a list of things that I want to do, starting with heading to the gym tomorrow morning before Cody's soccer game.
     I am going to weigh when I go there, and I will definitely share what the number is...SIGH.
     Aferall, I am "weighing in" right? I think sometimes I have the opposite issue that scale obsessed people's almost a form of denial. I know that I have not been working out, I know that I have not lost weight, so I don't want to weigh.
     I don't have a scale in my home, so the only way for me to weigh is to go to the gym. Hmmmm...
     Well, that is on the top of my list tomorrow, and I also want to take my measurements.
     Life may be psycho right now, and it may be that way for the next couple of weeks, but I am starting to feel more on top of things and figuring out the balance.
     Sorry this blog is a and running!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Apology accepted?

     So, I have been in Seattle since Saturday early afternoon. I am still here right now, and I won't return until rather late this evening.
     But, I figured I would spend part of my lunch catching you up!
     I have actually exercised quite a bit with lots of walking (around Pike Place) and swimming (yes, laps).
     My eating on the other hand...oh my. Do we really have to talk about that? Dang, if I wasn't so honest. SIGH.
     Well, I had some great food. Very delicious, indeed. Calorie count...outrageous. Portions...OK.
     I am not going to beat myself up over the choices. I am going to just start over tomorrow.
     I have had mostly lots of sleep, counting the three hour nap yesterday afternoon and being able to sleep in later.
     On Sunday, I actually slept in until after 10 a.m., which was absolutely WONDERFUl.
     I did stay up a little later each night, mostly visiting with my sister, but it was sooooo worth it, catching up with her!
     So, overall, I have had a bit of a mini-vacation. I am looking forward to coming home, though.
      Catch ya on the flipside (sort of funny, considering how many kids have never actually held an album)!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life, Monopoly, and any other game you can think of

     SIGH...I think I survived this past week. I was looking at my calendar and since the middle of February, I have been non-stop go, but no collecting $200, more just like moving directly to jail!
     Today I fly out of Wenatchee to head over to Seattle. I am excited to spend some quality sister time with my little sister before my meetings on Monday and Tuesday.
     The bummer of it all is that I am missing Jordie's double-header and Cody's soccer match today and their games on Tuesday.
     It feels like my life is getting in the way of my life, and more importantly in the way of things that are VERY important to kids.
     Both boys told me to knock it off and quit feeling so dang bad and guilty for missing some of their games, when they a) know I want to be there, and b) have missed hardly any games in their entire lives, which my oldest told me most kids can't say.
     But, I do feel guilty. I can't help it. They are so important to me! But, I will have a good mini-break, and I DO need it.
     And, I made the reservations before I had their schedules. Part of me thinks that was the world saying go and knowing I wouldn't have if I had their schedules.
     I hoping to do some exercise while I am over there, and I am going to work on eating well out of town (always a struggle).
     I can see that this game of mine will not really slow down permanently (yeah right) until mid-April. SIGH.
     I am ready for that. And, then of course it will rev up around the middle of May!
     I will survive. I will.

Friday, March 23, 2007

TGIF, I think!

     This has been one SUPER long week. I truly was not sure it would ever end, nor do I really think it is...
     I finally am back in my classroom after grading culminating projects all week, which I have to say were pretty darn good this year!
     This afternoon I have a massage!!! That is what makes me most excited that today is Friday!
     Then I have to come home and pack to leave for Seatte. I fly out of Wenatchee tomorrow, and I won't be home until late Tuesday evening.
     A week from today we will be ending our quarter and heading for Spring Break, baby!
     I have a bunch of things planned for the break. Definitely some R & R, yeah right!
     I want to make it to Cashmere and Leavenworth to see friends, and I am hoping to make a doctor's appointment with my favorite doctor in L-Town.
     I also want to work on my storage unit, make a first ever chiropractor appointment, and, of course, do some major spring cleaning.
     As well, I hope to start a routine of exercising over the break, and then when I leave on special assignment for OSPI the second week of April to Iowa, my hope is to keep the schedule going.
     SO, I just need to make it until next Friday. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is it Spring Break yet?

     Yesterday was a CRAZY day!! I know you are shocked, as I never have crazy days or anything.
     As far as health goes, I am about the same in that department. I still have the remnants of bronchitis, just enough to remind me that it is still there.
     Eating and water were PERFECTO yesterday! For dinner, I do admit I had pizza, and three pieces at that. BUT, those were mini-pieces. I took a normal piece and cut it in half and that was one piece.
     It's totally mental. I could have just devoured one big piece and half of another, but by doing it the way I did I felt like I had three pieces. You following me?
     Exercise was zero yesterday, and to make matters worse, I seriously had to sit from 12-7 to grade culminating projects.
     You would think someone with extra padding on her butt would not be as sore when sitting forever. WRONG!
     Then I came home to the madness of a very full house. It's good, as I love it when all of our kids and grandkids are over, but it was a bit on the CRAZY side.
     And, WHAT is it about men who can't figure out the communication thing?? If I would not have called and asked Rick to preheat the oven, I wouldn't have known we had everyone over, and we wouldn't have had enough pizza.
     So, he doesn't think about those things, but obviously we are cosmically connected, since I did call him in the first place.
     When I hit the haystack ( I like this choice of word...I hit the hay, I hit the sack,I hit the haystack.) last night, I was ready to melt into my bed and drift away to dream.
     Now, I am ready for yet another busy, crazy day. I will survive!!
     And, that's that. (Trying out a new sign-off...what do you think?)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kids in the kitchen

     Ahhhh...what a difference having water in the morning makes!! You would think I went without it for a week or something.
     I did not exercise yesterday, but I did eat well, and I drank half of my quota of water.
     I still have this "cold." But, I am feeling much better even though I am still needing the inhaler a couple of times a day.
     OK, so dinner has actually been fun lately because as part of Cody's senior project, he is learning to make all of his favorite meals.
     The really great thing is that he is so serious about this. He made enchiladas a couple of nights ago, and seriously they were even better than mine.
     Cody's project started me thinking about how sad it is that many of our kids today have NO idea how to cook. And, many schools no longer fund a Home Ec program.
     We have an entire generation of people who don't know how to cook, clean, wash clothes, and even make minor sewing repairs like re-attching a button.
     The other thing I remember about Home Ec is that we also talked a lot about nutrition and health.
     Cody and I have been talking about how we can change certain recipes and make them less calories or lower in fat. We have just talked a lot about options.
     The other day I asked kids how many times a week they eat dinner at the table with the family, and I wasn't really surprised (more sad than anything) that very few kids even sit at the table one day a week.
     I totally understand having BUSY lives, believe me. But, at the same time, our kids should be our priorities!
     This whole project of Cody's makes me want to teach Jordie how to cook right now and not wait until he is on his way off to college.
     What really interests me is that when they were little (like my step-daughter) they did cook with me (just like my step-daughter does), but I am not sure where the point is that they stopped.
     Even though I have always cooked dinner, I never made it a priority to actually teach my kids when they were old enough to remember what we were doing. Of course, I did not learn how to cook growing up either, but rather I learned as an adult.
     But, I am changing that now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Need Water

     This morning I woke up to something not sooooo wonderful...NO WATER. Thank goodness for baby wipes!
     The rest of my weekend went really well. Lots of relaxing time, which is good with the upcoming week.
     I watched the baseball game on Saturday, which besides the cold weather, was a nice mellow time.
     My girlfriend came and brought us coffee, since neither of us had time to go somewhere else and meet up for a couple of hours. It was nice to catch up.
     I watched the "Gridiron Gang" last night with the family, and I really liked it. Yes, it was predictable, but I still liked the message at the heart of the movie. Overall, I had a good weekend, and I am definitely feeling better today.
      I did not do any extra exercise, just a small walk on Saturday and another yesterday.
     I did eat a GROSS hamburger from a local fast food restaurant, but I ended up throwing part of it out because it was so greasy. YUCK!
     My water intake was not as high as it could/should be especially with being sick, but I did drink lots of tea this weekend to soothe my throat.
     I am working really hard on something in my life right now...CONTROL. I will be writing more about that tomorrow!
     Wouldn't you know that I feel REALLY thirsty right now? I am glad I have some bottled water! LOL!
     Have a SUPER happy day!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


     I just feel compelled to comment on the fact that I KNOW that being sick off and on for basically two months is a WARNING.
     I get that my body is saying ENOUGH. I am working on figuring out how to slow down, and truly prioritizing what I NEED to do, WANT to do, SHOULD do, and CAN do.
     I am figuring out what my motivation is to do what I am doing. I am making sure that it is for the RIGHT reasons.
     I have given up many things this year (although, I have also added some new things). BUT...I am planning on phasing out some more things and NOT replacing them.
     I am going to work on saying something that my friend shared with me... "I choose not to do (whatever it is) because my health is paying a price. I need to take care of myself."
     Good call, girlfriend!

Sicky Icky

     Another super great thing about this new home for my blog is that I can post on the weekend, too :)
     OK, so for the report...I did go to the doctor yesterday, which in and of itself is HUGE. And, I officially have a nasty case of bronchitis and a sinus infection.
      I normally just let the sicky icky run its course, and I just about never take antibiotics. But, I knew that this one was NASTY, so I headed to the doctor's office.
      Turns out if I would've waited and not found the slow motion button for my life, this sicky icky could've transformed itself into pneumonia easily, which I have had as an adult (big SHOCK, I know), and it was NOT a fun time!
     Also, since I don't nosh on antiobiotics very often, they seem to have a dramatic effect when I do, so three doses later, and I am starting to perk up!
     It also helps that the cosmic world was on my side yesterday. FOR REAL. I was squeezed in and out for a doctor's appointment with no notice and a total of 25 minutes at the clinic!
     And, my massage therapist called me with a cancellation, so I was able to have a massage yesterday afternoon, too! VERY nice. I also have an appointment for next Friday afternoon, as well. Good way to end my week (thanks for the idea, Miss Barbara).
      Then, not feeling so swell, I came home and was ASLEEP by 7:30 last night and I did not get up until 7:30 this morning...12 hours of sleep!! AMAZING.
     Today I have a hair appointment...wait, could this be more pampering?? Then I am meeting my girlfriend for coffee. I am going to watch a baseball game (love it!), and I rented a bunch of movies for Rick and I to watch tonight.
     Mellow is the mood I am going for today. I do have to grade some papers (what else is new?), and I want to find the book my book group is doing next (The Bluest Eye).
      I am NOT going to exercise this weekend, more than just what I call "unintentional" exercise (walking around, feeding animals, whatever), because I don't want to start a coughing fit or light my lungs on fire.
     But, I am going to drink more water (need to flush fluids) and watch what I eat today.
     OK...I want to think of a new sign-off. Any suggestions?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Over and Out

     I am definitely feeling it. The cold is here, and it has swept in like a hurricane in a fury. Last night I was up most of the night coughing up both my lungs, or so it felt.
     I eventually had to sleep (if that’s what you call it) in the chair in the living room so that I could sleep sitting up (less coughing then).
     I did eat really well yesterday, and last night we had a yummy, colorful, and healthy dinner at my step-daughter’s house. She is such a good cook!
     What I really love about her cooking is that she knows how to balance everything perfectly. (Look there is that word, balance, again.) And, everything is always fresh.
     I did drink more water yesterday than I have all week, although not quite to my goal. Mostly I was drinking the water because it was soothing to my fiery throat.
     No exercise yesterday, even though I did have a bit more time, but really I just felt exhausted and sick.
     Great news! My friend Barbara had talked about her massage which was just the kick in the butt I needed to call and make my appointment.
     Well, I not only have an appointment for next Friday, but then yesterday my masseuse called and said she had a cancellation, and I could have an appointment for late this afternoon if I wanted it! WOO HOO!
     The really ironic thing about it all is that now that I had to sleep in the chair last night, I REALLY need the massage today!!
     Well, my goal for the weekend is to get better.
     Over and out.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pass the Nyquil, please

      I definitely have a nasty cold rearing its very ugly head. I have been sicker this past two months than I think I have been in the past two years.
      And, to make matters worse, this feels like it might be turning into Bronchitis. Sleep is so needed, but last night I was up what felt like forever, hacking and trying to breathe out of one side or the other of my nose.
      I KNOW that I am just very run down and that my body is telling me, “NO MORE, ALREADY!” I can hear it.
      Thankfully today and through the weekend is not looking too busy and hectic. I do have a few things that I have to do, but that are more on the mellow side.
      I need to update you on everything for this week. I have not exercised other than one thirty minute walk.
      My eating has really been good. I actually have been writing down everything I have been put in my mouth. This process makes me want to join Weight Watchers, but I have to figure out how to add it into my slammed schedule.
      Even the water has not been as good this week as it was the past couple of weeks. It is seriously that being so busy that I forget to drink.
      OK, so now for the positive notes. I did make a massage appointment for next Friday, and that makes me SUPER happy, and that is taking care of me!
      Now I just need to make everything else fall into line. I think that today and tomorrow I will do much better than I did earlier this week.
      Part of the problem was that I left my house on Monday and Wednesday at 7 a.m., and then I did not return home until around 9 p.m. both of those nights.
      That makes for a long day that you just feel like you are trying to survive. And, I am not really sure how well I have done with that, as I am coming out of this week sick.
      This all goes back to my theme of the week, shoot of my life: BALANCE.
      And, that’s the last word, until tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Change of address

As I am sure you have noticed, I have a new home for my blog. Really this move was about making life easier for everyone involved with this blog, and trust me...MANY people helped to make this blog happen each day. So, I hope to make some updates including posting some new pics, and this even inspires me to post a weekly pic!! I just want everyone to know that I really appreciate all the support!! Keep reading and commenting :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home of a HUSKY

     Super news for our family arrived in a beautiful and colorful (purple and gold) envelope on Saturday.
     Yup! My son Cody received his acceptance letter from the University of Washington!!!
     I am so proud of him and his goals. He has worked so hard to reach for his dreams, and truly he is my inspiraton to strive for what I deserve!
     To start off my new blog home, I decided I would celebrate with the PURPLE and GOLD fever we feel at our house right now.


      I recently read a great article about Richard Simmons. Do you know what the fireball of energy (who doesn’t seem to age) is up to lately?
      He teamed up with some representatives (including Jay Inslee, a WA rep) to work on making physical education compulsory and mandated by the federal government.
      Did you know that it wasn’t? Richard (feel like I can call him by his first name) created a questionnaire regarding physical activity and then collected over 60,000 of them!
      From that he worked to have bill HR 1224 created that will make physical education a core curriculum of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
      Don’t get me started on NCLB, but…BOY, do I think our kids need physical education!
      There are actually MANY students in our nation who do not even have the opportunity to participate in PE.
      Check out Richard’s site, where he does point out that we have a generation of obese and inactive kids who may not outlive their parents!
      So, now on to me…I have had a couple of STRESSFUL days, and I have a couple more to come.
      I really need to focus on balance. I need to figure out what I can give away. I am just too busy.
      I had just mentioned to my friend Barbara that it is not about somebody making me do all the things I do or that I feel guilty if I don’t do EVERYTHING.
      In reality it is that I WANT to do everything. I have too many interests, too many things I want to experience and learn.
      Of course I want it all RIGHT now! SIGH. Balance…that’s the key.
      And, that’s the last word, until tomorrow.

Monday, March 12, 2007

March Madness

     No, I am NOT talking about the basketball craziness, but rather that of my ever-busy life.
     I was just looking over my calendar for February and March, and I cannot believe how absolutely packed both months are.
     There are days when I have three or four meetings on top of teaching and shuttling my kids from here to there.
     I also have some school obligations this month (and had some last month, too) where I will have to miss classes, which means having a substitute, which really means more work for me.
     I made a few choices last night about things I am going to give away, responsibilities that I am not going to be responsible for anymore.
     As for my weekend, it was a good one, relatively relaxing. As far as exercise goes, I did go for two different walks. Being outside was fantastic.
     I don't know why I have not been motivated to go to the gym. I like going, it costs both arms, and I haven't weighed now in like three weeks.
     On the weekend when I actually seem to have time for the gym, I head outside instead. I don't know why.
     It's not a bad thing that I am exercising outside, but I know I need to go to the gym, too.
     My eating was not so good on Friday. I ate four pieces of de-lite pizza.
     Then on Saturday I ate chips (in excess) and cabbage salsa from the Mexican restaurant. So, that is disappointing.
     Water over the weekend was not near my daily goals. I definitely can feel that, too.
     So, relaxing weekend, yes, but as far as being on track, a resounding NO. However, I would not say that my weekend was a complete loss by any means.
     And, I have also discovered a new cereal that I love! It is the Grape Nuts Trail Mix cereal. It is a wonderful breakfast or even a snack later in the day.
     You know, it is really hard to make me the priority when my life seems to get in the way. I have some thinking to do, Lucy.
     And, that's the last word, until tomorrow.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Whoa, on the water!

     I just read about the lady who died for drinking too much water! She drank two gallons in a short period of time in trying to win a Wii gaming system.
     According to a preliminary autopsy the 28-year old woman died from "water intoxication."
     It's a very sad article, especially when you read the end where it talks about the fact that the lady was trying to win the Wii for her three kids.
     I personally had NO idea of such a thing as water intoxication, or that you could die from an over-consumption of water.
     You can read the article that was forwarded to me at
     Obviously there were a couple of issues related to this lady dying. First, she drank all of that water in a short time and she was not allowed to use the restroom.
     My water goal is 77 ounces, but that number will decrease as I lose weight. I am drinking it all day and with bathroom breaks.
     Now, for my trip to Seattle, I have some good news and some bad news. I will go with the bad news first to get it out of the way.
     Although, I did pack healthy snacks, I still made some poor choices in the dinner and lunch departments.
     I ate a grocery store sandwich (not a super healthy choice), a small order of cheesy Tater Tots and a small chocolate milkshake at a fast food place, and I also ate a plate of Thai food for lunch yesterday.
     But I did walk a ton, and I drank all of my water both days so I feel good about those two things. As well, my snacks were good choices, just not the meals.
     The musical was fantastic! One of the best I have ever watched. "Fire on the Mountain" will be at the top of my list of favorites for a long time.
     I was glad to be home last night and sleeping in my own bed. I am definitely behind on the sleep, but hopefully I can pick some of that up this weekend.
     The weekend looks busy already, but I will try to find some down time to squeeze in a nap, maybe.
     And, that's the last word, until Monday.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


     I did it! I drank all of my water yesterday. I was thinking about why I don't normally drink all my water, and really as ridiculous as it sounds, it's all related to being busy.
     During my day, I would forget to breathe if it wasn't naturally happening. I lugged my water around, but I kept it in my mind all day.
     Then came a new problem. Drinking so much water meant I needed to use the restroom more, which in turn meant that I needed to make time to go to the restroom.
     Ha! My day really is THAT busy. I thankfully did make it each time, but it helped me to realize just how hectic each day is for me.
     I had another realization yesterday. I was really hungry at lunch, and I was craving chocolate - or so I thought.
     I almost dug out change and went to the vending machine, for the first time in more than a month, while I was waiting for the microwave to beep.
     Instead I grabbed an apple and ate that, which of course did satisfy me. I definitely felt hungry. I had not snacked at mid-morning (too busy drinking water).
     I truly felt hungry. Now, I thought I wanted (needed) chocolate, but really anything sweet ended up working.
     So, it really is all about listening to what your body says. But the important part is REALLY listening . . . are you hungry, thirsty, what do you need?
     I did not exercise yesterday, other than a quick 15-minute walk. That was disappointing, but at least I can say I did something.
     I am leaving today after school to go over to Seattle to take a group of kids to see a musical.
     A bunch of walking will be involved tomorrow for sure! And we are not stopping at any fast food restaurants.
     I have my healthy snacks packed, and I have my choice already for when we hit the grocery store. And, I will be lugging my big water bottle along for the trip, too.
     And, that's the last word, until Friday.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hurray for the freezer

     Seriously, part of the reason why my eating is going so well is due to the freezer. I have found some frozen foods that I love to eat for lunch and even a couple for breakfast.
     So, today it will be easy for me to celebrate National Frozen Food Day as I pop my lunch into the microwave.
     My favorite manufacturer is, hands down, Lean Cuisine. I have yet to find a meal I don't like from them.
     I especially love their sandwiches and pizzas. I also like Healthy Choice meals because they always give you a variety.
     By that I mean that on the plate you receive a meat, veggies and even a dessert, which feels like a full meal.
     I have also recently discovered South Beach Diet meals. I really like its breakfast options; the burritos are delicious.
     So long as the meal tastes good, it works for me. Then I know exactly what I am eating, it's something warm (which feels more filling), and the portion is already determined.
     OK, so for yesterday. I lugged around this jug of water that was 2.3 liters (77 ounces), and I drank only half of it.
     I am going to try the jug one more time today and I will see if it works for me or not. Then I might go back to the smaller bottles (from which I drank about the same amount of water).
     I have tried flavored water and even adding various things to my water, and what is so strange to me is that I have never had a problem with drinking water before.
     For exercise yesterday, my step-daughter and I turned the timer on and danced two different times for 15 minutes each time.
     It's amazing how fast that time goes when you are just laughing and having fun. I definitely was sweating and burning off calories.
     What I need to make happen and figure out how to schedule is my time at the gym. I need to find when it will work in my schedule.
     So, water and exercise . . . I can do this! How come I can always make one or two things work well, but there is always something for which I cannot find the balance?
     And, that's the last word, until tomorrow.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Recharged and raring to go

     I spent the weekend recharging. I spent a lot of time laughing and relaxing, both of which I needed.
     We went to see "Wild Hogs" on Friday night, and I laughed so hard. What a funny (albeit predictable) movie! I love the actors in the show, and it was well worth the money we spent.
     OK, before I go on about my weekend, I have to tell you about something I witnessed in the Safeway parking lot yesterday.
     I had finished shopping, and I was sitting in my car waiting for Cody to finish working.
     A guy pulled up behind me and was obviously waiting for a car to pull out. This car he was waiting for was the closest parking space to the store (non-handicapped).
     Anyhow, I was third the parking space over from the store, and there was nobody next to me or even near me in my row.
     I watched the guy wait five minutes for the people to finally pull out. FIVE minutes! I seriously timed him on my car clock.
     He could've parked next to me (only a few spots from the coveted space), and he could've walked into the store and been clear over to the bakery in the amount of time that he waited for that spot.
     What is the deal? Is that how lazy we have become today? Do a lot of people do that? Wait for the spot that is closest to the door when you can park a couple (not a huge amount) spots down?
     I even watched the guy thinking maybe he was injured or had a hard time walking, but he just popped out of his rig and walked into the store.
     Now that I've got that off my chest . . . exercise for me (besides then parking really far away from Wal-Mart) was that I did go for a walk on both days.
     And yesterday we had to lug our groceries (a car full of them) in multiple trips from the car which, because of the returning mud, did take awhile.
     I did eat well (both in what I ate and how much), and I did not drink enough water. That is my challenge for this week: Drink enough water each day!
     I don't know what I am doing for exercise tonight. I need to get to the gym, so I can at least weigh.
     I did catch up on much-needed sleep this weekend. I really did just take it easy. I feel good this morning.
     That's the last word, until tomorrow.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Can anybody say . . .

     Thank the world that it is FINALLY Friday? I wasn't sure this week would ever end, and last night I woke up and thought today was Saturday.
     Talk about needing this week to be over! I am planning little to nothing this weekend.
     That, of course, doesn't automatically mean that the weekend will be completely relaxing, but at least there will be some down time.
     I do want to meet up with my girlfriend to celebrate her birthday, and maybe we will go out for coffee or something.
     I also am planning on going to the movies sometime to see the new movie "Hog Wild" because it looks like a good laugh!
     As well, I want to rent some movies, since it seems like we have missed a whole bunch lately and there are lots of movies that we haven't watched to rent right now.
     This weekend I am also hoping for some extra sleep, and I am definitely planning on exercising up at the gym and maybe squeezing in a walk if the sun is out.
     Yesterday was a good day for everything but my water consumption. I really did a good job eating (breakfast is the key!), and I even exercised twice.
     I went for a 20-minute walk (it's so nice when the sun is out!), and then last night my step-daughter and I turned the timer on and danced for 15 straight minutes.
     We were laughing so hard and being so silly, and really that 15 minutes went by quickly and didn't feel much like exercise.
     Now, if I can just shake this cold (which seems worse this morning), I will be a much happier camper!
     I am proud of myself for still exercising even when I don't feel good and would rather take a nap.
     Now, I just need to boost the water, and I know I will feel better!
     And, that's the last word, until Monday.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good news

     Yesterday afternoon I came home in between running from here to there, and I did my aerobics! Thirty minutes!
     Then I took a quick shower and ran off to do the other 12 things on my "to do" list, and I finally ended up at my class at 7 p.m.
     So, I felt so much better. Even though I am sick, working out still felt good. Well, my lungs were burning and my throat was aching, but my energy level increased, and I did not feel as tired as I did before I started!
     I was still absolutely pooped out when I returned home at 10 p.m., and it was definitely a long day, but I went to sleep knowing that I had squeezed in the exercise.
     While I was working out, I totally felt like I was sweating out the sickness, or at least I hope that was what was happening.
     I still feel pretty icky today. However, I still plan on doing the aerobics this evening when I return home.
     I ate right on target yesterday. I "saved" calories throughout the day, so last night at my class, I had a small brownie (I chose the smallest one there), and some yummy huckleberry cream dessert.
     Definitely both of those were worth the scrimping during the day, and I was proud that I had planned for them.
     I drank tons of water yesterday, not quite to my goal, but close. Still, my lips were burning last night. I need to drink more water!
     I am afraid to jinx myself and say aloud that next week doesn't look as busy. That's what I always think, and then BAM, the slow week ends up being busier than what I thought would be the hectic week.
     I will be glad when I shake this cold, and when I can figure out a schedule that works for ME.
     A very wise friend of mine talked to me about how hard it is for me to be selfish. It's true. I am such the nurturer that hardly ever can I feel like I can put myself first.
     And, if I do . . . then I feel tremendously guilty. But, as Barbara said it best, "It's about balance."
     I need to figure out the balance in my life. And, I am an important part of that equation that I am trying to steady.
     OK, so now some completely random facts: Today is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day and tomorrow is National Banana Creme Pie Day.
     I propose that you make a smoothie and celebrate one or both of those days. I love to use sugar-free pudding to add to my smoothie for both flavor and texture. Enjoy!
     And, that's the last word, until tomorrow.