Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sicky Icky

     Another super great thing about this new home for my blog is that I can post on the weekend, too :)
     OK, so for the report...I did go to the doctor yesterday, which in and of itself is HUGE. And, I officially have a nasty case of bronchitis and a sinus infection.
      I normally just let the sicky icky run its course, and I just about never take antibiotics. But, I knew that this one was NASTY, so I headed to the doctor's office.
      Turns out if I would've waited and not found the slow motion button for my life, this sicky icky could've transformed itself into pneumonia easily, which I have had as an adult (big SHOCK, I know), and it was NOT a fun time!
     Also, since I don't nosh on antiobiotics very often, they seem to have a dramatic effect when I do, so three doses later, and I am starting to perk up!
     It also helps that the cosmic world was on my side yesterday. FOR REAL. I was squeezed in and out for a doctor's appointment with no notice and a total of 25 minutes at the clinic!
     And, my massage therapist called me with a cancellation, so I was able to have a massage yesterday afternoon, too! VERY nice. I also have an appointment for next Friday afternoon, as well. Good way to end my week (thanks for the idea, Miss Barbara).
      Then, not feeling so swell, I came home and was ASLEEP by 7:30 last night and I did not get up until 7:30 this morning...12 hours of sleep!! AMAZING.
     Today I have a hair appointment...wait, could this be more pampering?? Then I am meeting my girlfriend for coffee. I am going to watch a baseball game (love it!), and I rented a bunch of movies for Rick and I to watch tonight.
     Mellow is the mood I am going for today. I do have to grade some papers (what else is new?), and I want to find the book my book group is doing next (The Bluest Eye).
      I am NOT going to exercise this weekend, more than just what I call "unintentional" exercise (walking around, feeding animals, whatever), because I don't want to start a coughing fit or light my lungs on fire.
     But, I am going to drink more water (need to flush fluids) and watch what I eat today.
     OK...I want to think of a new sign-off. Any suggestions?

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Chris said...

A blog entry on a Saturday??
Whoever thought of switching your blog to a different site was a damn genius!!