Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is it Spring Break yet?

     Yesterday was a CRAZY day!! I know you are shocked, as I never have crazy days or anything.
     As far as health goes, I am about the same in that department. I still have the remnants of bronchitis, just enough to remind me that it is still there.
     Eating and water were PERFECTO yesterday! For dinner, I do admit I had pizza, and three pieces at that. BUT, those were mini-pieces. I took a normal piece and cut it in half and that was one piece.
     It's totally mental. I could have just devoured one big piece and half of another, but by doing it the way I did I felt like I had three pieces. You following me?
     Exercise was zero yesterday, and to make matters worse, I seriously had to sit from 12-7 to grade culminating projects.
     You would think someone with extra padding on her butt would not be as sore when sitting forever. WRONG!
     Then I came home to the madness of a very full house. It's good, as I love it when all of our kids and grandkids are over, but it was a bit on the CRAZY side.
     And, WHAT is it about men who can't figure out the communication thing?? If I would not have called and asked Rick to preheat the oven, I wouldn't have known we had everyone over, and we wouldn't have had enough pizza.
     So, he doesn't think about those things, but obviously we are cosmically connected, since I did call him in the first place.
     When I hit the haystack ( I like this choice of word...I hit the hay, I hit the sack,I hit the haystack.) last night, I was ready to melt into my bed and drift away to dream.
     Now, I am ready for yet another busy, crazy day. I will survive!!
     And, that's that. (Trying out a new sign-off...what do you think?)

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Cristobal said...

Your new closing should be:

"Ain't that the sh*t!"