Monday, March 19, 2012

I love MONDAYS :)))

192.8 last week
190.8 this week
Loss of 2 pounds (which I had gained last week)

Goals for this week...
Drink 100 ounces of water! I have been slacking on this goal. I did this today!!! YEAH 125 ounces :)

Lose two pounds. I want to be concrete in this to find a more serious focus this week. I have bought some super cute clothes to wear in Vegas, and I am even thinking about buying a new swimsuit!!!

I am also going to eat VERY low carbs/high protein this week at least, and maybe next week, too. I planned out all of our meals this week! I have everything prepped and in snack packs. I am READY!! I might do ONE day of allowing for carbs, and for me that would be this Sunday because I am making lasagna for my son's girlfriend's birthday :) It's her favorite dinner!

OK, so my carbs for today were much higher than expected. I am shocked at how many carbs are in FRUIT!!

I also plan to exercise at least an hour a day, but it looks like my schedule is going to allow for twice a day!!! I hope so :) I DID EXERCISE TWICE TODAY :))

I am feeling way better. The 2000mg of antibiotics a day is truly helping in that. I want to run outside so badly, but the doctor said I need to wait until I am completely cleared up. No burning lungs, she said!

I feel like I have two weeks to work hard, because I am going to have fun on my vacation!! I do plan to exercise, but I also plan to eat and drink WHATEVER I want :)) I do believe I hear a fried Twinkie calling my name!!!! Then when I come back, it's all business for my half-marathon in April!!

So, here is the link to my tracker from My Fitness Pal. If you are interested in looking at what I eat (for ideas or whatever) just contact me, and I will give you my special code :)

Today was a good day! I did eat some GS cookies, but I also worked really hard today. I like how the MFP tracker tells me that if every day is like today, I will weigh 171.3 in 5 weeks! THAT is totally inspiring :))

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stuff rolling around in my head

Today, when I wasn't sleeping in a fever-induced coma, I thought about all sorts of things.

1) I read my most recent Women's Health magazine, and I LOVE IT!! Some great exercise ideas. I also thought the article on adult eating disorders was fascinating. This is the only magazine I subscribe to, and I'm really glad I do! I love everything from the layout to the info to the recipes to the products highlighted :))

2) I observed some people's daily food journals to look for some inspiration regarding new healthy foods to try or meals to plan, and I was surprised to see that there are people out there who LIE in their food journals. Who eat things that they don't journal. WHAT THE HECK is that? SAD, I say. Shoot--if you can't be honest with yourself, you will NEVER lose the weight, and if you can't be honest with yourself, then who are you honest with??

3) I decided since the weather is improving, that I wanted to think about exercise that I want to do outside! I am seriously considering purchasing some roller skates!!!! I love roller skating :) It's one of my favorite things to do. I think I could skate well at Eastside Park, or at least I think the surface is mostly smooth. So, that's a maybe. I also DEFINITELY want to hike more, lots more this summer!!! I love being in the mountains, and since hikes are usually longer, it means more calories overall. AND, since I love to take pictures, it gives an excellent opportunity to do two things I love!!!

4) Just a little over a month to my half-marathon! HOLY smokes! Exciting :))

5) Tomorrow I have to get my occlusal filling to finish my root canal. I am happy that the root canal (and, antibiotics) cured that nasty little infection. And, I look forward to finally finishing the process.

There ya have it...some ramblings :)

Not-so-terrific Tuesday, but I survived!

Today was a bizarre-o day. I woke up at 3 a.m. totally sick :(( SO, in the end, I stayed home (which just about NEVER happens!!)!!!

I slept a lot. BUT, I also ate more than I would have, if I would have been at school. Part of that was boredom, I think. And, not feeling well.

Vitamins- YES!
Water - NO :( I only drank 50 ounces of water today. NEEDED MORE FOR SURE!
Exercise- NOPE
Fruits/Veggies - YES!
Calories-- Over by 60 calories, which in the end definitely could have been worse!

CALORIES OUT = 0--though I did sweat a ton, with my lovely fever off and on all day.

4 mint oreos - 280- YES for breakfast at 10 a.m. this morning.
Coffee with creamer - 50
Milk - 75

2 pop tarts – 400 - I ate them before I looked at the calories. SHEESH.
Slice of cheese – 90
Bean soup – small bowl - 200
Orange juice – 120

Tatertot casserole- 250
Salad- 25
Dressing- 40
Strawberries – 30

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday - A FRESH start!

Last week 190.8
This week 192.8
Gain of 2 pounds :(
And, if you are keeping track it's a total of 2.8 in two weeks.

But, I'm not going to sweat it. WELL, actually I am going to sweat it, as far as amping up my exercise and refocusing!

I did get up earlier today and did more cardio than I normally do! It felt SOOOOO good :) I burned 467 calories this morning :)

I did take my vitamins last night!!
I drank enough water today!
Fruits and Veggies, YUP!!
Calories - between 1200 and 1500, YUP!

Calories IN = 1477
Calories OUT = 467
Net calories = 1010

Here is what I ate today:
protein shake with frozen banana, 1 tsp peanut butter 390 (190 for protein shake mix, 100 frozen banana, 100 pb)
coffee - sf/ff milk - 90

veggie burger - 110
celery - 20
LC Cheese - 35
almonds - 163

Nature Bar - 190
strawberries - 49 - 1 cup

bacon and bean soup - MY HONEY made such a yummy batch! I LOVE it!! It's one of my favorite things he cooks :) - 300
cheese - 100
croutons - 30

It was a good day food and exercise-wise! And, I feel MUCH better, so my sickness was short-lived, thank goodness. I used some of my Pa's homemade remedies, and it looks like they worked!! Today was a good day, indeed. Fresh start :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catching up

Feels like lately I have been catching up a lot. I have been busy! And, then to add onto things, I got sick on Friday :(

The last blog was on Thursday. Friday I started getting sick :( I did still get up in the morning and do my Spinning class, which rocked, but as the day went on I felt horrible. So, I didn't exercise in the afternoon. So, for my weekend--I worked out Friday morning, and then I didn't work out Saturday or Sunday. That's the longest I have gone with not exercising, but boy I feel cruddy. I'm going back to working out tomorrow, and I am feeling a little better this afternoon.

Food--I ate really good Thursday. I ate pizza on Friday night, and prime rib (two helpings), but no oysters on Saturday. Today I have been eating OK. I just haven't eaten much today because I don't feel so swell. Fruits and veggies have been right on. But, I have also eaten some sweets since Friday, including a medium Blizzard last night!

Water--I have been doing better, and making my 100 ounces Friday-Sunday, and quite frankly, I think that's part of why this sickness isn't going to last!!! I feel like I am kicking it quickly (hope so, at least).

Vitamins - UGH. I forgot to take them Friday and Saturday :( But, I will take them tonight :))) I WILL. I WILL. I WILL.

I feel like I have been in a bit of a holding pattern (nothing wrong with holding, but it doesn't feel like it is getting me closer to my goal, though it's not taking me farther away either) the past two weeks, so I plan on changing up some things this week! I am going to be REALLY strict on my eating for the week. No more than 1200 calories, writing AND blogging everything, making sure that I am back on track. In the exercise world, I am going to start light weights this week, and I am going to do something I saw on The Biggest Loser regarding plateaus. I am going to do some of my stuff backwards. For instance, I am going to do my cardio in reverse. So, like on the elliptical, but backwards. I am also going to start light weight training, which is another trick to trick your body :)

I am headed to Vegas in three weeks, and my goal is to lose 10 pounds by then!!! I know I can do it :) It's exactly the snap I need to get out of my in-a-rut pattern holding!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Miss me??
So much has been happening the last week. I can’t believe how long it has been since I blogged!!! ZOIKS!!! It has almost been a week L I am sooo sorry to my faithful readers who I have neglected. I beg your forgiveness.

First let’s talk about the weigh-in. I did gain .8 this week, but I am OK with that, because we did eat out and have some celebrations. Plus I am pretty sure that TOM is dawning soon.

Last week’s weigh - 190
This week – 190.8
Gain of .8

More maddening to me is the ever elusive 180s!!! The 190s seem to be holding on for dear life! SIGH—Patience middle aged grasshopper.

Rather than do some crazy day-by-day rerun of events, I will instead summarize the past week as regarding my health goals.

Vitamins – hit and miss if I take them every night. Sometimes I forgot or fell asleep before taking them.

Water – I seem to be struggling with this. Some days I barely got over the 100 ounces threshold, and a couple of days, I only drank 75 ounces. I need to DEFINITELY refocus this effort.

Exercise – I am absolutely happy with my efforts in this arena! I have worked out every day for at least 45 minutes (and, 500+ calories), and most days have included double workouts (700+ calories burned). I have ZERO problems rolling out of bed at 5 a.m., and today was the first day in a month that I thought about not going in the morning because I was so exhausted, but I knew I would regret exchanging the extra hour of sleep for no morning exercise. SO, the NEW Trisha won out, and I did head to the gym!

Calories – I have easily eaten my 1000 calories, and most days I have been in the 1500 range.

Fruits and Veggies – I continue to eat enough of these, and I continue to use my snack bags and have the veggies all prepped, so that I do ensure eating enough. This has become a life change and part of my healthy habits and routine.


I exercise better with gum!I have said this before. I now feel like a gum hoarder, as I have packs of gum everywhere…in my: gym bag, gym locker, car, desk drawer, house, purse. You name it! If you need gum, you know where to find me :)

I tried some of those prepared hard-boiled eggs from Eggland’s Best. I did this because they were half-off in the clearance items, so I got six of them for $1.25, which is close to the price of regular eggs, that aren’t already conveniently cooked and peeled. I WAS VERY SKEPTICAL—as many people must also be, given that there were several of these bags in the clearance section. BUT, I was pleasantly pleased!! They were tasty (once I added my spices), convenient , easy, and fast. I won’t probably buy them again, unless they are sitting all lonely in the clearance section!!

I love my Kindle Fire! I listen to the both Pandora and I HEART Radio while I am working out, and I can read on several of the cardio machines I do, so I have just finished a book this week!! I swear, I end up in a zone, where I am absorbed by the music and the book, and the next thing I know my 45 minutes is up! It goes by so fast!! I might be triple-tasking, but it is nice when I am all done. I feel like I have nurtured my body, my mind, and my soul!!

I feel really lucky because I have obviously have this positive energy thing going right now. I am all amped up by what the universe has been bringing to me this past couple of weeks. LOVE IT!

March Madness has begun for sure!
Girl Scouts = meetings, cookie delivery and sales, World Thinking Day, serving dinner at Hot Meals Ministry, special Sunday celebration in Oroville--March is a busy month for us in Girl Scouting!
NHS = We had our applications, Faculty Council, and tonight our Induction Ceremony.
Cheer= We have tryouts this month, so that includes an orientation meeting, practices, and actual tryouts!
Softball = We had sign-ups this week.
School = Holocaust survivor and then Read Across America Day in the same week.
Violin = our little one has started lessons again.
YEARBOOK = My yearbook class is selling concessions at MORP this Friday. And, then we have an alumni bball tourney- this is quite a bit of organization, but a decent fundraiser.
Union = We had a meeting, I am organizing t-shirts with our newly designed logo, and we are having a family bowling day, too this month!
Oyster feed at the Elks- YUMMY!!

FFA Auction next Saturday - our little one made an incredible bird house (also completed in March) that we are hoping to bid on and WIN at the auction.
Hair appointments.
Dentist appointment to finish up my root canal with the filling.

Then add in working out at least once a day, but trying for twice a day. And, normal life things like grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. PHEW!

But, I will be ending the NUTSO month with a trip to VEGAS :)))

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is it Friday yet? LOL

Today was another busy day--and, tomorrow will be the same. MY LIFE. I know.

vitamins - yes
water - yes
calories - YES
exercise- YES
fruits and veggies - yes

A good day. A busy day. HAPPY ;) Tired.

chocolate, peanut butter, pineapple protein shake-280
Americano - 0

cutie - 45

ff mocha small - 70
1/2 turkey caprese wrap -?
veggie straws -130

cutie - 45

El Portal - steak enchilida, appetizers, margarita, chips - ??

Guessing my calories were in the 2000 calorie range? I had a fabulous dinner :)

Working out today = 40 minutes (and many intense pages of my book) - 400 calories

Calories IN = 2000
Calories out = 400
Net calories - 1600

Glad today is almost over :)) Tomorrow will be fun and BUSY! And, it will end with quality time with some of our good friends!!!