Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Things are crazy!

     This is a shortie, and probably it will be the only blog this week. I promise to pick up next week.
     My list of everything to do is just growing. I swear it seems like when I mark one thing off, two more things take it place!
     Just as I was getting ready to write this, I kept typing in, instead of, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. THAT is a sign for sure :)
     I am remembering to have fun this week, and I can't wait until our trip to Seattle tomorrow!!
     How lucky am I to be going with these incredible kids for the day over to Seattle??
     Well, sorry this is short, as I am off and running. I have to get the grad gown to the cleaners before I go to school.
     Go Bulldogs! Come to the graduation on the football field this Saturday at 4 p.m. with a reception and slideshow following in the cafeteria!

Monday, May 28, 2007

What a weekend!

     Good MONDAY morning! Ahhh...what a pleasant morning I have truly had :)
     I slept in, SIGH. Then up with a cup of coffee in my favorite mug (Husky Mom), and I sat out on our porch listening to the wind chimes, and enjoying the sunshine.
     As I sat there, I was thinking about how nice this past weekend was and I wasn't thinking about everything on my "DO NOW" list!
     Nope instead I was breathing in the moment and taking a moment to just breathe.
     What a SUPER weekend! We started it off a bit busy, running home and then off to the soccer BBQ.
     I was sort of stressed about going because I knew what else I had to accomplish on Friday, but BOY, it was nice to just sit down and enjoy the company of nice people.
     As well, the coach gave us a framed picture of senior night. It included a pic of Cody and me, and then a pic of all the seniors. NICE TOUCH.
     Then, once we left we took off to Republic. I was dropping off Cody for the weekend at my brother's, and it was a nice visit with my sister-in-law and niece.      So, finally when I came home Friday night after 10 p.m., I was definitely pooped.
     Saturday morning I woke up and roused Jordie, as he was leaving for Seattle with Grandma Pat.
     Then Rick and I (totally kiddo-less) took off on the bike. We had one of the best rides we have ever had!!
     We went up to Republic and visited with everyone there, and then we headed off around to Curlew, Danforth, into Canada, and around through Greenwood, Midway, and back into Osoyoos.
     What a beautiful ride. The weather was GORGEOUS, winding along the river was serene, and we saw lots of wildlife.
     It was so strange...we would see these dark clouds off in the distance that we were headed, but it was like the sun gods were with us, as everywhere we rode, the clouds would open up and the sun would shine down on us. CRAZY.
     We saw lots of wildlife, including a hawk who tried to swoop us, and a couple of deer that we had to actually stop in the road because they wouldn't move.
     We came back through Oroville and took the old highway down past Tonasket (Janis Bridge).
     It was so nice and relaxing. Then, when we came home we crashed out on the trampoline, perfect ending to a perfect day.
     Yesterday, we worked in the yard, cleaned house, did a little of this and that, and then BBQed with our friend. REALLY nice and laid back day and evening. SIGH.
     And, that brings us to today. I know that the week is going to rev up and out of control, but I am going to hold onto this calm as long as I can.
     It also makes me very hopeful for this summer. I am excited to relax a bit and accomplish some of the things I want to do.
     I already have a workout set up for my cheerleaders starting June 11, and I plan to attend my first Weight Watchers meeting on June 13.
      AND, I plan on relaxing and having lots of time just like this weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Woot, Woot on the Weather

     So, I am a weather watcher at the moment. I am checking out to see how graduation's weather will be since we are going to be outside.
     Looking nice, so far! And, then next Thursday we will be in Seattle for the Mariners, and that weather is looking pretty sweet for the Seattle area...Roof open at the game, for sure!
     SO, everybody out there, think HAPPY thoughts for good weather for graduation.
     Summer is creeping in, and I LOVE it. Last night it was light clear after 9 p.m. NICE.
     The other thing I love about summer is all of the good fruit. It always seems so much easier to eat healthier in the summer and to drink more water and to workout.
     I am a summer baby both literarly and figuratively. My birthday is coming up (two weeks from Sunday)!!
     And, I live for the summer to be OUTSIDE all day long and well into the evening and night, too.
     Gotta love it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good, better, best

     Yesterday was a GOOD day! I ate good, drank some water, squeezed in a little exercise (tell you more later), and had a good soak in the hot tub.
     I'm loving the tub! It's so nice to end the day. And, yesterday, I actually decided to do hot tub exercise!!!!
     I did a million leg lifts and scissors, and it made me think about how I want to swim this summer once the pool opens, lap swims and even water aerobics in the shallow end.
     I did not have a headache yesterday, and really right now, it's been a couple of days sans pain in the head!
     I do have a ton on my plate right now, and I will until probably a week from this Sunday, after Cody's graduation party.
     As well, I know the end of the school year is going to be busy with a BIG move from one classroom to the next.
     But, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...and, it feels GREAT!
     The other great thing, and I have NO clue how it happened, but this upcoming LONG weekend is FREE.
     Yes, ladies and gents, freeeeeeeeeeeee! We don't have any obligations. NO meetings, no games, nada!
     And, we may even be kid-less! YIKES! We are planning a motorcycle ride around the North Cross loop, and maybe some camping, and I might try a hike in there somewhere, too.
     I am looking forward to this peaceful calm before the storm.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hot tubs and expectations

     Well, last night was the best! I came home, and we soaked in the hot tub for hours.
     The stars and the moon were spectacular, and the water soothed my aches and pains.
     We only just got our hot tub on Sunday, and last night was the first night for us to be in it. LOVELY.
     Yesterday, I did squeeze in a walk, did not drink enough water, and ate OK.
     I have decided that once school is out I am definitely joining Weight Watchers. I know that's the sort of structure and kick in the butt I need, and I know there is no way I can do it during the next couple of weeks.
     I also am excited to start a new exercise program. I am having summer workouts with my cheerleaders.
     The nice thing for me is that I cannot just skip it because I have others counting on me.
     That brings us back, AGAIN, to the ancient question of why can't I consider myself important enough to count on myself?
     As in, I know I won't miss workouts because of the kids, but I will when it's just me. GO FIGURE.
     For now, I am just trying to maintain and not gain. I desperately need to go to the gym to weigh, but I VERY much don't want to know the number.
     But, I know it's high, probably higher than it has ever been, at least that is how I and my clothes feel.
     The good thing is that I am not beating myself up about this. I am really happy right now with everything else in my life.
     I am finding inspiration all over, and I have been reading lots about various people who have lost have their size or at least 100 pounds.
     I will figure it out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Racing, racing, racing

     That's a perfect title because I did RACE all weekend, and although I am wiped out, I am content!
     The weekend started with Relay for Life. My high school team earned just over $1,000!
     I took my step-daughter, and she was an absolute HOOT! She just loved everything about the night.
     She was obsessed with getting paperclips, so even at the tender age of 5, she walked 10 laps!! That's two and half miles!!! I made my goal plus one, as I collected 36 clips.
     We camped overnight, and it was just a good time with a bunch of great kids!
     My two favorite parts of the evening were the Survivor Lap (I always choke up), and the silent lap that everyone walks when the luminaries are all lit.
     It is absolutely beautiful at that time, and my step-daughter just LOVED all of the lights and how the word HOPE was up on the bleachers.
     Then the next day, I raced down to Wenatchee to watch the baseball game, and sadly we lost.
     When the baseball game was over, I went and watched the soccer match between Cascade (our old home town) and Wahluke. Cascade lost; it was a heartbreaker!
     I had coached many of those seniors when they were tiny tots.
     Then yesterday we raced over to Lake Roosevelt for two Babe Ruth baseball games (we split those).
     Once we raced home, we headed off to see the third installment of Shrek. Good movie, funny, not my favorite of the three, but worth going.
     So, I take a deep breath, and ready myself for a busy two weeks.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The neverending week, and I mean that in a good way :)

     Sorry I haven't blog for a couple of days. This week truly is like the song that goes on and on, my friend.
     I had the senior banquet (which was BEAUTIFUL), and then yesterday a quick run down to Wenatchee for a doctor's appointment.
     Good news, even though my back is a little sore and swollen, it feels much better.
     NOW, for what I am SUPER excited about...RELAY FOR LIFE! That's right, tonight, my friends!
     Have you ever been? Definitely come down to the track at Okanogan High School this evening.
     The event starts at 6 p.m. with the Survivor Walk, which to me is the BEST part of the entire night.
     Then later in the evening, when it's dark, they turn down the football lights, and we walk to the illuminated luminaries...WOWSER!
     I plan to walk 35 laps, a lap for each year I have been lucky to be alive and healthy!
     I know this is scary, I know this is something you have heard before, I KNOW, but I am feeling inspired, again.
     I am excited to exercise tonight. I am looking forward to thinking about what's really important to me as I walk around the track.
     I am pledging NO FAST FOOD ANYMORE!!!! I can't believe that I went for almost two years with NONE, and then the past three months...UGH!
     My body has felt the effects of that greasy, gross food. I want my energy back!
     I hope to see you tonight!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A nasty headache, and it's only TUESDAY

     The good news: I seemed to have FINALLY lost my cough. The bad news: I have a major headache this morning.
     Yesterday I had a fantabulous day! But, on the way to pick up my step-daughter early from day care, I was waiting at the highway, and some guy rammed into me from behind.
     To make matters worse, he took off (better known as a hit and run), but I did follow him and write down his license. The police I am sure will track him down.
     Besides being shocked and stressed over being hit, the right side of my back and hip is rather sore. Other than that the car and I are OK.
     I guess I just don't get how someone could just drive away like that. Hmmmm.
     So, yesterday I ate great! I did drink a ton of water (not quite my goal), and I even squeezed in a short walk during the day.
     And, on my ginormous "to do" list, once I grabbed my little one, I was going to go to the gym to weigh.
     But, that was sort of derailed with all of the stress of the accident and dealing with the sheriff and all.
     Busy day ahead of me now, and an even busier week to go. But, all GOOD stuff :)
     Catch ya later!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy, but happy weekend!!

     I have to type fast since I am a skosh late this morning. But, I have so much to tell you!
     First, sorry for no blog on Friday, but I had more than a hectic morning!!!
     Rick was in Spokane, and I had to feed. Let's just say that was a hilarious experience, and I provided much entertainment for the kids.
     I was fine until I found two "jumping" mice in the horse feed bag. I pretty much had everyone laughing, including myself, but I did not have any time for writing.
     Friday we went to the movies to watch "Spiderman 3" and I did not eat ANYTHING at the theater. I truly think that is the first time that I had absolutely NOTHING.
     Part of the reason for that is that right before going we ate dinner, and I had yummy fish. So, neither Rick nor I had any room for any snacks.
     Then Saturday I was up and running! Well, not like jogging down the road (like I should be), but rather off for a BUSY day.
     I went over to Moses Lake to watch Jordie's baseball game. The Bulldogs won both their games...ON TO STATE!
     Then I ran home for our five-year-old's birthday party. We had so much fun at the bowling alley!
     Then yesterday was MOTHER'S DAY!! I had such a great one with all three of my kids home!!! And, we had Grandma over and it was Rick's birthday. We had a fantastic barbeque and just good family time.
     One thing I did for both Cody's birthday last week and Sarah's this week is buy cupcake cakes. These are cakes where they are made up of 25 cupcakes.
     They are really cool looking, but what's even nicer is that they help CONTROL portions. I didn't even have one at the party, but I did have one later, and they are MUCH smaller than a piece of cake would ever be (Or, at least the way I cut pieces of cake!).
     So, there's the update for the weekend. I did not exercise, did not make it to the gym to weigh, ate OK, and drank lots of water.
     I did enjoy my family TONS this weekend and celebrated two birthdays and Mother's Day.
     This is yet another busy week. My calendar actually looks scary if you look at the month of May.
     I am very much looking forward to JUNE!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Balance, shmalance

     Morning update: Mild headache, just on the outer edges.
     List for today: Grew considerably, all for good reasons.
     First, we have a soccer game tonight because Cody's team won on Tuesday against Manson. Thank goodness it is home!
     Then following the game we have to go to a reception for Cody to accept a scholarship! Woo hoo, that's #2 so far :)
     I still haven't made it to the gym, but I need to. I know that number will numb me.
     Although, I did eat well yesterday, and at the dessert part of our induction ceremony last night, I didn't eat anything. Trust me, there were some incredibly tempting homemade desserts.
     Today I want to weigh in about BALANCE. This has been a reoccurring theme, I know. But, it seems to elude me...finding it anyhow.
     Look at the dichotomy: If a woman puts everything into her family, then she is a good mom, but she lets herself go. If the same woman puts everything into herself, then she is a bad mom.
     Then you even have the moms who don't take care of themselves or their kids, and that's an entirely different set of problems altogether.
     And, personally, I am more about my kids, always have been, so I fall into category #1.
     I want to be the mom though that is all about her kids and herself, taking GREAT care of both. I know a few of these ladies out there, and they truly INSPIRE me.
     I just want to experience as much as possible with my children. And, time is so short; they truly do grow up too quickly.
     I am going to work harder at finding times to work out that include my kids. We have such a good time when we do physical things like hiking or walking or swimming or even playing on the trampoline.
     Thankfully my kids are in great shape, very fit and active. And, even though I am heavy, I do live a VERY active life, not just busy. We DO and MOVE a lot.
     When I have the choice, my favorite place to be is outside in our backyard (We call it the South Forty.) chasing our little one or jumping on the trampoline with them all.
     I have such a good life. I just need to get a handle on ONE thing, my weight.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Did you know?

     OK, I have a few things to share this morning. First, no headache (good!), and this is month is both National Hamburger Month as well as National Asparagus Month.
     I was thinking you could have a lean BBQed hamburger with grilled asparagus. Although, I WON'T be eating any of the asparagus. I know it is good for you, but...I have a not-so-wonderful experience with the veggie from way back when, and, I just won't eat it.
     Hamburgers, on the other hand, I LOVE. I love to make my own, and I am a master at the BBQ. I also like garden burgers, so if I feel like going meatless, that's an option, too.
     Speaking of hamburgers, I must confess that last night I ate a Quarter Pounder with cheese at McDonald's on the way home from the soccer game (We won, by the way!).
     The really super gross thing...that was 535 calories. I feel like I am definitely COMPLETELY off track. And, I know I need to catch it right now.
     Hey, did you also know that this Saturday the Campbell's and the National Post Office are teaming up to fight hunger?
     That's right, leave some cans in a plastic bag on your mailbox, and your carrier will pick them up.
     All the food collected goes to local food banks! This is a national effort happening EVERYWHERE! Cool, huh?!
     So, dig out some cans for Saturday!
     And, speaking of taking care of others, next Friday is the Relay for Life! I can't wait! Mark it on your calendars to come check it out, if you are not already participating!
     What's so great about the Relay for Life is that you can work out for a good cause!! Woo hoo!!
     This year I am going for 35 paperclips, my age!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bring on the BEAUTY

     Was yesterday not beautiful?? I love it when it warms up and makes ya feel like summer is coming!
     We spent the evening watching our little one jump on the trampoline, visiting with our neighbor, and just enjoying the perfect weather outside.
     I did not blog yesterday morning because I woke up with a headache. I actually had someone tell me that when you wake up in the morning with a headache it's because you did not get enough oxygen to your brain while you were sleeping.
     I do snore, and I imagine I even hold my breath at night. I really do need to have a sleep study done.
     Well, actually, I really do need to just lose weight. That would eliminate the snoring, and I am guessing the morning headaches.
     Although, I have allergies big time, and I am thinking they could certainly be contributing to the headaches and such.
     I definitely need to go to the gym even if JUST to weigh. I know I am the heaviest I have been. I can feel it.
     Right now I am operating under the ignorance is bliss method, I think. I know I need the reality check SOON.
     We had a super weekend. I did not make good choices eating, and I only exercised on Saturday (with one HUGE walk), but all of the family time was SUPER SWEET!
     Going to Leavenworth on Saturday was nice. I always love seeing all my old friends and the kids. It's emotional though.
     Wenatchee was fun since it was Apple Blossom, and I did a little shopping, which was mostly good (new purse and sunglasses), but a little depressing (trying to find a dress for graduation).
     Then Sunday the Mother's Tea was such a blast with Cody! Only two boys were there, but they sat by each other and kept our table entertained!
     I was thinking as I left the tea that when I attended my senior tea, I took Cody with me. He was a week old. My how time does cycle.
     Today looks like another BEAUTIFUL day!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Bring it on!

     SIGH...what a week. I just realized that I blogged every other day for this week, and actually that is pretty darn good considering.
     I always look forward to the weekends, and lately they have been super busy! Really that doesn't look like it will change in the future!!
     Are you ready for this? Do you really want to know what my calendar looks like??
     This weekend = Cheerleading tryouts tonight and a meeting afterwards with the other coach to determine squads. A trip tomorrow to Leavenworth to watch a soccer game, then a little buzz into Wenatchee to check out the Apple Blossom stuff. Sunday includes a trip to Chelan to pick up the boys, Senior Mother's Tea (get out the tissues), and...drumroll please...CODY'S 18TH BIRTHDAY, which we are having a party for him at Pizza Hut!
      (Side note: I offered Cody many options for this big day, and he REALLY wanted a pizza party at Pizza Hut!)
     Then the following weekend we have a bowling birthday party for our little one who will be 5! AND, Sunday is both Rick's birthday AND Mother's Day!!
     Jump to the next weekend, if you will. We have Relay for Life!! I can't wait!! (More to come about that!!!!!)
     Then the following weekend after that is Memorial Weekend, camping, and probably Cody's graduation party.
     And, the last week of May, first weekend of June, that's the biggie!! Senior trip to Seattle and GRADUATION!!!
     Of course, that is followed by the last week of school (and, I am not only closing out my classroom, but I am also moving to my new classroom), and my birthday jumps in there, too.
     SIGH...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. Would I have it any other way?? NO WAY!
     In closing...I have posted a new picture of me and my oldest. It's a tribute to him, since Sunday is his birthday and we are less than a month to graduation. My kids are my world!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So little time, too much to do

     I feel like my post should be named something like "Trisha Never Slows Down" or "Trisha has WAY TOO much TO DO." LOL
     Seriously, with cheer practice every night from 6 -7:30 p.m. last week and this, I am WIPED out!
     I really do feel like I am just non-stop go with NO time for me.
     Even though I have not been exercising, I am eating well, and drinking at least 50 ounces of water a day (somedays I am closer to my 100 ounces goal).
     The best thing is that I am taking my vitamins (for my adrenal glands and liver), and I am seeing the chiro regularly, which I am definitely seeing improvement with my painful nerve issues.
     So, PARTLY, I am taking care of myself. I do need to improve the eating and kickstart the exercising.
     Coaching cheerleading is definitely a HUGE motivation to get my butt in shape! I am going to start a plan that allows the girls to workout with me, too.
     We are going to use the weights at school, and hustle around the track as well as the climbing the bleachers for some cardio.
     I am excited to incorporate health and nutrition into coaching female athletes!! I definitely feel the pressure to be a good role model.
     For now, I just want some more sleep and to shake my icky cold/allergies (or whatever it is that I have).