Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy, but happy weekend!!

     I have to type fast since I am a skosh late this morning. But, I have so much to tell you!
     First, sorry for no blog on Friday, but I had more than a hectic morning!!!
     Rick was in Spokane, and I had to feed. Let's just say that was a hilarious experience, and I provided much entertainment for the kids.
     I was fine until I found two "jumping" mice in the horse feed bag. I pretty much had everyone laughing, including myself, but I did not have any time for writing.
     Friday we went to the movies to watch "Spiderman 3" and I did not eat ANYTHING at the theater. I truly think that is the first time that I had absolutely NOTHING.
     Part of the reason for that is that right before going we ate dinner, and I had yummy fish. So, neither Rick nor I had any room for any snacks.
     Then Saturday I was up and running! Well, not like jogging down the road (like I should be), but rather off for a BUSY day.
     I went over to Moses Lake to watch Jordie's baseball game. The Bulldogs won both their games...ON TO STATE!
     Then I ran home for our five-year-old's birthday party. We had so much fun at the bowling alley!
     Then yesterday was MOTHER'S DAY!! I had such a great one with all three of my kids home!!! And, we had Grandma over and it was Rick's birthday. We had a fantastic barbeque and just good family time.
     One thing I did for both Cody's birthday last week and Sarah's this week is buy cupcake cakes. These are cakes where they are made up of 25 cupcakes.
     They are really cool looking, but what's even nicer is that they help CONTROL portions. I didn't even have one at the party, but I did have one later, and they are MUCH smaller than a piece of cake would ever be (Or, at least the way I cut pieces of cake!).
     So, there's the update for the weekend. I did not exercise, did not make it to the gym to weigh, ate OK, and drank lots of water.
     I did enjoy my family TONS this weekend and celebrated two birthdays and Mother's Day.
     This is yet another busy week. My calendar actually looks scary if you look at the month of May.
     I am very much looking forward to JUNE!!!

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