Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Did you know?

     OK, I have a few things to share this morning. First, no headache (good!), and this is month is both National Hamburger Month as well as National Asparagus Month.
     I was thinking you could have a lean BBQed hamburger with grilled asparagus. Although, I WON'T be eating any of the asparagus. I know it is good for you, but...I have a not-so-wonderful experience with the veggie from way back when, and, I just won't eat it.
     Hamburgers, on the other hand, I LOVE. I love to make my own, and I am a master at the BBQ. I also like garden burgers, so if I feel like going meatless, that's an option, too.
     Speaking of hamburgers, I must confess that last night I ate a Quarter Pounder with cheese at McDonald's on the way home from the soccer game (We won, by the way!).
     The really super gross thing...that was 535 calories. I feel like I am definitely COMPLETELY off track. And, I know I need to catch it right now.
     Hey, did you also know that this Saturday the Campbell's and the National Post Office are teaming up to fight hunger?
     That's right, leave some cans in a plastic bag on your mailbox, and your carrier will pick them up.
     All the food collected goes to local food banks! This is a national effort happening EVERYWHERE! Cool, huh?!
     So, dig out some cans for Saturday!
     And, speaking of taking care of others, next Friday is the Relay for Life! I can't wait! Mark it on your calendars to come check it out, if you are not already participating!
     What's so great about the Relay for Life is that you can work out for a good cause!! Woo hoo!!
     This year I am going for 35 paperclips, my age!

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