Friday, May 4, 2007

Bring it on!

     SIGH...what a week. I just realized that I blogged every other day for this week, and actually that is pretty darn good considering.
     I always look forward to the weekends, and lately they have been super busy! Really that doesn't look like it will change in the future!!
     Are you ready for this? Do you really want to know what my calendar looks like??
     This weekend = Cheerleading tryouts tonight and a meeting afterwards with the other coach to determine squads. A trip tomorrow to Leavenworth to watch a soccer game, then a little buzz into Wenatchee to check out the Apple Blossom stuff. Sunday includes a trip to Chelan to pick up the boys, Senior Mother's Tea (get out the tissues), and...drumroll please...CODY'S 18TH BIRTHDAY, which we are having a party for him at Pizza Hut!
      (Side note: I offered Cody many options for this big day, and he REALLY wanted a pizza party at Pizza Hut!)
     Then the following weekend we have a bowling birthday party for our little one who will be 5! AND, Sunday is both Rick's birthday AND Mother's Day!!
     Jump to the next weekend, if you will. We have Relay for Life!! I can't wait!! (More to come about that!!!!!)
     Then the following weekend after that is Memorial Weekend, camping, and probably Cody's graduation party.
     And, the last week of May, first weekend of June, that's the biggie!! Senior trip to Seattle and GRADUATION!!!
     Of course, that is followed by the last week of school (and, I am not only closing out my classroom, but I am also moving to my new classroom), and my birthday jumps in there, too.
     SIGH...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. Would I have it any other way?? NO WAY!
     In closing...I have posted a new picture of me and my oldest. It's a tribute to him, since Sunday is his birthday and we are less than a month to graduation. My kids are my world!

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