Thursday, May 10, 2007

Balance, shmalance

     Morning update: Mild headache, just on the outer edges.
     List for today: Grew considerably, all for good reasons.
     First, we have a soccer game tonight because Cody's team won on Tuesday against Manson. Thank goodness it is home!
     Then following the game we have to go to a reception for Cody to accept a scholarship! Woo hoo, that's #2 so far :)
     I still haven't made it to the gym, but I need to. I know that number will numb me.
     Although, I did eat well yesterday, and at the dessert part of our induction ceremony last night, I didn't eat anything. Trust me, there were some incredibly tempting homemade desserts.
     Today I want to weigh in about BALANCE. This has been a reoccurring theme, I know. But, it seems to elude me...finding it anyhow.
     Look at the dichotomy: If a woman puts everything into her family, then she is a good mom, but she lets herself go. If the same woman puts everything into herself, then she is a bad mom.
     Then you even have the moms who don't take care of themselves or their kids, and that's an entirely different set of problems altogether.
     And, personally, I am more about my kids, always have been, so I fall into category #1.
     I want to be the mom though that is all about her kids and herself, taking GREAT care of both. I know a few of these ladies out there, and they truly INSPIRE me.
     I just want to experience as much as possible with my children. And, time is so short; they truly do grow up too quickly.
     I am going to work harder at finding times to work out that include my kids. We have such a good time when we do physical things like hiking or walking or swimming or even playing on the trampoline.
     Thankfully my kids are in great shape, very fit and active. And, even though I am heavy, I do live a VERY active life, not just busy. We DO and MOVE a lot.
     When I have the choice, my favorite place to be is outside in our backyard (We call it the South Forty.) chasing our little one or jumping on the trampoline with them all.
     I have such a good life. I just need to get a handle on ONE thing, my weight.

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