Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A nasty headache, and it's only TUESDAY

     The good news: I seemed to have FINALLY lost my cough. The bad news: I have a major headache this morning.
     Yesterday I had a fantabulous day! But, on the way to pick up my step-daughter early from day care, I was waiting at the highway, and some guy rammed into me from behind.
     To make matters worse, he took off (better known as a hit and run), but I did follow him and write down his license. The police I am sure will track him down.
     Besides being shocked and stressed over being hit, the right side of my back and hip is rather sore. Other than that the car and I are OK.
     I guess I just don't get how someone could just drive away like that. Hmmmm.
     So, yesterday I ate great! I did drink a ton of water (not quite my goal), and I even squeezed in a short walk during the day.
     And, on my ginormous "to do" list, once I grabbed my little one, I was going to go to the gym to weigh.
     But, that was sort of derailed with all of the stress of the accident and dealing with the sheriff and all.
     Busy day ahead of me now, and an even busier week to go. But, all GOOD stuff :)
     Catch ya later!

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