Thursday, May 24, 2007

Woot, Woot on the Weather

     So, I am a weather watcher at the moment. I am checking out to see how graduation's weather will be since we are going to be outside.
     Looking nice, so far! And, then next Thursday we will be in Seattle for the Mariners, and that weather is looking pretty sweet for the Seattle area...Roof open at the game, for sure!
     SO, everybody out there, think HAPPY thoughts for good weather for graduation.
     Summer is creeping in, and I LOVE it. Last night it was light clear after 9 p.m. NICE.
     The other thing I love about summer is all of the good fruit. It always seems so much easier to eat healthier in the summer and to drink more water and to workout.
     I am a summer baby both literarly and figuratively. My birthday is coming up (two weeks from Sunday)!!
     And, I live for the summer to be OUTSIDE all day long and well into the evening and night, too.
     Gotta love it.

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