Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good, better, best

     Yesterday was a GOOD day! I ate good, drank some water, squeezed in a little exercise (tell you more later), and had a good soak in the hot tub.
     I'm loving the tub! It's so nice to end the day. And, yesterday, I actually decided to do hot tub exercise!!!!
     I did a million leg lifts and scissors, and it made me think about how I want to swim this summer once the pool opens, lap swims and even water aerobics in the shallow end.
     I did not have a headache yesterday, and really right now, it's been a couple of days sans pain in the head!
     I do have a ton on my plate right now, and I will until probably a week from this Sunday, after Cody's graduation party.
     As well, I know the end of the school year is going to be busy with a BIG move from one classroom to the next.
     But, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...and, it feels GREAT!
     The other great thing, and I have NO clue how it happened, but this upcoming LONG weekend is FREE.
     Yes, ladies and gents, freeeeeeeeeeeee! We don't have any obligations. NO meetings, no games, nada!
     And, we may even be kid-less! YIKES! We are planning a motorcycle ride around the North Cross loop, and maybe some camping, and I might try a hike in there somewhere, too.
     I am looking forward to this peaceful calm before the storm.

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