Friday, May 18, 2007

The neverending week, and I mean that in a good way :)

     Sorry I haven't blog for a couple of days. This week truly is like the song that goes on and on, my friend.
     I had the senior banquet (which was BEAUTIFUL), and then yesterday a quick run down to Wenatchee for a doctor's appointment.
     Good news, even though my back is a little sore and swollen, it feels much better.
     NOW, for what I am SUPER excited about...RELAY FOR LIFE! That's right, tonight, my friends!
     Have you ever been? Definitely come down to the track at Okanogan High School this evening.
     The event starts at 6 p.m. with the Survivor Walk, which to me is the BEST part of the entire night.
     Then later in the evening, when it's dark, they turn down the football lights, and we walk to the illuminated luminaries...WOWSER!
     I plan to walk 35 laps, a lap for each year I have been lucky to be alive and healthy!
     I know this is scary, I know this is something you have heard before, I KNOW, but I am feeling inspired, again.
     I am excited to exercise tonight. I am looking forward to thinking about what's really important to me as I walk around the track.
     I am pledging NO FAST FOOD ANYMORE!!!! I can't believe that I went for almost two years with NONE, and then the past three months...UGH!
     My body has felt the effects of that greasy, gross food. I want my energy back!
     I hope to see you tonight!!!!

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