Sunday, August 28, 2011

Check, check, check!

I drank 175 ounces of water on Saturday, and 150 ounces today.

I exercised with more intensity these two days than I have ever!! I feel like I can truly do anything!

Today I worked in my classroom which was good to organize stuff! And, I tossed out a lot and recycled quite a bit, and even have a "FREE" table for others to come and grab stuff :)

Sweetest moment today? When someone I have not seen since the last day of school saw me today and said, "You look like you have lost weight!" YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Today's physical challenge, DONE!

I thankfully am not in pain today. OH, I DEFINITELY feel the muscles in my calves, thighs, and butt (almost typed butts, LOL), but I am not cringing when I get up and down off the couch or have to sit on the toilet, LOL! The muscles feel...well, USED? They are sore. And, I particularly feel it after I am sitting for a bit. I think all the water consumption is helping!!

So, today I was originally thinking, "Hmmmm, maybe I will ride my bike down to the school." Now, I have no idea how long this is, unless I use Google maps, but I live up on the flats near the airport, and Okanogan High School is down in Okanogan. This would be an awesome ride there, since it's MOSTLY flat and downhill. BUT, coming home, not so awesome. I could get someone to pick me up, that's always an option, too. But, in the end, since the little rugrat wants to go play teacher and help organize my classroom, and since I finally thought, "Um, I wonder if I should hard core workout the same muscles again...probably not." I did decide to do an exercise ball workout instead. I cranked up the classic rock and kicked booty!!

So, you think that's not so intense...let me challenge you first to do this: Hold your arms out to the side, palms down, for two minutes. Keep them up. It's hard. I used little 2-pound exercise balls and did that. Then I also held them directly in front of me, and then back out to the side but palms up. That right there was six minutes of arm workout, and already I was sweating!

Next up I went to my big exercise ball and I did a rotation between sit-ups and push-ups. I did 15 sit-ups, then 15 push-ups, then 14 sit-ups, and 14 push-ups, all the way down to 1 of each. I am not a mathematician, so I admit I used my calculator on my phone when I was done to determine I had finished 120 sit-ups and push-ups!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!

After this I stood back up and did more little ball and arm work (big circles both forwards and backwards, triceps extension and biceps curls, and then what I can only describe as cross-country ski arms) for two minutes for each exercise. I also did push-ups on the wall with the big exercise ball, just 15 of them. Have I mentioned that I LOVE MY EXERCISE BALL?! Even better, it was a gift from someone who didn't use it :)) Yeah for recycling!

I have determined, I can do ANYTHING for two minutes! And, I just keep rotating through and end up doing it for maybe even 10 minutes total!!

To close out I laid down and did one of my favorite ab exercises, though it's more effective with someone to help. If you have a partner, you have her stand by your head, you hold her ankles (you are on your back), and you bring your legs all the way up to her, and she pushes your legs hard back towards the ground, and you have to keep them from touching the ground, but take them as close to the ground as you possible can. Without a partner, you don't have the resistance part of them pushing your legs down and you trying to stop them, but you can still point your legs straight up to the ceiling, and bring them down as close to the ground as possible without touching. KILLER ab workout :)

Two exercise excuses I have made or heard before:
1) I can't afford a gym. Well, you don't need one. Even for strength training. Grab a couple of cans from your pantry.

2) Winter is harder for me to exercise. I agree with this, but I have been working hard at figuring out exercises that I like and can do inside NO MATTER the weather, so it doesn't have to be an excuse for me.

This War of the Scales exercise challenge was EXACTLY what I needed this weekend :)))
OK, going with the War of the Scales challenge, and being inspired by Stephanie's blog about the Omak High School bleachers, I decided I would do an hour workout there on Saturday. To start, I didn't get the early start that I wanted, so from 10:38-11:45, you could see me sweating out there under the almost-noon sun!

First off, I decided I would go down the 37 steps, and then back up, and call that a set.

I did 20 of these sets in 30 minutes!!! OH my goodness, talk about intensity!!! I did the first 10 sets in 13 minutes, but the second 10 sets took 17 minutes, and around set 16, my legs were jelly! I used my little rock system to keep track.

Then, since I had only worked out for half the time of our challenge, I decided I would walk the length of the bleachers, one row at a time. The railing in the pic is halfway, and the bleachers are about 40 yards per row, 18 rows, and then I also walked on the pavement above and the field below. I did this twice, and I just went over the top of the railing in the middle.

Then at the end, I walked two sets of the ultimate bleachers, where I walked down the far side stairs, up the middle, down the middle, and back up the opposite far side stairs.

PHEW! I was definitely sweating! I drank 96 ounces of water while doing this workout. And, amazingly, today I am not dying. I was really worried that I overdid it, and I wouldn't be able to walk today. I can feel my leg and butt muscles, but they are not painful, just feel like they had a good workout yesterday, and they did!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tired Heart :(

I am tired. Extremely tired. Part of that is we had our cheer sleepover last night, and I have four hours of sleep, and I am just to old for that kind of stuff anymore, though I will sacrifice it for those young ones!

Tragedy has smacked us all with a big reality check again in our little community. It has been a tough summer, already with so many other tragic incidents. I do have personal connection with this one, and I am just devasated :( Between this and Colin's sudden passing last month, GEEZ. Emotionally, my tank is drained.

I was just thinking what a great summer it has been, and truly, I am fortunate and it has been one of wonderful one-of-a-kind opportunities and experiences. And, it is times like these, where we don't know what tomorrow may bring, that remind me that we need to love those around us, forgive those who need it, make our world and ourselves better, to not give up when we feel down, and to cherish our lives.

Today I hiked the OK hill, all the way to the top. This is something I have always wanted to do, and it didn't SURPRISINGLY kick my butt. Oh, it was hard. I was sweating like a free-flowing faucet, but purging those emotions was awesome. It made the climb feel RIGHT. The trip back down took a lot of concentration, and just gave my brain a chance to be on auto-pilot, which is exactly what it needed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buy a lottery ticket, maybe?

I have had these super cool number things happening to me lately...

On our vacay I found a 50-cent piece in my change wallet, and it was 1971, the year I was born.

Sunday headed home I looked at my odometer, and it read 888.8. Seriously, what's the chance of looking exactly right then? And, 8 is Cody's number. He was 8 in every sport he has ever played!!

Then yesterday when I looked at the time as I was driving, it said 3:33, which my mommy's favorite number is 3 :)

Kinda fun, kinda random, I know!

Totally off-topic, but if the grocery store charges you too much for an item, let's say only $1 or less, do you go through the hassle of getting your money back, if you don't notice it until you have checked out? If a million people did that...could it be a conspiracy? That happened to me the other day, and the store was crazy busy, and I wasn't going to deal with it for a $1, but then it got me thinking.

So....back to reality :) Something new for me this year is that I am exercising with my cheer team when I run them through drills. It's awesome, and it's hard, and I can feel the difference in just 3 days!!! It totally builds in exercise to my day automatically. Kinda (just a tiny bit) makes me think about if I was a PE teacher, but I would totally miss English.

I am needing to formulate a plan. School is just around the corner. I have two teacher days next week, and the first day is on Wednesday with kiddos. LET THE TORNADO BEGIN!!

I have to get back on track with my jogging, if I am going to jog the half-marathon...I know I can walk it in the time limit, but I want to jog it!!

Eating has been good!! I love summer foods, and I love all the people who have gardens and share with us :)))

Water has been much better since I have been home!

I am headed off today to hike the OK hill a few times, and I plan on buying a lotto ticket!! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seeing and feeling results!!!!!!!!

First, check out the measurements!! YAHOO :)) I tried on pants and shorts and shirts last night that I could not wear at the beginning of summer, and now I can!!

The tape says:

July 15th
Hips- 52 inches
Waist- 46 inches
Chest- 49 inches
Thighs-24 inches

August 24th
Hips- 50 inches
Waist- 43.5 inches
Chest- 46.5
Thighs- 23.5
Arms- 13 *Wish I woulda done this in July!

The scale says:
Mid-June I weighed 244.
I made it through Vegas and back at 242.
The first week of July the scale said 239.
July 10 = 235.4.
August 1 = 228.4.
August 8= 227.2
August 15 = 225
August 22 = 223

A total of 21 pounds lost since school got out, and that's 8.6% :)

I have been thinking a lot about my friend who said that you have to trust that your hard work is making a difference whether you can see or feel it. I feel so healthy and alive. This has been a good summer of taking care of me!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


What the weight is looking like...

Mid-June I weighed 244.
I made it through Vegas and back at 242.
The first week of July the scale said 239.
July 10 = 235.4.
August 1 = 228.4.
Last Monday, August 8= 227.2
Today = 225

That's a total of 19 pounds AND 7.78% since mid-June :)


What's my name? LOL! Sometimes I forget my name when life gets all crazy busy!

So, on Thursday and Friday we were selling programs at the Stampede, and my job was to run programs to all the gates. And, let me tell ya, I was a runnin'. It's pretty funny when the bullfighter, JJ Harrison, says,"You are one hustlin' lady!" So true!! He was busy putting on his make-up, and I would run in grab 20 programs (which are pretty heavy), and then run out, and be back in a few minutes empty-handed, grabbing more!! I was sweaty and feeling like I was getting a great workout.

I did not take any money with me, so I wasn't tempted to get anything there at the Stampede. But, in reality, nothing tempted me! I had my gi-normous (not even sure how big it is, will have to upload a pic!) water jug, and I drank the entire thing both nights.

Today we are headed up to sheer the sheep. Then, we have a birthday BBQ, and then the rodeo (not selling and running programs tonight, thank goodness for awesome parents!). We head out bright and early tomorrow morning on our vacay!! I can't wait!!

I have definitely been drinking tons of water this week. Exercise has been happening EVERY day, though I have been off my jogging schedule :( I am going to resume that when we are back from vacation. Eating has been great!! No cheating :) And, now it doesn't even feel like I am tempted or want anything else...

I am nervous about eating on our trip, but I have a plan, and we are going to be buying our food as much as possible from the grocery stores, mostly meal by meal, given our mode of transportation!! I am not sure about exercise, though I know I will get it both driving my motorcycle each day, and I plan on walking/hiking when we are situated.

I probably won't be blogging this next week. We will have some access, but we are not bringing computers with us, which will be nice :))) Going all unplugged, except for our phones. I will update Facebook and Twitter via texting only!

Catcha on the lighter side!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

KICK booty!!!

I don't want mini-boot camp to end. And, it sorta kinda isn't going to because we decided as a group to continue to meet every Saturday once school gets started :) YEAH!

Today we did some outside work, including bleachers, and then we headed in for YOGA and Tae-Bo. MAN, I was one seriously SWEATY chick-a-dee. I loved the 10-minute Yoga video we did because it fell doable, and it was still a workout and relaxing at the same time!

I LOVE Tae-Bo!! I used to do it way back when my almost 19-year-old was a toddler!! I forgot how much I love it!!! We did that for 30 minutes, and it kicks your butt!!

Today I had a YUMMY veggie sandwich at Wallwebbers, and I still have a busy night because we are selling programs at Stampede!

Can't wait for the next weigh-in, even though it will be a day early!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TIRED, but a good tired!

The original plan was to bale our hay Friday evening, and then we would buck on Saturday morning. But, because of weather, I got a phone call late afternoon that, in fact, we were doing it all tonight.

Well, with the first plan, I was going to be gone because we have to go up and get our sheep sheered. Now, that was good because I would skip out on the bucking of the hay, but it was scary because I was worried about taking the sheep up myself. I always feel better when Ricky is with me, when we have our animals involved.

SO, thankfully I have connections, and we hire some AWESOME high school boys to work for and with us! Anyhoot, I ended up doing quite a bit of bucking, and I was thinking that even though it wasn't necessarily a "fun" workout, it was still VERY satisfying because the work is done. It can rain all it wants, and it's nice that we finished tonight instead of the day before leaving on our trip!

I do like working out when I also accomplish something!!!

Fun workouts!

Fun workouts are the ONLY way to go :))

Yesterday I hiked up and down the hills at the waterslides! That was SO much fun and what a workout!!! My booty feels it today.

Today I had the mini-boot camp, and I have concluded the following: I love working out with an exercise ball (and, a friend is going to give me her exercise balls that she doesn't do anymore!!); I love working out with a group; I love having a variety of exercises/stations; I love having someone else plan out my exercise (like a trainer). I was SO sweaty today!! And, I didn't even feel like we had worked out for 90 minutes!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weigh-in...feeling it!

What the weight is looking like...

Mid-June I weighed 244.
I made it through Vegas and back at 242.
The first week of July the scale said 239.
July 10 = 235.4.
Last Monday, August 1 = 228.4.
Today= 227.2
That's a total of 16.8 pounds AND 6.89% since mid-June :)

Feeling like Super Trisha :)

I have accomplished MANY things off my to-do list this past week!! Let's see, where to begin :)

I had a 10x20 storage unit ($90 a month to rent) that included stuff from me, my boys, my parents, my sister. YOU GET THE DRIFT! Well, now that storage unit is down to 10x10 (and, yes have the storage rent, too), with room to park our motorcycles this winter, if that's what we decide to do.

Not only is there less stuff, but the stuff is all organized. I went through OVER 50 tubs on Thursday (talk about a sweaty, HOT experience), and I was able to consolidate tubs, yard sale stuff in tubs, and even throw some stuff away.

I feel so much LIGHTER! I even wrote down what was in each tub that is left in a notebook and exactly where it is (it's written on the tub, too). I have a plan for this storage which has a light at the end of the tunnel :) I am going to buy another one of those storage sheds from the high school in May. They are 10x12, so that's plenty of room for what I have in storage now, though I will definitely have less because next year at the beginning of summer, I am going to make a road trip down to Vegas and take all the stuff to my parents, sister, Cody, and even take stuff and drop it off in Oregon at Jordie's place.

The yard sale was a lot of work, but I know I was sweating and burning calories, and, of course, how 'bout an extra $300? Just in time for vacay, too :) We (my best friend with whom I had the yard sale and at her house) actually decided that our goal this year is to go through one room a month in our house and really sort through everything (as if we were moving), price things and tub them, and then we will have a yard sale the same first weekend of August every year!! Oh, and the SUPER cool thing about what was leftover? I didn't have to load it to the dump. I didn't have to pay the dump fee and feel guilty for throwing usable stuff into our landfill. I called a fellow who came and picked up EVERYTHING :)))) YAHOO!

I feel so good today! I feel motivated, and I have a room or two I would like to start working on :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out of the mouth of a babe!

This morning at our mini-boot camp we had a bunch of stations, and my most favorite was the exercise ball station!!! I loved it :) My step-daughter made us all look old, LOL! She especially rocked the Hula Hoop station. Me? Not so much...I had it going good on my arms though, LOL!!!

Then we headed to the infamous storage unit. The endless room of stuff and more stuff, and did I mention stuff. EVERYBODY'S STUFF!! My goal is to get rid of as much as possible--gonna do an impromptu yard sale this SATURDAY!! Whatever is left over is headed to the dump.

So back to this HOT afternoon in this oven. Well, I went through every storage tub (over a 50). I filled up the Nissan, and I am taking the Ford back tomorrow, and I will have two trips in it!! I know at a minimum I will be able to downsize to half the size of the one we are in now, and then I plan to have another storage shed built by the woodshop class next spring, and I will be done with someone else's storage FOREVER!!! I also am thinking about making a road trip next summer at the beginning to go to Vegas and see the fam, and I could take 9 tubs to Cody, drop off 10 tubs to Jordie on the way through Oregon, and even take some stuff to my parents and sister (yes, I have some of their stuff!!).

Alright, so we are melting. I am working my butt off!! I am lifting some heavy stuff, moving it around, loading it up, and just dripping in sweat!! My step-daughter was mostly a help, though she had a hard time not wanting everything that was headed to the yard sale, LOL! We did find an Ichiro jersey that Jordie wore when he was her age. I called him, and he said she could have it!!! HOLY smokes she was a happy little girl, especially since she just saw Ichiro in person at the baseball game on Sunday!!!

OK, back to this intense step-daughter says, "Holy cow! Your butt is sweating!! shorts were drenched, my shirt was drenched, my hair was drenched, and as she pointed out, "You even have water dripping off your nose like a faucet." I would have to say that must mean I worked my butt off today!!

Feelin' like a LOSER!

Mid-June I weighed 244.
I made it through Vegas and back at 242.
The first week of July the scale said 239.
July 10 = 235.4.
This past Monday, August 1 = 228.4.
That's a total of 15.6 since mid-June :)
It's not some massive crazy number, and believe me I have done those before...40 pounds in six weeks, but it's all from hard work. It feels legit, and like a forever loss!
I am hoping to be at 20 pounds down by mid-August!
I am definitely starting to feel it!! And, I can wear some clothes that I could not wear at the beginning of summer. Clothes that I tried on and wanted to wear to Vegas!
Now, that feels like PROGRESS.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something to think about

I have felt a little flat the past couple of days, lacking and zapped of energy, but this afternoon was a little better, thank goodness. I also had Aunt Flo come to visit this morning (at 4:10 a.m. with nasty, want-to-make-me-die-cramps). She's not a regular visitor, so I don't ever really know when she is coming, and more often than not, her visits are spaced out by a couple of months or so. Anyhoot...I was glad to realize there was a reason for being wiped out. I don't mean to offend anyone by sharing such personal info, but in reality, it's part of our lives and it can affect both our eating and exercising!!

I did rock my exercising today, as I worked out in my mini-boot fitness camp in the morning, and today we did ZUMBA! It was intense because we learned all the basic moves, and we did so for 60 minutes! Prior to that we warmed up for 20 minutes. Then, this afternoon I went to Zumba, and I had THE BEST workout I have had in a long time.

I also talked with Lydia (my Zumba instructor), and she talked to me about rest and recovery, which has piqued my research into the topic! So much info out there!! I do think that sometimes I OVER, this was a good reminder and wake-up call.

The other thing I am VERY interested in is about my heart rate and how that relates to my exercising (and, more importantly my OVER exercising!) Wow! This is the article right here! I seriously think I am going to buy a heart monitor, and I have found that you can get a decent one for not too expensive!I am for sure going to focus on heart rate training these next couple of weeks!

UPDATE continued:
Eating RIGHT on target. Still clean, nothing processed :))))
Water...I feel like some days are harder than others to get it all in, but I do it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check it out...

Have you checked out War of The Scales lately? DO IT!

The FAMILY that exercises together...

I need to tell you first about back when my little guy Jordie was a youngster, he used to exercise with me all the time. We had some of THE best walks around Ski Hill up in Leavenworth, interesting bike rides, and awesome hikes!

So, I am excited that my nine-year-old step-daughter loves to exercise with me, too!! Talk about a walk down memory lane :))) We have walked up and down Robinson Canyon...I about died when she said, "How come you are sweating and breathing so hard?" LOL

We went to Zumba together, and since she has moves,she did really well!! She did have to take a break during two songs, and when it was all over she said, "I'm so proud of you! You didn't have to take a break!"

Then tonight we rode our bikes on a four-mile ride, and she was all mystified at how I knew how to ride so well. When we got home, she was wiped out! "Exhausted!" And, then she even had to change her sweaty shirt and grab a wet washcloth to put around her neck.

It's definitely fun to workout with a buddy, and even more so when that buddy is family :)))

Monday, August 1, 2011


When I really reflect on the past four days, I am amazed at all I experienced, as well as all the temptations and food, food, food, and more food everywhere!!

Thursday was the second day of lots of family visiting, and we had a gi-normous BBQ. I did my mini-boot camp in the morning.

Friday was the funeral, and I was emotionally wiped out. Normally I will eat when I am emotional, but this was a different, and really I just wanted to sleep. I am glad I walked/jogged in the morning because I wouldn't have in the evening for sure. Then everyone decided to have pizza (I think they ordered TEN!), but thankfully I wasn't hungry, so I didn't feel like I was left out. After the pizza, we went to the movies (Cowboys and Aliens...interesting flick). We hit up the 9:30 showing (late, for me!), and I still wasn't hungry, but I noticed that everyone that came to the show was still stuffed from the pizza, and with it being late, mostly everyone just had something to drink. I had water, and ate a piece of gum. I didn't miss the popcorn, especially since it wasn't sit right next to me!

Saturday we headed up to Winthrop on our motorcycles for some ice cream. I had decided as we were going, that I would have an iced Americano as my treat. Well, when we got there, I was tempted to have a sugar-free huckleberry ice cream (my favorite flavor, but without sugar!). I didn't order it, and I drank my yummy Americano. BUT WAIT! As I was sitting there, I decided that I would have a frozen treat I TRULY love...a frozen banana!! I went up to the ice cream counter and asked if I could have a frozen banana without the chocolate. The girl looked at me like I was crazy, but she gave me one!! She still charged me the regular price, but I didn't care!!! Yeah me! Confession: I did not exercise on Saturday...first time in I don't know how long?!?! I did drive my motorcycle, and it was windy, and they say that driving a motorcycle IS exercise. Apparently my weight burns 274 calories an hour.

Saturday evening we had Rick's reunion. This was fun, and I did eat dinner, but I made good choices :))And, I ate tiny portions, and NO seconds. There was no dessert, so that wasn't a temptation!! I drank water all night.

Sunday we were up and out at 7 a.m., headed to the Mariners!! The game was a blast! I packed some almonds, pistachios, and cherries for my snack, though I admit I did eat a couple of garlic fries :))) I drank tons of water, which I brought in my own bottle to fill up (you are allowed to bring empty bottles), and then saved gi-normous bucks!! A normal-size water bottle was $4!! I ate a small sandwich (no chips) at Quiznos for dinner, and it's super cool that they list their calories right where you order!!

So, wow! Family reunion, BBQ, movies, school reunion, ice cream trip, Mariners, all packed into four days. And, I made good choices, and even better, I didn't feel that I was missing out on anything!!!