Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TIRED, but a good tired!

The original plan was to bale our hay Friday evening, and then we would buck on Saturday morning. But, because of weather, I got a phone call late afternoon that, in fact, we were doing it all tonight.

Well, with the first plan, I was going to be gone because we have to go up and get our sheep sheered. Now, that was good because I would skip out on the bucking of the hay, but it was scary because I was worried about taking the sheep up myself. I always feel better when Ricky is with me, when we have our animals involved.

SO, thankfully I have connections, and we hire some AWESOME high school boys to work for and with us! Anyhoot, I ended up doing quite a bit of bucking, and I was thinking that even though it wasn't necessarily a "fun" workout, it was still VERY satisfying because the work is done. It can rain all it wants, and it's nice that we finished tonight instead of the day before leaving on our trip!

I do like working out when I also accomplish something!!!

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