Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out of the mouth of a babe!

This morning at our mini-boot camp we had a bunch of stations, and my most favorite was the exercise ball station!!! I loved it :) My step-daughter made us all look old, LOL! She especially rocked the Hula Hoop station. Me? Not so much...I had it going good on my arms though, LOL!!!

Then we headed to the infamous storage unit. The endless room of stuff and more stuff, and did I mention stuff. EVERYBODY'S STUFF!! My goal is to get rid of as much as possible--gonna do an impromptu yard sale this SATURDAY!! Whatever is left over is headed to the dump.

So back to this HOT afternoon in this oven. Well, I went through every storage tub (over a 50). I filled up the Nissan, and I am taking the Ford back tomorrow, and I will have two trips in it!! I know at a minimum I will be able to downsize to half the size of the one we are in now, and then I plan to have another storage shed built by the woodshop class next spring, and I will be done with someone else's storage FOREVER!!! I also am thinking about making a road trip next summer at the beginning to go to Vegas and see the fam, and I could take 9 tubs to Cody, drop off 10 tubs to Jordie on the way through Oregon, and even take some stuff to my parents and sister (yes, I have some of their stuff!!).

Alright, so we are melting. I am working my butt off!! I am lifting some heavy stuff, moving it around, loading it up, and just dripping in sweat!! My step-daughter was mostly a help, though she had a hard time not wanting everything that was headed to the yard sale, LOL! We did find an Ichiro jersey that Jordie wore when he was her age. I called him, and he said she could have it!!! HOLY smokes she was a happy little girl, especially since she just saw Ichiro in person at the baseball game on Sunday!!!

OK, back to this intense step-daughter says, "Holy cow! Your butt is sweating!! shorts were drenched, my shirt was drenched, my hair was drenched, and as she pointed out, "You even have water dripping off your nose like a faucet." I would have to say that must mean I worked my butt off today!!

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