Sunday, August 28, 2011

OK, going with the War of the Scales challenge, and being inspired by Stephanie's blog about the Omak High School bleachers, I decided I would do an hour workout there on Saturday. To start, I didn't get the early start that I wanted, so from 10:38-11:45, you could see me sweating out there under the almost-noon sun!

First off, I decided I would go down the 37 steps, and then back up, and call that a set.

I did 20 of these sets in 30 minutes!!! OH my goodness, talk about intensity!!! I did the first 10 sets in 13 minutes, but the second 10 sets took 17 minutes, and around set 16, my legs were jelly! I used my little rock system to keep track.

Then, since I had only worked out for half the time of our challenge, I decided I would walk the length of the bleachers, one row at a time. The railing in the pic is halfway, and the bleachers are about 40 yards per row, 18 rows, and then I also walked on the pavement above and the field below. I did this twice, and I just went over the top of the railing in the middle.

Then at the end, I walked two sets of the ultimate bleachers, where I walked down the far side stairs, up the middle, down the middle, and back up the opposite far side stairs.

PHEW! I was definitely sweating! I drank 96 ounces of water while doing this workout. And, amazingly, today I am not dying. I was really worried that I overdid it, and I wouldn't be able to walk today. I can feel my leg and butt muscles, but they are not painful, just feel like they had a good workout yesterday, and they did!


Tina said...

wowie zowie!

I gotta say,I am TERRIFIED of stair workouts. Always afraid I'm going to fall down. Seriously. When Debbie was my trainer at NCAC, she decided to have me "run" the stairs. I used the handrail. Obviously, we had to move on to something else.

The Moms said...

Oh the bleachers! How I love thee!!! I will see you today on my lunch hour.... ;)
Good job Trisha! they are killers that is for sure!!! Awesome workout tho!!!