Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seeing and feeling results!!!!!!!!

First, check out the measurements!! YAHOO :)) I tried on pants and shorts and shirts last night that I could not wear at the beginning of summer, and now I can!!

The tape says:

July 15th
Hips- 52 inches
Waist- 46 inches
Chest- 49 inches
Thighs-24 inches

August 24th
Hips- 50 inches
Waist- 43.5 inches
Chest- 46.5
Thighs- 23.5
Arms- 13 *Wish I woulda done this in July!

The scale says:
Mid-June I weighed 244.
I made it through Vegas and back at 242.
The first week of July the scale said 239.
July 10 = 235.4.
August 1 = 228.4.
August 8= 227.2
August 15 = 225
August 22 = 223

A total of 21 pounds lost since school got out, and that's 8.6% :)

I have been thinking a lot about my friend who said that you have to trust that your hard work is making a difference whether you can see or feel it. I feel so healthy and alive. This has been a good summer of taking care of me!

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Tina said...

SOOOO happy for you! You are a beautiful lady.