Saturday, August 13, 2011


What's my name? LOL! Sometimes I forget my name when life gets all crazy busy!

So, on Thursday and Friday we were selling programs at the Stampede, and my job was to run programs to all the gates. And, let me tell ya, I was a runnin'. It's pretty funny when the bullfighter, JJ Harrison, says,"You are one hustlin' lady!" So true!! He was busy putting on his make-up, and I would run in grab 20 programs (which are pretty heavy), and then run out, and be back in a few minutes empty-handed, grabbing more!! I was sweaty and feeling like I was getting a great workout.

I did not take any money with me, so I wasn't tempted to get anything there at the Stampede. But, in reality, nothing tempted me! I had my gi-normous (not even sure how big it is, will have to upload a pic!) water jug, and I drank the entire thing both nights.

Today we are headed up to sheer the sheep. Then, we have a birthday BBQ, and then the rodeo (not selling and running programs tonight, thank goodness for awesome parents!). We head out bright and early tomorrow morning on our vacay!! I can't wait!!

I have definitely been drinking tons of water this week. Exercise has been happening EVERY day, though I have been off my jogging schedule :( I am going to resume that when we are back from vacation. Eating has been great!! No cheating :) And, now it doesn't even feel like I am tempted or want anything else...

I am nervous about eating on our trip, but I have a plan, and we are going to be buying our food as much as possible from the grocery stores, mostly meal by meal, given our mode of transportation!! I am not sure about exercise, though I know I will get it both driving my motorcycle each day, and I plan on walking/hiking when we are situated.

I probably won't be blogging this next week. We will have some access, but we are not bringing computers with us, which will be nice :))) Going all unplugged, except for our phones. I will update Facebook and Twitter via texting only!

Catcha on the lighter side!

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