Monday, August 8, 2011

Feeling like Super Trisha :)

I have accomplished MANY things off my to-do list this past week!! Let's see, where to begin :)

I had a 10x20 storage unit ($90 a month to rent) that included stuff from me, my boys, my parents, my sister. YOU GET THE DRIFT! Well, now that storage unit is down to 10x10 (and, yes have the storage rent, too), with room to park our motorcycles this winter, if that's what we decide to do.

Not only is there less stuff, but the stuff is all organized. I went through OVER 50 tubs on Thursday (talk about a sweaty, HOT experience), and I was able to consolidate tubs, yard sale stuff in tubs, and even throw some stuff away.

I feel so much LIGHTER! I even wrote down what was in each tub that is left in a notebook and exactly where it is (it's written on the tub, too). I have a plan for this storage which has a light at the end of the tunnel :) I am going to buy another one of those storage sheds from the high school in May. They are 10x12, so that's plenty of room for what I have in storage now, though I will definitely have less because next year at the beginning of summer, I am going to make a road trip down to Vegas and take all the stuff to my parents, sister, Cody, and even take stuff and drop it off in Oregon at Jordie's place.

The yard sale was a lot of work, but I know I was sweating and burning calories, and, of course, how 'bout an extra $300? Just in time for vacay, too :) We (my best friend with whom I had the yard sale and at her house) actually decided that our goal this year is to go through one room a month in our house and really sort through everything (as if we were moving), price things and tub them, and then we will have a yard sale the same first weekend of August every year!! Oh, and the SUPER cool thing about what was leftover? I didn't have to load it to the dump. I didn't have to pay the dump fee and feel guilty for throwing usable stuff into our landfill. I called a fellow who came and picked up EVERYTHING :)))) YAHOO!

I feel so good today! I feel motivated, and I have a room or two I would like to start working on :)

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