Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The FAMILY that exercises together...

I need to tell you first about back when my little guy Jordie was a youngster, he used to exercise with me all the time. We had some of THE best walks around Ski Hill up in Leavenworth, interesting bike rides, and awesome hikes!

So, I am excited that my nine-year-old step-daughter loves to exercise with me, too!! Talk about a walk down memory lane :))) We have walked up and down Robinson Canyon...I about died when she said, "How come you are sweating and breathing so hard?" LOL

We went to Zumba together, and since she has moves,she did really well!! She did have to take a break during two songs, and when it was all over she said, "I'm so proud of you! You didn't have to take a break!"

Then tonight we rode our bikes on a four-mile ride, and she was all mystified at how I knew how to ride so well. When we got home, she was wiped out! "Exhausted!" And, then she even had to change her sweaty shirt and grab a wet washcloth to put around her neck.

It's definitely fun to workout with a buddy, and even more so when that buddy is family :)))

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