Friday, August 26, 2011

Tired Heart :(

I am tired. Extremely tired. Part of that is we had our cheer sleepover last night, and I have four hours of sleep, and I am just to old for that kind of stuff anymore, though I will sacrifice it for those young ones!

Tragedy has smacked us all with a big reality check again in our little community. It has been a tough summer, already with so many other tragic incidents. I do have personal connection with this one, and I am just devasated :( Between this and Colin's sudden passing last month, GEEZ. Emotionally, my tank is drained.

I was just thinking what a great summer it has been, and truly, I am fortunate and it has been one of wonderful one-of-a-kind opportunities and experiences. And, it is times like these, where we don't know what tomorrow may bring, that remind me that we need to love those around us, forgive those who need it, make our world and ourselves better, to not give up when we feel down, and to cherish our lives.

Today I hiked the OK hill, all the way to the top. This is something I have always wanted to do, and it didn't SURPRISINGLY kick my butt. Oh, it was hard. I was sweating like a free-flowing faucet, but purging those emotions was awesome. It made the climb feel RIGHT. The trip back down took a lot of concentration, and just gave my brain a chance to be on auto-pilot, which is exactly what it needed.

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The Moms said...

I think we are all going to be in shock for a long time on this tragedy. They touched so many lives, including mine. I just can't believe it.

Glad you got to have a release. :) In times like this exercise is so very important.