Thursday, August 11, 2011

KICK booty!!!

I don't want mini-boot camp to end. And, it sorta kinda isn't going to because we decided as a group to continue to meet every Saturday once school gets started :) YEAH!

Today we did some outside work, including bleachers, and then we headed in for YOGA and Tae-Bo. MAN, I was one seriously SWEATY chick-a-dee. I loved the 10-minute Yoga video we did because it fell doable, and it was still a workout and relaxing at the same time!

I LOVE Tae-Bo!! I used to do it way back when my almost 19-year-old was a toddler!! I forgot how much I love it!!! We did that for 30 minutes, and it kicks your butt!!

Today I had a YUMMY veggie sandwich at Wallwebbers, and I still have a busy night because we are selling programs at Stampede!

Can't wait for the next weigh-in, even though it will be a day early!

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