Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buy a lottery ticket, maybe?

I have had these super cool number things happening to me lately...

On our vacay I found a 50-cent piece in my change wallet, and it was 1971, the year I was born.

Sunday headed home I looked at my odometer, and it read 888.8. Seriously, what's the chance of looking exactly right then? And, 8 is Cody's number. He was 8 in every sport he has ever played!!

Then yesterday when I looked at the time as I was driving, it said 3:33, which my mommy's favorite number is 3 :)

Kinda fun, kinda random, I know!

Totally off-topic, but if the grocery store charges you too much for an item, let's say only $1 or less, do you go through the hassle of getting your money back, if you don't notice it until you have checked out? If a million people did that...could it be a conspiracy? That happened to me the other day, and the store was crazy busy, and I wasn't going to deal with it for a $1, but then it got me thinking.

So....back to reality :) Something new for me this year is that I am exercising with my cheer team when I run them through drills. It's awesome, and it's hard, and I can feel the difference in just 3 days!!! It totally builds in exercise to my day automatically. Kinda (just a tiny bit) makes me think about if I was a PE teacher, but I would totally miss English.

I am needing to formulate a plan. School is just around the corner. I have two teacher days next week, and the first day is on Wednesday with kiddos. LET THE TORNADO BEGIN!!

I have to get back on track with my jogging, if I am going to jog the half-marathon...I know I can walk it in the time limit, but I want to jog it!!

Eating has been good!! I love summer foods, and I love all the people who have gardens and share with us :)))

Water has been much better since I have been home!

I am headed off today to hike the OK hill a few times, and I plan on buying a lotto ticket!! :)

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