Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feelin' like a LOSER!

Mid-June I weighed 244.
I made it through Vegas and back at 242.
The first week of July the scale said 239.
July 10 = 235.4.
This past Monday, August 1 = 228.4.
That's a total of 15.6 since mid-June :)
It's not some massive crazy number, and believe me I have done those before...40 pounds in six weeks, but it's all from hard work. It feels legit, and like a forever loss!
I am hoping to be at 20 pounds down by mid-August!
I am definitely starting to feel it!! And, I can wear some clothes that I could not wear at the beginning of summer. Clothes that I tried on and wanted to wear to Vegas!
Now, that feels like PROGRESS.

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