Monday, August 1, 2011


When I really reflect on the past four days, I am amazed at all I experienced, as well as all the temptations and food, food, food, and more food everywhere!!

Thursday was the second day of lots of family visiting, and we had a gi-normous BBQ. I did my mini-boot camp in the morning.

Friday was the funeral, and I was emotionally wiped out. Normally I will eat when I am emotional, but this was a different, and really I just wanted to sleep. I am glad I walked/jogged in the morning because I wouldn't have in the evening for sure. Then everyone decided to have pizza (I think they ordered TEN!), but thankfully I wasn't hungry, so I didn't feel like I was left out. After the pizza, we went to the movies (Cowboys and Aliens...interesting flick). We hit up the 9:30 showing (late, for me!), and I still wasn't hungry, but I noticed that everyone that came to the show was still stuffed from the pizza, and with it being late, mostly everyone just had something to drink. I had water, and ate a piece of gum. I didn't miss the popcorn, especially since it wasn't sit right next to me!

Saturday we headed up to Winthrop on our motorcycles for some ice cream. I had decided as we were going, that I would have an iced Americano as my treat. Well, when we got there, I was tempted to have a sugar-free huckleberry ice cream (my favorite flavor, but without sugar!). I didn't order it, and I drank my yummy Americano. BUT WAIT! As I was sitting there, I decided that I would have a frozen treat I TRULY love...a frozen banana!! I went up to the ice cream counter and asked if I could have a frozen banana without the chocolate. The girl looked at me like I was crazy, but she gave me one!! She still charged me the regular price, but I didn't care!!! Yeah me! Confession: I did not exercise on Saturday...first time in I don't know how long?!?! I did drive my motorcycle, and it was windy, and they say that driving a motorcycle IS exercise. Apparently my weight burns 274 calories an hour.

Saturday evening we had Rick's reunion. This was fun, and I did eat dinner, but I made good choices :))And, I ate tiny portions, and NO seconds. There was no dessert, so that wasn't a temptation!! I drank water all night.

Sunday we were up and out at 7 a.m., headed to the Mariners!! The game was a blast! I packed some almonds, pistachios, and cherries for my snack, though I admit I did eat a couple of garlic fries :))) I drank tons of water, which I brought in my own bottle to fill up (you are allowed to bring empty bottles), and then saved gi-normous bucks!! A normal-size water bottle was $4!! I ate a small sandwich (no chips) at Quiznos for dinner, and it's super cool that they list their calories right where you order!!

So, wow! Family reunion, BBQ, movies, school reunion, ice cream trip, Mariners, all packed into four days. And, I made good choices, and even better, I didn't feel that I was missing out on anything!!!

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