Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the mend!

     It's been a whirlwind, for sure, but I think I am ALMOST back to some semblance of a normal life, whatever that might be.
     Last weekend was a good one, overall, but it was busy as usual (as is the one coming up).
     Jordan had a baseball game in Moses Lake on Saturday, so that took up most of the day, and I returned home with a lovely sunburn!
     Then Sunday we went for a horse ride, which was very relaxing (but not soothing on that sunburn on the back of my legs, especially when we headed down the hills!).
     So, I know I melted some calories away while riding, and I am very much looking forward to riding regularly when summer comes along!
     We did attend a BBQ at the Koski house that evening, and BOY we just love that family!!! The food was great, and I did not overeat.
     Monday rolled around, and we headed out on the motorcycle for a beautiful ride!
     But, starting Sunday evening, I started feeling quite conjested! By Monday afternoon it was far worse, and Monday night I was a mess!
     I don't know if it's a cold or if it's allergies, but whatever it is, I don't like it one bit!
     I am guessing it might be a combination of a cold and allergies (since I did have a fever), and today I am feeling much better!
     I did finally go for a walk yesterday at lunch, which was the first bit of exercise I have done in too long!
     I did get all coughy and felt like I might lose a lung, but the fresh air felt good :)
     I have not been drinking enough lately, so I need to focus on that!! My eating has been OK, and I am looking forward to starting up the bike in the morning again.
     The really great news is that even though life has been a bit nutso, I only gained one pound in the past three weeks!! I am OK with that, especially since I feel like I am reeled back in now.
     And, I weigh less right now than I weighed last summer! I can really tell the difference, as I have been wearing shorts and capris that last year fit snugly, and this year are loose.
     I also hope to return to my normal blogging! So, stay tuned :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whole family went to see Night at the Museum 2. Quite the clever movie! Super sequel!
Made it to WWers tonight just to weigh in! It's been three weeks and I gained one pound. I'm pleasantly surprised and back on the wagon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kinda surprised!

     I weighed in today after school. I have weighed on this scale before when I am working out, and I only weighed one pound more than the lowest I have been on it!
     And, I was not wearing my normal workout clothes, but rather my work clothes, including jeans :)
     So, maybe these past two weeks haven't been as bad as I thought. I will have to find out this upcoming Wednesday at WWers!

Not good news...

     Life has been beyond crazy hectic. I haven't exercised now for nine days! Well, not my normal exercise program. I did walk at Relay for Life, so that counts for SOMETHING in the past week.
     I am going to go for a walk today after school, and I plan on starting everything back up to my normal routine tomorrow.
     We have been out of town a lot lately. I was thinking about it, and in the past week and a half, I have been to Wenatchee three times, Seattle once, and Spokane, too.
     In the past two weeks, I have had three birthdays (two of our kids, and Ricky), Mother's Day, Prom, and an auction.
     Then, of course, the planning and participating in Relay for Life (I was captain of four teams.), which included some extra incentive, in that I ran a special fundraiser in honor of Jose Rodriguez, one of our students, who passed away on May 11th from his battle with cancer.
     We had his funeral this week, and I haven't felt that heartbroken.
     We have had lots of baseball games in Wenatchee, and lots of running around.
     With the loss of sleep for the past week and a half, I have not been able to get up early out of bed!!! But, I plan on doing that tomorrow :)
     It will feel good to be on a normal routine once again.
     I haven't been to WWers for two weeks now, so I don't know what I weigh, but I have a hunch I have gained, as my clothes don't feel the same. Amazing HOW fast that happens...if only it was as fast coming off! LOL
     So, to sum it up, we have had some intense JOY and SADNESS; that's life, right?
     I am glad that we are leveling out for a bit. Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too much going on...

     Life has been incredibly busy! OH MY GOODNESS!
     So, I did not go to WWers this week, and I KNOW I have gained, even though I don't want to know how much, but I can tell!
     I have lots of exercise coming up this weekend, so I am glad for that, and I need to get back on track in the eating department, ASAP!
     I will try to get you all caught up, maybe by this Sunday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The lost and found on the train announced that they had a pair of false teeth if anyone was missing them!
On the train to Seattle it was snowing on top of Stevens Pass! COOL!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Keep on trucking!

     So, this week I have exercised EVERY morning for 45 minutes on my recumbent bike! I really love that routine, and I am proud of myself for keeping that going. And, honestly, it doesn't even feel hard to do. I guess it helps that it's right in my house :)
     I was watching the Biggest Loser and just BLUBBERING! I am so inspired by those contestants. I realize that it's reality to exercise for six hours a day and all of that, but MAN, how impressive!
     I could NOT believe they completed a marathon! It was very emotional!
     I have also been walking up Orchard Grade at lunch...well, Monday-Wednesday because yesterday I had a meeting at lunch. Thank goodness that is not a regular thing, right?! It's just that we are gearing up for Relay for Life next week!!
     Then today I won't be walking at lunch because I'm headed out of town! I don't know if I will get exercise in tomorrow morning or not because we will be in a hurry to get home for Jordan's second game against Omak (can't believe I am missing tonight's game!).
     We will see. And, I need to eat well, and keep tracking. I did a SUPER job tracking yesterday!!
     I had a fun Muffins for Mother's Day event this morning, but I decided I didn't want a muffin...those things are 600 calories and like 40 grams of fat!!!! For real, gotta love Costco, but NO THANK YOU!
     I had fruit only, and it was yummy! Oh yeah, and I have to count my two Hershey kisses from my baby girl!
     So, I did gain a pound this past week. I think I was in the mode of...well, I lost almost three pounds the week before, I have been exercising so much that I didn't need to track. WRONG!
     That's OK. Rather than be all bummed about it (I was mildly bummed), it's just a good reminder that this hard work has to continue, if it's all going to pay-off!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gained a pound but I EXPECTED more so that's OK. This will be a better week!

Lovely lunch!

     Today I contemplated walking or not...I decided that a little rain wouldn't hurt :) And, I was right!
     I walked up Orchard Grade, and I felt so alive. I love the smell of rain, and it definitely cooled me off, too!
     Yesterday's walk was equally delightful, as it had rained all morning and then it was beautifully full of sunshine for my walk!
     Love it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good news or bad news first?

     OK, so let's start with the good news! This morning I tried on a pair of pants that I couldn't wear during winter, and not only do they fit...but they are already loose! YEAH baby!
     And, so this had me in a trying on all my smaller pants sort of frenzy! LOL
     I was able to put on pants that I couldn't get up over my butt a couple of months ago! Yahoo!
     And, all of my summer shorts fit, and many are loose, too! YES!
     OK, so for the not-so-good news...I have not been tracking. I have been exercising, even rode the bike this morning, and I love that routine.
     I have a big workout planned for this afternoon, and I am feeling quite motivated!
     But, the eating...not so good this past week. Friday I ate Family Food in my Cultural Humanities class, and it was VERY good!
     Then I ate one small piece (they were small pizzas, so the pieces were seriously small) of pizza, and I ate an ice cream (drumstick).
     Then Saturday...well, I ate a bunch of Jalapeno chips at the baseball game. Geez. Other than that, I did great! Everything else was healthy and under control in the portion department.
     Sunday = NOT so good! We ate dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I detest fast food! This is the FIRST time I have ever even eaten there!!! I did have grilled chicken, and a small portion of mashed potatoes (that were not very good), and then to top off that, we went to Dairy Queen.
     Now, I WANTED a Blizzard, but I settled with a small chocolate dipped ice cream.
     Then last night, after I froze during the baseball game (and ate a few more Jalapeno chips), I went to Stampede Teriyaki for takeout.
     Not good. Not good. The thing is that I am being good for breakfast and lunch. I need to get more organized and figure it out for dinner!!!
     So, hopefully the intense exercise will stave off the poundage on the scale this week, and if not...I am OK. As I am refocusing right now, and I am especially enjoying wearing these jeans today :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Exercise anyone?

     I rode the bike yesterday for an hour and forty-five minutes, another forty-five minutes this morning, and then a SUPER walk today at lunch up Orchard Grade!
     The flowers were especially full of scent, the birds were chirping loudly, and I saw so many people I know today!
     I love the honks, and waves, and even the holler to keep up the good work!
     What a great Monday!!

Friday, May 1, 2009