Friday, May 8, 2009

Keep on trucking!

     So, this week I have exercised EVERY morning for 45 minutes on my recumbent bike! I really love that routine, and I am proud of myself for keeping that going. And, honestly, it doesn't even feel hard to do. I guess it helps that it's right in my house :)
     I was watching the Biggest Loser and just BLUBBERING! I am so inspired by those contestants. I realize that it's reality to exercise for six hours a day and all of that, but MAN, how impressive!
     I could NOT believe they completed a marathon! It was very emotional!
     I have also been walking up Orchard Grade at lunch...well, Monday-Wednesday because yesterday I had a meeting at lunch. Thank goodness that is not a regular thing, right?! It's just that we are gearing up for Relay for Life next week!!
     Then today I won't be walking at lunch because I'm headed out of town! I don't know if I will get exercise in tomorrow morning or not because we will be in a hurry to get home for Jordan's second game against Omak (can't believe I am missing tonight's game!).
     We will see. And, I need to eat well, and keep tracking. I did a SUPER job tracking yesterday!!
     I had a fun Muffins for Mother's Day event this morning, but I decided I didn't want a muffin...those things are 600 calories and like 40 grams of fat!!!! For real, gotta love Costco, but NO THANK YOU!
     I had fruit only, and it was yummy! Oh yeah, and I have to count my two Hershey kisses from my baby girl!
     So, I did gain a pound this past week. I think I was in the mode of...well, I lost almost three pounds the week before, I have been exercising so much that I didn't need to track. WRONG!
     That's OK. Rather than be all bummed about it (I was mildly bummed), it's just a good reminder that this hard work has to continue, if it's all going to pay-off!!

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