Saturday, August 30, 2008

Super Saturday!!

     I love Saturdays! Today is no exception! Of course, it's a little better because my boys are home!
     I have my entire family here! Yippie, yahoo!
     So, today I went to the Farmers' Market because I needed fresh veggies for our BBQ tonight.
     I bought corn, and it was yummy!! It was funny because Cody brought one of his friends with him (a fellow Marine), who has never been to Washington. He loved our corn on the cob tonight!!
     It's fun to see things through his eyes, to realize an outsider's perspective.
     I also bought nectarines, doughnut peaches, and huckleberry bread. Yummy!
     Our BBQ included my delicious fruit salad (low fat, no sugar, and low points), corn, and beans.
     Today we spent doing our school shopping, since I had all the kiddos together. I even bought a new pair of jeans that I was very excited about how they fit!
     It's been a good, good day. I look forward to an even better Sunday!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

30# mark!!!

     I lost 2.4 pounds, which means that I am now officially 30 pounds down!!! I weigh in at 222.4. I knew all that moving would account for a loss!
     Once I lose 2.5 pounds more, I will be out of the 220s! I can't wait.
     Tonight I lifted weights with the cheerleaders, and that felt good. Starting next week, I plan to ride my bike in the mornings before work, since I am settling into my routine.
      I'm ecstatic about surpassing 30 pounds! And, I haven't given up, even if summer didn't go as planned. SO, I'm proud of myself for staying the course.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back on track!

     It's been crazy, and busy, and GREAT!
     This week I started school, well teacher days on Monday and Tuesday, and then today was the first day of school! WOO HOO!!
     I still love the first day of school as much as I did back when I was a little kid.
     I also like it because life goes back on routine, not that I don't LOVE summer, because I do, but sometimes it's nice to have some order to life, LOL!
     I started cheer practice on Monday, too. We lift weights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I got a good workout yesterday.
     Monday we went for a nice horse ride, and since we rode bareback, I definitely used some muscles there :)
     Then this evening I went for an almost hour walk with Adele and Brenda. I love those gals! They are so funny and full of life!
     I have been drinking more more this week, and today and Monday were good days for eating; yesterday wasn't so bad, but I did eat a fattening lunch (thank goodness for the healthy fish dinner).
     I haven't had a chance to weigh, but I am hoping to do so tomorrow because I have access to the wrestlers scale which is VERY accurate, so hopefully I will have the new number tomorrow!
     I will lift weights tomorrow, and I am looking forward to that. I also want to start riding the recumbent bike again now that I have it in our living room, ready to go!
     I also have been searching for some yummy recipes, which I am trying and will share with you soon.
     And, I hope to go to the Farmers' Market this Saturday because I missed it on Tuesday.
     That's all for now. C-ya tomorrow!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


      I can't wait to weigh this week!!! I know that I have lost weight with all this moving business!
      We had a busy weekend between me having a yard sale, hauling a load to the dump, taking two trips up to storage, and a load of stuff of to the house.
      And, Rick hauled 17 tons of hay this weekend, too! We have the big 800-pund bales. I never realized how much hay costs or how much is needed!
      Back to my list of things accomplished yesterday! I forgot to add the load of wood (an entire pick-up truck) to which I did all by myself and unloaded it, too.
      I feel like I had a great workout! Woo hoo! Speaking of workouts, we are going to start weights on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting this week, and I can't wait.
      Also, I worked with my horse both yesterday and today. We did lots of riding! I just love him so much. He's such a trooper being so patient with the little one.
      I plan on riding every day, now that I have all this moving business out of the way.
      I need to still unpack some stuff here at the house, but I am seeing the light at the end of the cliched tunnel!
      Oh, and I meant to mention that I have really noticed that our water consumption for the entire family is WAY up with the water that we have from Culligan's. I love how it is COLD!!
      I am excited for this upcoming week!!! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I visited the Farmers' Market on Tuesday, and MY OH MY what a selection of the most amazing fruits and veggies, and other goodies, too!

I bought a cucumber the size of my arm. NO JOKING!!

I also included scrumptious radishes, white nectarines, and some zuchini in my purchases.

I love buying locally, not only to support our community but also because it's just better food!!!

So, today I stopped by Smallwood Harvest and bought some doughnut peaches to bring home for more snacks.

And, I am definitely going on Saturday to get some more! I want some green beans, cantalope, corn, watermelon, and more radishes and cucumber!

We are so lucky to have the Farmers' Market TWICE a week!

Finishing off summer on a strong note!

     The month of August has been a bit of a blur for me! It just has been one activity after another.
     To start we had Stampede. I had the dunk tank, which was definite exercise. Then we also walked around town to different places to buy the charms for our bracelets. I did choose to eat one sausage which is a zillion calories, but all the walking must have worked!
     During the Stampede we also had a huge family BBQ. This was fun, and I made VERY GOOD decisions as far as eating went. I focused on portions and eat lots of fruit.
     I love watermelon, by the way! We took some with us on our camping trip, and it's such a sweet snack!
     That brings me to our camping trip. We headed up to Bonaparte, which I LOVE!
     This was a great trip because we did lots of fun outdoor things from hiking, fishing, swimming to even riding bikes!
     Our little mastered the bike without the training wheels, so this meant LOTS and LOTS of rides for all of us!!
     It made me excited to get home and start riding my bike around where we live at home!
     We all ate good, and I did give myself one treat of a S'More! I drank lots of water, and the weather was perfect!
     So, I weighed yesterday, and I lost 2 pounds!!! I weighed 224.8! Good news, indeed.
     I know that I will have lost more weight next week because I have been so active these past four days.
     I will tell you the BEST way to lose weight (and, on various levels). MOVE! I don't just mean physically move your body, but I mean to move your household!
     I spent Sunday packing and going through everything at my house. This was a good experience because I found lots of stuff that I hadn't looked at for a long time, and also I found tons of junk to get rid of (losing weight).
     I was moving and lifting and sweating for hours on Sunday! Then on Monday we actually moved. I brought everything up from the basement because it was much easier to have a hand-off system going than have two people try to squeeze by each other up and down the narrow stairs.
     Then we dumped off some stuff to storage, and the rest to the house. I have most of it already unpacked.
     On moving day, it was still a bit hot and humid outside, and I honestly felt like I couldn't drink enough water even though I was drinking non-stop.
     My muscles were sore, but a good sore the next day! I really feel alive, accomplished, and I can't wait to weigh-in next week!
     I feel like I am back on track and re-focused. That's good!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Remember the bikers?

Well, they made it on last Sunday! They crossed the United States from Washington (with a stop in Omak) to Maine, over 4000 miles!!!

Talk about inspiring! Check it out!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lots to catch up on!

     Hopefully later this evening, I will give you a monstrous blog to read. LOTS to fill ya in on :)

Another reason to love summer!

      The Olympics! I KNOW I have already blogged about them, but since we were gone on vacation and missed a week of them, we are totally catching up on everything!!
      What's funny is that Rick is not a huge sports fan. I know, I thought all men had that gene; I guess that's why they call it a stereotype?
      Anyhoot. He LOVES to watch the Olympics! He totally gets into it. We root for our favorites, and now with the Internet, I love looking up back stories or researching tidbits.
      Some of my favorite athletes are the old farts! You know the ones my age and above competing (and winning) in sports dominated by teenagers!
      There are two women in that category. US swimmer Dara Torres (42), who is a five time Olympian, and German gymnast Oksana Chusovitina (33), who won a team gold back in '92. Both have lived such incredible lives and have inspiring life stories.
     The Olympics are truly an example of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


      This is my number 400 post on this blog! Well, I know it's actually more because I posted for several months directly on the Chronicle before moving over to Blogger.
      So, it's the 400 mark on Blogger, which I will consider to be my official count from now on.
      A circle has 400 grads. Olive trees average 400 years of age. The Four Hundred are the wealthiest 400 people in the world. The 400-meter dash is considered a sprint endurance event - quite the oxymoron, if you ask me. If you get an http error 400, it means that it's a status code for a bad request. Many Nascar races are 400 laps.
      I am sure I can go one forever, but instead, I think I will work on my 401st blog!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't forget...

On vacation for the week!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I did weigh yesterday!

      I went to the clinic and weighed in yesterday because I really wanted to know my data, so I would know how things go when we are gone on vacation!
     I weigh 226.8, which is a 2.4 gain, but I knew that was going to happen. And, I am OK with that.
      Back on track now (kinda), I know I will have one more treat this evening at the Stampede, but we will also do lots of walking there.
      I plan on packing only healthy foods for our trip, and we will be very physical the entire time!
      I might blog tomorrow, and then I won't be back on until next Saturday evening after Ryder's Indian Taco benefit!
      Don't forget to come and sign-up for Ryder's Run (which is also a walk, if you like!)!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


      Triple 8! I love today, and that it is the eighth day of the eighth month of the eight year (of 2000). Cool, cool!!
      And, tonight is the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics! Love it!
     I can't wait to watch these incredible atheletes from all over the world compete!
      Talk about inspiration for being healthy! My favorite sports to watch are gymnastics, beach volleyball, softball, and track. But, I love to watch swimming, diving, cycling, biathlon, soccer, and pretty much everything except basketball.
      I normally love to watch basketball, but for whatever reason, I don't like watching the basketball during the Olympics. That's kind of been my attitude ever since the year of the Dream Team.
     Anyhoot, check out the schedule for your favorite events!


     I have gone to lap swim all week, and I have been doing water aerobics! I love it!
     Now, for Stampede! First, I did the dunk tank for an hour last night, and when we came home we recalled at least 30 different people who got me down at least once (many did twice), so I know I dunked at least 50 times last night!
     The water was VERY refreshing, and actually I was cool all night, when everyone else around me was hot and sweaty!
     I definitely got a WORKOUT!!! I had to climb up a ladder at least 50 times, so basically I had to lift my entire weight (which I did not go to WW this week because we had family over, so I am going to try and go to the clinic today and check...eeek.) with the resistance of the water.
     My thighs and arms were tired LAST night, so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to walk today, but I feel GREAT!!!
     Maybe I will hurt tonight or tomorrow. I hope not! I kept kidding around that being in a dunk tank for an hour should count as a workout!
     HOWEVER, I did go and eat a gi-normous sausage - honey and garlic. It was soooo yummy, and I was famished by 7 p.m.
     Bad choice, I know. Especially, when I feel like I have gained weight.
     Next week we are on vacation, but it's a very active one, so I am hoping to lose weight on vacation!!! Lots of hiking and swimming each day, and other fun outside activities, so I anticipate being very active.
     We also have a long trail ride, so we should be good on the exercise front. And, I will not bring any bad foods, so we should be good to go in that department, too. I will miss my water cooler! LOL!
     Don't forget next Saturday to come to the Eagles from 4-7 and eat a yummy Indian taco and register for Ryder's Run (to be held on Saturday, September 6th!).

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun exercise!

      Today and yesterday we have gone swimming (and, will for the rest of the week), and I LOVE it!
      The water is totally refreshing, not too cold, not too hot, but juuuuuuust right!
     Both days I have also included some water aerboics in my routine of lap swim. I use a noodle in the deep end, and then I run in place or do cross-country ski moves, etc.
      This morning I could actually feel that I had used those muscles! I do wish we had an indoor pool in this town that was available for public use.
      We do have horse lessons tomorrow, so that's more in the natural and fun exercise department! And, add in the horse riding around the pasture, too.
      Even more fun...for the past two days we have been walking (and driving) all over to follow the charm trail! Yup, we have been scavenge hunting for the charms for the Stampede 75th Anniversary charm bracelet.
      What a blast that has been! We have ran into old friends and even made some new ones! We have checked out businesses that we would never have otherwise. We have found some places that we will definitley frequent in the near future! Great marketing idea, indeed!
      It's been fun finding all the charms and marking them off our list. We only have four to go, and they will be in tomorrow, so then we will be good to go.
      Unfortunately, we won't be able to get ONE charm because the place that had them is not reordering (even though all the other businesses did!).
      I realize this charm bracelet took everyone by surprise, and it's been truly successful, but geez...if you are going to participate, UNICEL, then you should participate fully!
      Our bad for not doing it sooner!
      Today we also hit up the Farmer's Market, and boy it's abundant in yummy stuff right now!
      We bought apricots, nectarines, yellow beans, a homemade huckleberry and apple pie (she even makes sugar-free pies!), and corn. There was lots more to buy, and I was tempted by the watermelons, but that line was too long.
      We are having the beans tonight! Yummy!!
      Tomorrow's weigh-in, and I am a bit nervous, but I am prepared that even if I have a gain (pretty sure I do), it's just the reality check to get back on track!
      I am excited for our vacation next week because we are going camping, and I have already planned out our healthy meals and snack options! As well, we are going on a hike a day! I can't wait!! It will be a healthy and active vacation!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ryder's Run Update!

      To allow for time to plan Ryder's Run, we have decided to change the date! SO, mark your calendars for Saturday, September 6th at 9 a.m. at the Sports Complex in Okanogan.
      What's really great about the change in date is that it coincides with the fair, and the Abrahamson family has lots of support from their fair/rodeo family!!
      We will be pre-registering for Ryder's Run on Saturday, August 16th at the Eagles (from 4-7 p.m.)where there will also be an Indian taco feed benefit for the Abrahamsons.
      If you pre-register at the event, the registration fee is $20 which includes a shirt. If you register through the mail, the registration is $25 and also includes a shirt.
      More info to follow on where you can pick up a registration form!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ryder's Run!

      Mark your calendars right now! On Saturday, August 16th there will be a fun run (or walk) at twilight (well, almost)!
      You can make a difference in a young family's life!! There will be more information following, but the run/walk will take place on that Saturday at 7 p.m., and it will end at the Eagles where there will also be an Indian taco feed from 4-8 p.m.
      Your registration of $20 will go entirely to the Ryder Abrahamson family in an effort to help cover the medical expenses from his recent heart surgery.
      Ryder had surgery to repair and work on his heart valves this past Friday, and his recovery is incredible, even maybe allowing for his homecoming next weekend (let's all keep our fingers crossed!).
     You can support his healthy heart and YOUR healthy heart by participating in this event.
      At this time, sponsors are being sought to help pay for t-shirts for each participant. The goal is to have 100 people particpate!
      As well, it is the goal of the fundraising group to then make this an annual community event to donate proceeds to a future community foundation.
      More info on Ryder's Run coming soon!!

Who doesn't love a dunk tank???

     I am not saying that I know anyone that might be in the dunk tank at the Stampede, but if I did know someone, she MIGHT be in it this Thursday evening from 6-7, maybe.
     I heard that the dunk tank will be by the Stampede Office, and it's a funny thing how it all came about.
     Basically the Chronicle ran a poll about fundraising and the new Stampede arena. The question was during the week of July 16-22, and it asked: How should the city of Omak make up the difference between what the state provided and the cost of the new Stampede arena?
     One of the answers (and, the number one favorite) was to place the Omak City Councilmembers in a dunk tank. And, there you have it, a fundraiser idea is born!
     Somehow my name was tossed out there as a possible willing participant. I did use to hold a City Council position for Leavenworth, but that feels like ages ago! LOL.
     Anyhow, it's for a good cause, and I hope to see the fundraiser earn some decent money!
     I know there will be lots of other fun people to dunk, so definitely check it out while you are wandering around down there.

The universe is calling.

     I need to find the inspiration to get back into the swing of things. I am not out of control, but I am not feeling motivated to be really good.
     I KNOW that when I weigh this week that I will have gained weight. I feel it.
     Ironically, over the past few days I have had several people comment about what a good job I am doing and how noticeable the weight loss is...WEIRD.
     Why is it when you feel like it's bad, others see it as good? It reminds me of when I feel like I am having a bad hair day, and I swear I will have at least three people tell me how much they love my hair.
     Maybe it's a message from the universe to appreciate all that you have and all that you are doing!
     I have not been intentionally working out, but I have been sweating!! Whether it's riding my horse with long pants in the 90 degree weather or deep cleaning everything around the house (I've been in a bit of a nesting frenzy lately, more coming on that.), I have definitely been sweating lots lately.
     Also, on the water front, I finally went and rented a water cooler from Culligan. I have wanted to do this forever, and I have a friend who has the set-up, and I notice when I am there that EVERYONE including her kids drink WAY more water.
     Maybe it's because it's super cold (I have the hot water option, too, which is super cool - I know isn't that ironic - so I can have tea instantly!!), or because it has a yummy taste (If I was a conspiracy theory person I would say that they add some sort of addictive agent to make you want to drink the water, but I am not, so suffice it to say it tastes good), I don't know, but I have consumed LOTS of water the past two days since we have had the water cooler at our house!
     I have a plan, though. I am going to swim during swim lessons this next week. I want to get motoring on the weights!!
     So, when in doubt, sit quietly and listen to what the universe has to say! And, by all means, accept her collect call!