Friday, August 8, 2008


     I have gone to lap swim all week, and I have been doing water aerobics! I love it!
     Now, for Stampede! First, I did the dunk tank for an hour last night, and when we came home we recalled at least 30 different people who got me down at least once (many did twice), so I know I dunked at least 50 times last night!
     The water was VERY refreshing, and actually I was cool all night, when everyone else around me was hot and sweaty!
     I definitely got a WORKOUT!!! I had to climb up a ladder at least 50 times, so basically I had to lift my entire weight (which I did not go to WW this week because we had family over, so I am going to try and go to the clinic today and check...eeek.) with the resistance of the water.
     My thighs and arms were tired LAST night, so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to walk today, but I feel GREAT!!!
     Maybe I will hurt tonight or tomorrow. I hope not! I kept kidding around that being in a dunk tank for an hour should count as a workout!
     HOWEVER, I did go and eat a gi-normous sausage - honey and garlic. It was soooo yummy, and I was famished by 7 p.m.
     Bad choice, I know. Especially, when I feel like I have gained weight.
     Next week we are on vacation, but it's a very active one, so I am hoping to lose weight on vacation!!! Lots of hiking and swimming each day, and other fun outside activities, so I anticipate being very active.
     We also have a long trail ride, so we should be good on the exercise front. And, I will not bring any bad foods, so we should be good to go in that department, too. I will miss my water cooler! LOL!
     Don't forget next Saturday to come to the Eagles from 4-7 and eat a yummy Indian taco and register for Ryder's Run (to be held on Saturday, September 6th!).

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