Saturday, August 30, 2008

Super Saturday!!

     I love Saturdays! Today is no exception! Of course, it's a little better because my boys are home!
     I have my entire family here! Yippie, yahoo!
     So, today I went to the Farmers' Market because I needed fresh veggies for our BBQ tonight.
     I bought corn, and it was yummy!! It was funny because Cody brought one of his friends with him (a fellow Marine), who has never been to Washington. He loved our corn on the cob tonight!!
     It's fun to see things through his eyes, to realize an outsider's perspective.
     I also bought nectarines, doughnut peaches, and huckleberry bread. Yummy!
     Our BBQ included my delicious fruit salad (low fat, no sugar, and low points), corn, and beans.
     Today we spent doing our school shopping, since I had all the kiddos together. I even bought a new pair of jeans that I was very excited about how they fit!
     It's been a good, good day. I look forward to an even better Sunday!

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