Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today as we were walking up to the Okanogan Cemetery, after our mini-boot camp workout (which was INTENSE, so the walk actually felt easy), we were talking about working out and motivation. My friend said something ABSOLUTELY brilliant.

Working out is about trust. You have to trust that your body is changing on the inside, even if you aren't seeing it on the outside yet. It's when people give up on that trust that they lose their motivation.

THAT'S SO TRUE! This really resonates with me...

When I think about the past, I have only ever done a lifestyle change for tops six weeks. I have to trust this process. And, I do.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good couple of days :)

ONLY clean!!!! It amazes me how much better I feel, and how I have forgotten that! HELLO!!! The food tastes SO much better, and I feel FULL! Starting today I am both writing down everything I am eating (which I have been doing already), but also figuring calories. We have to record it for the mini-boot camp I am doing.

Exercising: All over this one! I worked out hard core on Monday at the gym, and had my best workout yet!! I ran on the elliptical and hit 10 minute miles, two of them, for the first time! Then I road the bike for 20 minutes and 3 miles. I jumproped for five minutes (which I love to do, and it is hard being so heavy). And, finally I jumped up onto a stand. THIS WAS REALLY hard! My goal is to get to the taller stands!

Today I had my first day of mini-boot camp. I AM WORRIED THAT I WILL BE SORE TOMORROW!!! It was 60 INTENSE minutes, but I loved it all, even the bleachers and the lunges. Then tonight my sis-and-law and I walked the canyon(3 miles with the 20% grade in there, too). It was an AWESOME walk :))))

Water: Yeah buddy! I am all over the 150 ounces a day!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I have been hearing on the news and radio, and reading all about sleep and weight loss. I am most interested in the hormonal implications. I know that I don't always get the sleep that I should.

So, check it out, and see what you think!

An interesting article right here!

And, the most recent tv bit about it...

Cool site!

I found a new website that will actually show you the elevation grade of what you are walking!!! Check it out at

You can access everything without signing up. Click on Map a Ride. Wait for it to load (it asks you to fill out some questions, but you don't have to, though, I am sure they appreciate the info), and then click CONTINUE.

This will take you to a map. Up in the left hand corner, type in whatever address you want. For example, I typed in Robinson Canyon with my city and state. Then double-click the route(I did from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill).

Next down in the right hand corner, click on the ELEVATION button. And, there you have it!!! Cool, huh?

I do love Google Pedometer, but it doesn't have this feature.

Super Weekend :)

I walked both Saturday and Sunday during the heat of the day. I walked the same route, only opposite directions each day. For sure the five miles on Sunday were WAY harder!!! I did find a cool website that can tell you the grade of your walk, and Robinson Canyon is 19%!!! Whereas, when I walked up Duck Lake, it was only 13%. So, it makes sense that Sunday's walk was tougher!!!

This morning I hit my walk/jog, and it was one of my strongest ones yet!! I only had time for 2.5 miles. But, I did have 13 1/2 minute miles!! Woo hoo :)

My eating has been awesome possum the whole weekend and today! I have been all fresh and clean, nothing processed, no sugar. We went to the tractor pulls on Saturday night, and we ended up leaving later than we meant and in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't eat dinner before we left, and I didn't pack any snacks. SO, even though I bought Ricky two hot dogs, I only drank water. And, lots of it, 101.4 ounces there at the event!!! But, it was good because I didn't feel tempted to eat any of the garbage there.

I even made up a yummy salad last night. I chopped up fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery. Then I took organic honey mustard, added balsamic vinegar, and water, and mixed it all up. SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!

OH, how could I forget? I really didn't expect much of a loss this week, since I had been at cheer camp all week, and traditionally my second week is not so strong (just like the curse of the second week on Biggest Loser!), but...I did lose!!! I lost 1.8 pounds, bringing my total for two weeks to 5 pounds!!! I am right on the cusp of breaking out of the 230s; that will be next week, and I can't wait. And, since I weighed 244 mid-June, that makes a total of 13.6 pounds in a month!!!

My water consumption has been rocking in the 125-150 ounces range. I can't wait for my body to catch up to this and re-balance itself, so I don't have to wake-up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Another big week...
First, we have a TON of family coming in on Wed. through the weekend. I am excited because my sister-in-law loves to exercise, so I will have a buddy for my walk/jogs. I am going to bring healthy choices to all of our meals, so I know I will be OK, even with the temptations.

I have a fun, new workout/nutrition class (two hours) on Wed and Thurs mornings for the next three weeks. We are going to be learning Zumba, which I love. Actually, I am seriously considering buying it for the Wii.

We also have Ricky's reunion this weekend, so that will be fun, and it will be full of temptations, but I feel strong and focused, so I don't figure it will be all that tough.

And, an emotional note, I have Colin's funeral this Friday, and I will be running over to Spokane to grab Cody, who will also be home for a quick trip to go to the funeral.

Sunday is a trip for us to Seattle to go to a Mariners game, and also drop Cody off at the airport to head back home.

Through all of this, I am determined to eat properly and exercise :) I feel big results for next week!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What a WALK!

I headed out in the heat of the day, and I walked 5 miles in 90 minutes! And, this was down Robinson Canyon, and then up Duck Lake, so I had some intense hillage to pound! The good thing is that I didn't even jog, and I am on pace to meet the deadline for the half-marathon in December!!

I was sweating like crazy, and it felt so good to burn off some of that toxic stress I had in my body. I also love walking because it's awesome thinking time. I thought a lot about Colin today.

He has been a family friend for over 15 years, and we love his entire family. I cannot begin to imagine what his wife, and the love of his life, is experiencing right now. Her loss is so tremendous.

I will miss him so much. He was a second father to my oldest son, Cody. It's bittersweet that I will see Cody this next week...

My walk really helped me gather my thoughts and let some of this grief go.

I am still alive and kicking

PHEW...what a week. I didn't have easy access to the internet this last week (though I could walk down to Starbucks to get it), and I was wiped out with 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. non-stop days, so my blog was neglected. It was kinda nice to be unplugged :)

We had cheer camp in Ellensburg, which I love going to CWU, my alma mater!!! It always brings back such great memories, and reminds me how much I LOVE GOING TO COLLEGE. Seriously, if I could I would be a full-time student for the rest of my life!

I will just sum up the week, rather than go day-by-day.

Well, I had 40 stairs to get up to my dorm room. That was fun when I was hauling my 50-pound suitcase up! And, of course, 40 back down (yes, I counted). I made this trip at least 4 times a day, so that's at least 800 stairs for anyone keeping track.

We walked. And, we walked. Oh, and did I mention, we walked? We ate in the SUB building, and we cheered in the gym and field house. This was about half a mile(yes, I also google pedometered--I know that's not a word--it!). We walked 3 miles just in walking to and from meals, but we had lots of other walking, as well! We averaged 4 miles a day.

We danced! We cheered! We stunted! We moved!

I had originally planned on getting up in the morning to walk/jog, and that didn't happen. I needed my sleep more than anything!!! I was truly exhausted at the end of each day.

I ate mostly healthy choices! Though not tons of opportunities for CLEAN.

I did eat the scrambled eggs and usually the waffle or pancakes. I also had some form of fruit, usually a banana.

This varied. Usually sandwiches, always salad and veggies, and fruit, and cottage cheese. (Again, not able to control what kind of bread or cottage cheese.)

I loved the chicken breast and veggies night. Sometimes I had a PB&J sandwich on wheat, if the entree was too heavy. I always had veggies and fruit for dinner.

NO desserts ever, which wasn't even hard.

At least 100 ounces a day. It's a habit now, and if I don't drink it, I feel parched!

**********I did have an emotional day/evening on Thursday, after finding out about a close family friend who passed away on Tuesday :((( I really didn't feel like eating anything, and I was COMPLETELY WIPED OUT emotionally and physically. I will blog more about that later...too many tears right now :(

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I love Saturdays like this!

I accomplished so much on my TO DO List today!! Yeah :)

I did an hour of DCC dance video!

coffee with Almond Joy Creamer

Lunch:oops...kinda missed this with too much going on
hard boiled egg

Afternoon snack:
My homemade cabbage salsa and 4 chips

Dinner: We went to a friend's BBQ.
I had some of my coleslaw, cabbage salsa, 5 chips, a drumstick, a couple of pasta salads, homemade bun with huckleberry jam,cucumbers/tomatoes/onions, and I did have a small chocolate cake, which is the first sugar/dessert I have had in weeks!

Water: 150 ounces!!!!!! I drank 60 ounces at the BBQ :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank goodness it's Friday!!

I had a class all week, a day-long class. Then I had cheer practice for a couple of hours on three afternoons after class, so it's been a busy week! I am GLAD it's Friday :)

I did not go for a walk this morning, instead I grabbed a little more sleep. So, this evening I did a Cardio Blast video for 30 minutes, and I know I am going to feel that tomorrow,especially my thighs! Then, we played Just Dance on the Wii for 20more minutes!! Boy, howdy, I was sweaty when we were all done :)

coffee-FF milk, honey, SF white chocolate
cottage cheese


2 pieces of chicken lunchmeat
butternut squash
Greek yogurt

Afternoon snack:
SF Strawberry SF Red Bull

6-inch veggie sub

Water: 118 ounces

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another day in the books!

And, a busy one it was! Class, cheer practice, exercise...

Exercise: I walked flat road for 2.15 miles this morning. And, this evening my step-daughter rode her bike, while I walked for 3.15 this evening :) For a total of 5.3 miles today, WOO hoo!

Eating - Apparently I was on a tangerine roll today, LOL!
Coffee- FF milk, SF butterscotch, SF caramel


egg salad sandwich on 12-grain
peach smoothie

tangerine x 2

Swai fish
salad with real crab
butternut squash

Water: 125 ounces of water! Day 1 of the challenge accomplished!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I feel out of sorts, but that's a good thing!

I did not walk last night, and actually yesterday was supposed to be a jog/walk day. I did ride the bike in the morning, but my swollen foot kept me from doing anything last night :( Then this morning, even though the swelling had gone down quite a bit, I decided to not push it, so I didn't exercise. I MISSED working out last night and this morning, which reaffirms my love of exercise!!!!

Exercise: Tonight I went for a flat road walk for two miles. I didn't want to push the healing of my foot!! I did also enjoy a BEAUTIFUL moon :) I hope to get back to jogging sooner than later!

Greek yogurt
FF milk, SF white chocolate and coconut latte(I know...not natural, but I needed a coffee stand visit today!)

Caesar Salad (I substituted the dressing with LF Catalina)
1/2 egg salad sandwich

Mahi Mahi
snap peas
rice (1/2 cup)

peach smoothie (made with frozen no sugar added peaches and LF milk)

Water: 75 ounces today.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here's the big news...

New in my life: A CHALLENGE! (Just click the link to read all about it!)

It's so nice to see the growth in the relationship between my step-daughter's mom and me!

I give the day a 7

The alarm chimed at 5 a.m. I turned it off and decided I was going to sleep longer and skip exercising this morning, and instead do it this evening. Then the guilt kicked in (always the recovering Catholic),and I was headed outside at 5:09 a.m., and since I only had 30 minutes I decided to ride my bike! I had a meeting this morning at 6:30.

I ended up riding 4 miles in just under a half hour, and it was awesome! The weather was perfect, the pink sun was peeking over the mountains, and everything was waking up :) Several cars did pass me, which made me wonder who these other crazy people were!!!

I didn't find my clip shoes in the closet, so I am guessing they are in storage...SOMEWHERE. I definitley have to find them if I am going to ride again because it's a killer on the hills to not be able to stand up!!! the clouds moved over the valley, so did they over my little head :( By the time I made it to cheer practice at 3:30, my right foot (the one with the blisters on blisters) was so swollen that I could barely walk on it :( My little toes look like sausages...gross! And, the pain is pretty intense. Not at all sure what that's all about. So, I soaked it in really hot Epsom salt water, and then have had it elevated. I was totally bummed that I could not exercise this evening, as I have been exercising TWICE a day!! I am just worried about tomorrow.

Exercise: Bike for 30 minutes,4 miles.
cottage cheese with strawberries
2 cups of coffee (no creamer)

homemade egg salad sandwich on 12-grain (light Miracle Whip)
Water: 85 ounces

whole wheat organic penne pasta
organic spaghetti sauce
turkey sausage

Though it's not a bad day, it's a little less on the fruits and veggies than I like. I had plans to have a salad and watermelon, but I just couldn't stay on my foot in order to cut it all up and prepare it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Good day!

Exercise: Morning walk down and up Robinson Canyon - 3.4 miles, and this evening 3.3miles with a flat walk out almost to the airport. I have terrible blisters, so I didn't want the friction of downhill.

cottage cheese
coffee with Almond Joy creamer (not natural)
10 grapes

Chef Salad- low fat ham and turkey lunchmeat, hard boiled egg, greens, Catalina dressing

Taco Salad with spicy ground pork, garbanzo beans, black beans, jalapenos, onions,greens topped with green salsa.
carrots and radishes

Evening Snack
Mango blackberry smoothie (made with frozen fruit and low fat milk)
Water: 110 ounces

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big news coming :)

Stay tuned!!

Autumn Leaf Run

For the past few years, I have walked the Autumn Leaf Run with my cheer squad. I am so excited because it is exactly 90 days away from today, and THIS year I plan to jog at least the 5K, but maybe even the 10K!!!


The Google Pedometer ROCKS!

Weighing in...

Mid-June I weighed 244.
I made it through Vegas and back at 242.
Last week the scale said 239.
Today = 235.4

Quick re-cap

Here is my eating, exercising, and water intake for the past three days. I did GREAT on the exercise front :))) Sooooo proud of myself! I ate lots more fruits and veggies and clean food! YEAH! I mostly did great on my water except for today.

Actually today since I slept in, I felt all off on my water and eating. I know I didn't eat enough, but I just wasn't hungry. I am thankful for the extra sleep though!! And, since I woke up later, I decided to save my exercise for after dinner. This was INTERESTING...I haven't jogged in the evening ever, and I definitely could feel the difference. I don't like it. BUT, I will have to eventually train in the evening, since my half-marathon starts at 4 pm!! I just didn't feel like I had the same energy.

I did have a great bike ride though!!!!!! I walked/jogged down to the storage unit, and I grabbed my bike, and then almost rode 5 miles. I thought my clip shoes were in the storage unit, and for a moment, I almost didn't ride home, and thought instead I would walk and come back and get the bike via the truck. However, the hestiation was slight, and I took my bike. Now, this meant, I couldn't stand and pedal, which may not seem like a big deal, but I challenge you to ride hills (SOME BIG ONES) with not being able to stand up, talk about the burn in my thigh muscles!! Also, the front tire was not flat by any means, but it was low and needed some air, so that just added an element of resistance :)

July 10
Exercise: Walked/jogged 2 miles, 4.8 miles on bike

coffee with natural creamer

slice of chicken lunchmeat (30 calories)

boneless pork chop
green beans

Water: 50 ounces (OOPS)

July 9
Exercise: Drove my motorcycle to and from Wenatchee 3+ hours = 700+ calories
coffee with natural creamer

10 almonds

3 small homemade corn tortillas, beef, onion
FRS drink 35 calories

6-inch veggie Subway sandwich

Water: 150+ ounces

July 8
Exercise: Morning walk 1.5 miles, evening walk down and up Robinson Canyon 3.4 miles
coffee with natural creamer
cottage Cheese with strawberries

1 orange slice
20 grapes
1 plum

tuna sandwich,12-grain bread,pickles, light Miracle Whip

1/2 banana
celery with PB

tuna sandwich, one sandwich thin, relish, light Miracle Whip
homemade coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, light Miracle Whip, vinegar, Splenda, pepper, lowfat milk)

Water = 100 ounces

Friday, July 8, 2011


     I love Twitter, and I follow lots of cool people, who are connected with healthy living. One of my favorites is Clutter Diet
     I read a quote on this Twitter profile on June 20th that very much resonnates with me, and every time I am eating or exercising, I tell myself this:
People say all the time, "I'm doing the best I can." Are you really? Be honest with yourself.

     TRULY...Am I doing the best I can???
     Another recent form of motivation for me? I saw pictures of myself taken during this past month. I feel MUCH thinner than I look! I am going to pick up two pics in particular that I had enlarged to 5x7s that I am going to tape in my kitchen to remind me if I really want to snack...I will post those pics here and my weight stats later this afternoon or tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today was fruitful (and, veggieful)

     My goals today were to have a good jog/walk, drink at least 80 ounces of water, and eat more veggies and fruits.
     I drank 100 ounces of water (and, made lots of trips to the powder room!).
     I had THE BEST jog/walk this morning. I jogged for an entire mile without stopping. This is the longest I have gone. I could have jogged longer, but I am REALLY trying to do this the right way...not too much too fast. I don't want to injure myself, and then not be able to even walk, which would set me back. I did jog another 1/4 mile after I walked for a little while. Then I walked down and up Robinson Canyon! So, I had a three-mile trip, with an intense hill.
     Tonight we also did the same walk! But, since my 9-year-old step-daughter came along, the intensity was definitely slower, but we covered the same distance. (6 miles total for me today).
     Fruits/Veggies today: Breakfast = 10 grapes, 2 orange slices, half a banana. Lunch = Wallwebber's veggie sandwich(cukes,tomatoes,spouts, etc.) Dinner = cantaloupe, strawberries, celery, cuccumbers.
     Guess what? I am FULL! We did have baked fish (with lime, cilantro, garlic, and my coffee rub) for dinner, and I had a coffee with creamer (the only artificial thing I ate today) this morning with Greek yogurt to eat.
     I made each and every goal today. It was a good day!

I LOVE my I-pod!

     I seriously don't know what I would do without my i-pod! I love listening to the music, and I even have a workout playlist :)
     And, my i-pod has a pedometer, which both tracks steps and time, AND, it keeps a history for each day!! LOVE it :)

I love cooking!

     Wednesday night I made a yummy dinner. I baked chicken that had a tiny bit of extra olive oil, garlic, pepper, hazelnuts, and artichokes (in a can in water, not marinated). was sooooo delish!
     The side dish was one of my daddy's favorite ones to make. It has light cream cheese, 2 cans of corn, and 2 cans of chiles. I also add lime and garlic, and then you mix it all up and bake it.
     I am not a big fan of using canned stuff, works for these recipes and saves tons of time :)
     Our favorite dessert is our fruit smoothies. We use frozen fruit (my favorite is mango and blackberries, Rick likes peaches and blueberries) and 1% milk.
     I have THE greatest blender!!! I love it because it makes single portions :))
     I love cooking, and I especially enjoy creating new recipes!

Not another beginning...

     So,I could start with the expected here-I-go-again blog entry, and the bazillion excuses as to why I haven't blogged since January. BUT, I'm not going to!
     I have decided that it's not another beginning, as I have never ended this quest. I consider it more of a hiatus, and that would make this a new season.
     I haven't reached my true weight goal, and even when I do see that happen, the journey won't be over, it won't end with a magic number. Losing weight and then maintaining it will always be a part of my life. And, I accept that.
     The last day of school, June 10th, was also my 40th birthday! I embrace the forties, and I wasn't all weirded out like so many other women I know. My thirties were good, but I know that my forties will be even better!!
     I did reflect on how many things I have accomplished in my 40 years on this planet, and let me tell ya...I am PROUD of myself.
     I have very few disappointments in my life, and even those have been valuable lessons. The only major goal that I have not accomplished is weight loss. And, don't take that as me feeling like a failure, because I ABSOLUTELY don't.
     I did make a summer goal to exercise more. I love exercising! I enjoy everything about it, but I often haven't made the time for it. So, no matter what, I decided I would even schedule it in, if necessary.
     Summer started with a trip to Vegas. I made sure that I kept my goal, and I walked every day from my sister's house to my parent's house, which was only a mile a way, but it was in 100+ weather!!! As well, I swam every day to keep cool, but it was added exercise!
      Upon my return from Vegas, I decided to train for a half-marathon in Vegas with my sister!!! I know that I could even walk 13 miles in the four hours time limit. But, my goal is to jog the entire half-marathon. As it comes closer, I will have a time goal.
     The actual run is going to be amazing! It's at night, and on the strip in cool is that?! And, there's tons of stuff happening including music concerts on the streets! It's the World's Largest NIGHTTIME Running Event!
     To train for this, I have started the Couch to 5K Running Plan. I am on the third week, and TODAY I jogged an entire mile straight! What an amazing difference.
     The biggest deal is to NOT go all crazy and injure myself or burn myself out before I really get it going. Once I have the 5K done, then I will train for the half-marathon starting in September.
     I am really excited about this, and I have found it so much easier to workout with such a goal in mind. It reminds me of way back when I trained for a sprint triathlon, and I did it!
     Starting July 1st, I have really focused on eating healthy, too. Clean eating, raw veggies, fish and chicken. Yummy and good!
     And, there ya have it folks! I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK!