Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today was fruitful (and, veggieful)

     My goals today were to have a good jog/walk, drink at least 80 ounces of water, and eat more veggies and fruits.
     I drank 100 ounces of water (and, made lots of trips to the powder room!).
     I had THE BEST jog/walk this morning. I jogged for an entire mile without stopping. This is the longest I have gone. I could have jogged longer, but I am REALLY trying to do this the right way...not too much too fast. I don't want to injure myself, and then not be able to even walk, which would set me back. I did jog another 1/4 mile after I walked for a little while. Then I walked down and up Robinson Canyon! So, I had a three-mile trip, with an intense hill.
     Tonight we also did the same walk! But, since my 9-year-old step-daughter came along, the intensity was definitely slower, but we covered the same distance. (6 miles total for me today).
     Fruits/Veggies today: Breakfast = 10 grapes, 2 orange slices, half a banana. Lunch = Wallwebber's veggie sandwich(cukes,tomatoes,spouts, etc.) Dinner = cantaloupe, strawberries, celery, cuccumbers.
     Guess what? I am FULL! We did have baked fish (with lime, cilantro, garlic, and my coffee rub) for dinner, and I had a coffee with creamer (the only artificial thing I ate today) this morning with Greek yogurt to eat.
     I made each and every goal today. It was a good day!

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