Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Weekend :)

I walked both Saturday and Sunday during the heat of the day. I walked the same route, only opposite directions each day. For sure the five miles on Sunday were WAY harder!!! I did find a cool website that can tell you the grade of your walk, and Robinson Canyon is 19%!!! Whereas, when I walked up Duck Lake, it was only 13%. So, it makes sense that Sunday's walk was tougher!!!

This morning I hit my walk/jog, and it was one of my strongest ones yet!! I only had time for 2.5 miles. But, I did have 13 1/2 minute miles!! Woo hoo :)

My eating has been awesome possum the whole weekend and today! I have been all fresh and clean, nothing processed, no sugar. We went to the tractor pulls on Saturday night, and we ended up leaving later than we meant and in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't eat dinner before we left, and I didn't pack any snacks. SO, even though I bought Ricky two hot dogs, I only drank water. And, lots of it, 101.4 ounces there at the event!!! But, it was good because I didn't feel tempted to eat any of the garbage there.

I even made up a yummy salad last night. I chopped up fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery. Then I took organic honey mustard, added balsamic vinegar, and water, and mixed it all up. SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!

OH, how could I forget? I really didn't expect much of a loss this week, since I had been at cheer camp all week, and traditionally my second week is not so strong (just like the curse of the second week on Biggest Loser!), but...I did lose!!! I lost 1.8 pounds, bringing my total for two weeks to 5 pounds!!! I am right on the cusp of breaking out of the 230s; that will be next week, and I can't wait. And, since I weighed 244 mid-June, that makes a total of 13.6 pounds in a month!!!

My water consumption has been rocking in the 125-150 ounces range. I can't wait for my body to catch up to this and re-balance itself, so I don't have to wake-up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Another big week...
First, we have a TON of family coming in on Wed. through the weekend. I am excited because my sister-in-law loves to exercise, so I will have a buddy for my walk/jogs. I am going to bring healthy choices to all of our meals, so I know I will be OK, even with the temptations.

I have a fun, new workout/nutrition class (two hours) on Wed and Thurs mornings for the next three weeks. We are going to be learning Zumba, which I love. Actually, I am seriously considering buying it for the Wii.

We also have Ricky's reunion this weekend, so that will be fun, and it will be full of temptations, but I feel strong and focused, so I don't figure it will be all that tough.

And, an emotional note, I have Colin's funeral this Friday, and I will be running over to Spokane to grab Cody, who will also be home for a quick trip to go to the funeral.

Sunday is a trip for us to Seattle to go to a Mariners game, and also drop Cody off at the airport to head back home.

Through all of this, I am determined to eat properly and exercise :) I feel big results for next week!!!!

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The Moms said...

I know you will do great! Good job on all your hard work. I know how hard it is and I am very proud of you! It helps having the extra motivation of Monday mornings!