Saturday, July 16, 2011

I love Saturdays like this!

I accomplished so much on my TO DO List today!! Yeah :)

I did an hour of DCC dance video!

coffee with Almond Joy Creamer

Lunch:oops...kinda missed this with too much going on
hard boiled egg

Afternoon snack:
My homemade cabbage salsa and 4 chips

Dinner: We went to a friend's BBQ.
I had some of my coleslaw, cabbage salsa, 5 chips, a drumstick, a couple of pasta salads, homemade bun with huckleberry jam,cucumbers/tomatoes/onions, and I did have a small chocolate cake, which is the first sugar/dessert I have had in weeks!

Water: 150 ounces!!!!!! I drank 60 ounces at the BBQ :)

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