Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I give the day a 7

The alarm chimed at 5 a.m. I turned it off and decided I was going to sleep longer and skip exercising this morning, and instead do it this evening. Then the guilt kicked in (always the recovering Catholic),and I was headed outside at 5:09 a.m., and since I only had 30 minutes I decided to ride my bike! I had a meeting this morning at 6:30.

I ended up riding 4 miles in just under a half hour, and it was awesome! The weather was perfect, the pink sun was peeking over the mountains, and everything was waking up :) Several cars did pass me, which made me wonder who these other crazy people were!!!

I didn't find my clip shoes in the closet, so I am guessing they are in storage...SOMEWHERE. I definitley have to find them if I am going to ride again because it's a killer on the hills to not be able to stand up!!!

BUT...as the clouds moved over the valley, so did they over my little head :( By the time I made it to cheer practice at 3:30, my right foot (the one with the blisters on blisters) was so swollen that I could barely walk on it :( My little toes look like sausages...gross! And, the pain is pretty intense. Not at all sure what that's all about. So, I soaked it in really hot Epsom salt water, and then have had it elevated. I was totally bummed that I could not exercise this evening, as I have been exercising TWICE a day!! I am just worried about tomorrow.

Exercise: Bike for 30 minutes,4 miles.
cottage cheese with strawberries
2 cups of coffee (no creamer)

homemade egg salad sandwich on 12-grain (light Miracle Whip)
Water: 85 ounces

whole wheat organic penne pasta
organic spaghetti sauce
turkey sausage

Though it's not a bad day, it's a little less on the fruits and veggies than I like. I had plans to have a salad and watermelon, but I just couldn't stay on my foot in order to cut it all up and prepare it.

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