Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good couple of days :)

ONLY clean!!!! It amazes me how much better I feel, and how I have forgotten that! HELLO!!! The food tastes SO much better, and I feel FULL! Starting today I am both writing down everything I am eating (which I have been doing already), but also figuring calories. We have to record it for the mini-boot camp I am doing.

Exercising: All over this one! I worked out hard core on Monday at the gym, and had my best workout yet!! I ran on the elliptical and hit 10 minute miles, two of them, for the first time! Then I road the bike for 20 minutes and 3 miles. I jumproped for five minutes (which I love to do, and it is hard being so heavy). And, finally I jumped up onto a stand. THIS WAS REALLY hard! My goal is to get to the taller stands!

Today I had my first day of mini-boot camp. I AM WORRIED THAT I WILL BE SORE TOMORROW!!! It was 60 INTENSE minutes, but I loved it all, even the bleachers and the lunges. Then tonight my sis-and-law and I walked the canyon(3 miles with the 20% grade in there, too). It was an AWESOME walk :))))

Water: Yeah buddy! I am all over the 150 ounces a day!!

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