Wednesday, December 26, 2007


     To me the reason for the season centers around family. Regardless of your religious beliefs, it does connect directly to those we consider important in our lives.
     I was just thinking about what family really means. WHO is family? And, I feel very lucky to have the family who I have in my life!
     We picked up Cody on Saturday from the airport, and we were hoping to have lunch with Mike (Rick's son), but those plans did not work out because of his work.
     We were able to take our little one with us, and I just wish I could've taken her picture at the exact moment that she saw Cody. Her eyes were lit up so was adorable.
     We stopped for lunch and Cody taught Sarah how to blow the paper off of a straw. Let me tell you, the delight in her belly laughs warmed the entire little restaurant.
     As I watched those two (Jordie was at his dad's going to a Seahawk game...he was VERY missed), I thought how lucky the two of them are to be family. Of course, there are those out there who say they are not family because they are not blood-related, and have even said so to us. Such small-minded people are really missing out on what this world has to offer.
     On the ride home we endured a plethora of knock knock jokes (some funny, some terrible), silly songs, and other little gags from the backseat. Those two really are TROUBLE!
     I once had someone ask me how I could love my step-daughter as much as I do, and I could only reply, "How could I not?"
     I think about the people I am really close to in my life, some of them "blood" family, some of them not.
     I consider my mother-in-law a mom to me. I consider my best friends sisters to me. I consider all of Rick's kids my kids (and grandkids...woo hoo #3 AND A BOY on the way).
     So, this holiday season, when you gather your "family" together, be appreciative for those people in your life. I know I am!

Friday, December 21, 2007

GOSSIP around forever...well, at least it had its name before 1050

     And, just because it wasn't named until then...that means nothing because we all know gossip has been around since we could talk. SHOOT, it probably was around even before then. I am sure you can picture some scandalous cave paintings.
      Well, according to, gossip's etymology, in my opinion, is quite fascinating.
     So, it all started out as simply being about people who are related to each other and then it moved onto woman friends attending a birth, which led finally to "familiar and idle talk." I see the progression.
     I know, I know. We live in a society that runs on gossip. Look at the magazines and television shows that have flooded the market in the past years.
     I know that I am even guilty of it. GOSSIP. But, what I don't get is WHY there are people who THRIVE on gossip, and particularly sharing "BAD NEWS" about others. The irony of the "bad news" is that in itself is a judgment. And, really who has the right to pass judgment on anyone else?
     There is definitely a difference between sharing information, like when a friend is in the hospital having a baby or really sick or what have you, and being malicious.
     It just seems that the latter is so despicable. What causes people to partake in it?
     Who enjoys the sadness or mistakes of others enough to intentionally share it? To get on the phone and call people just for the sake of sharing gossip??
     Just think about it the next time you make a phone call or stop a neighbor to share some scandal that really is none of your business and most probably you don't have all the information about anyhow.
     I write of this because I have a close friend and her fmaily who are dealing with this issue. I just told her to remember that those of us who love her, will continue, and we know and we choose to not judge what is going on in their lives right now.
     I do, however, find it VERY difficult not to judge the gossip mongers.

A thought or two

     I can't wait for tomorrow! We are off to go and pick up Cody!! YEAH!!
     One of the things I am really looking forward to is he and I are going to work out while he is home. I am hoping this really motivates me.
     I will say that watching the final episode of The Biggest Loser was VERY inspiring. I cannot believe the difference in how those people looked.
     One of the guys said something about how he felt skinny on the inside and that he had a skinny self, but that he was finally going to share it on the outside with the rest of the world.
     I really understood that. I did.
     They are starting a couples edition of The Biggest Loser on January 1st, and I am looking forward to watching that.
     I was just thinking the other day when we were working our yearbook, and I saw a picture of me that it would be SUPER cool to lose weight between now and when the yearbook is published at the end of the school year.
     I have two major things I want to accomplish in this next year, one being my weight, and the other finishing my novel that I have started.
     Well, even though this week was crazy busy, it was crazy good. Lots of laughter and smiles and good memories.
     One night this past week Rick and I were laughing so hard that Jordie, who at first was shaking his head at us, ended cracking up, too. We were definitely a silly bunch that night! I completely believe that laughter is the one TRUE medicine.
     So, in these next few days...remember to laugh hard 'till your belly and face hurts!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Way too blessed to be so stressed!!

     I heard a great quotation today..."We are too blessed to be so stressed. Enjoy your holidays!" A soldier stationed in Iraq said that last night on the new show The Clash of the Choirs.
     And, isn't that the truth??? Why does it take a person in a much different situation than we find ourselves in to remind us of the simplicity of it all. I do keep laughing at how busy things are and how much is going on around us!!
     Last weekend we had three Christmas parties, one birthday party (Miss Olivia is 7!!!), and an out of town basketball game to attend.
     This week we have basketball games(3), meetings, concerts (high school on Thursday and Montessori on Friday), school Christmas parties, a Solistice Party on Friday night, Rick's brother Rod coming to visit for the weekend, and the BIG highlight...picking up Cody on Saturday!!
     I did mail out my Christmas cards today, albeit a tad later than I wanted to. I am really happy with them this year!

     We also included a cute collage picture that our little one created (quite the artist) that included candy canes, presents, reindeer, an ornament, etc. That's a tradition I started WAY back when my boys were so little. It's fun to look at the progression of all of their art through the years!
     So, I am trying to relish the simple and easy moments...not all the hustle and bustle. We truly do have so much for which to be thankful!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Elfin' around!!

     My mother-in-law sent me this link...very cute!
Hey, I just made a total elf of myself. Check it out by pasting the link below into your browser.

This elfin' greeting brought to you by OfficeMax®.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On a roll... (3 blogs in 1 night!)

     I can definitely say that my weight has been on my mind lately. I have not done anything proactive in what feels like forever.
      I have had a sporadic walk here and there, and I have paid closer attention to my portions, but...that doesn't really count.
      I have certainly gained some weight, how much I don't know. I am guessing that the twenty pounds I lost this summer are all back. I really do need to go find a scale.
      I just had some pictures that I was looking at in the yearbook, and I was thinking how nice it would be to work my butt off (literally and figuratively) between now and when the yearbook comes out at the end of May.
      Right now I need to figure out what will truly motivate me. So far, in my life nothing really has hooked me solid to make the life changes that I KNOW I need to make.
      I just keep thinking that I know how to make things happen. I have accomplished so much in my life. I know what I need to do. I know.
      Recently several people that we know have passed away (we even have a funeral this Saturday), and I was just thinking how I want to live to be such an OLD lady, and I know that I am losing years of my life for not living healthy RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!
      SIGH. How can so much be right in your life, and you just can't get a handle on ONE thing?
      I am totally happy with life right now. Things are rolling along just the way I want. The only thing that I would the health/weight stuff.
      So, the question is...WHY not?

A cup of tea? I'll take three, thank you!

     Tuesday evening I spent with my book group!! First you must know that one of my lifelong goals (on my offical 100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die list) was to be in a book group, so last year I started one!
     We have read some incredible books, and what I love most about the book group (besides the amazing company and incredible discussions) is that I am reading books that I would not normally pick up on my own.
     This month we also decided to have a dinner, and the five of us each brought a different course. Very fun!
     Our books thus far:

Wicked – Gregory Maguire

The Bluest Eye – Toni Morrison

Breaking Blue
– Timothy Egan

Eat, Love, and Pray – Elizabeth Gilbert

Griffin and Sabine – Nick Bantock

Three Cups of Tea – Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

     Our next one is scheduled for February 4th, and we are reading Winterkill by Craig Lesley (a PNW author). If you are interested, send me an e-mail, we are always looking to include more people!!
     So, this month our book was Three Cups of Tea, and honestly it has really affected me. If you have not read it, include it on your Christmas list.
     The story is an inspirational true account of one man who was able to make a REAL difference in this world. Greg is a human being who faced many obstacles, and yet he held onto his dreams and goals and always remained hopeful.
     You learn so much from this book about values (especially about not judging others), education, history, politics, and what humans have to offer in this world.
      For more information and to find out how you can become a part of something tangible to leave the world a better place, go visit the website at
     Check it out!

Monday, reported on Wednesday night!

     Monday, I will call Mommy Monday! What a great start of the week!!
     First off our little one lost her second tooth, so she could kinda sing the song wishing for her two front teeth now. She was so tickled for the tooth fairy to come and visit her.
     It's really fun being both Santa and the Tooth Fairy! And, nowadays, teeth are worth far more than when I lost them! Geez, must be inflation and whatnot.
     Monday night was also our December preschool meeting. This time, though, we had it at Teacher Sandy's house.
     WOW! What a beautiful and festive home!! Even if you were a Grinch (and, I am definitely not), you would feel your heart grow in the Christmas spirit.
     We had lots of good food, and I just love spending time with such dedicated moms!! And, we are very lucky to have such great second moms in our fantastic teachers :)
     So, we did some preliminary planning for our auction. Trust me you will hear LOTS more about it!!! For now mark the date: Friday, February 29th! Cool date, huh?!!
     Life is so busy at this time of the year, and really Monday night was a nice way to slow down and just enjoy others.

Monday, December 10, 2007

December 10th!

     That's right! Today was my half-birthday!! Woo hoo! The big reason why I ever even remember is that my good friend Marti's birthday was today, which we used to always celebrate our half and birthdays!!! LOL!

One of the best tv commercials of the season???

One of the things I love about this time of the year is the commercials! I really like this one, and although I have only ever shopped at a Kohl's once, I just like the vibe from this commercial.

      So, I was thinking that delightful, delicious, and delovely really fit with my past weekend.
      First, we were kidless...Jordie had a weekend with his dad for the Seahawks, and our little one was at her mom's.
      I decided to begin my weekend in the most delightful way as possible. I had a massage! I think everyone should regularly schedule a massage, as the health benefits are tremendous!
      We spent a quiet evening home on Friday, and then up and out early on Saturday to WENATCHEE and shopping galore!
      We were in search of a few items on our Christmas list, and we could not find them, but let me tell you, it was not for lack of effort. I still cannot believe how many stores we ventured into!
      And, thank goodness for E-bay!! We are all good now. I was a bit worried that our quest for certain presents would turn into a nightmare version of a Christmas movie!!
      I love going to Wenatchee because we always run into some of my friends from what feels like a lifetime ago. And, we did!
      We ate out. I guess that would be our delicious? Well, lunch wasn't so delicious, but later in the evening we made up for that.
      Saturday night we watched the Hatton vs. Mayweather fight, and unfortunately who we wanted to win...did not. We did enjoy spending time with our friends and eating DELICOUS snacks and appetizers!
     We had a comfy Sunday, watching movies, eating out for lunch (YIKES, more delicious), and shopping (the boring weekly stuff).
      Yup, it was a good weekend!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One of my favorite Christmas songs!

Last night as we sat in the house looking at the beautiful tree, we watched the Celtic Woman Christmas program. They will actually be in Spokane in April. Just wanted to share with you.

Passing on the jolly!

     OK, so yesterday was a SUPER day! It all started with positive "I" statements in the shower, lots of smiles, and just good energy.
     Everything is grooving. Know what I mean? I love it when that happens, and then SOMETIMES I start to worry that things are going so swell that surely something bad will happen.
     I did not think that yesterday though. Instead I was enjoying each positive moment.
     Normally around deadline time for our yearbook, life is BEYOND stressful, but NOT this year. For a whole bunch of reasons, things are running very smoothly. Mostly, my amazing editor, Nadine, but also I am improving in how I teach the class...this is my fourth year of annual, afterall. Big gains since my first year!!
     School is great, and my family life is even better! Life is just happening, and I am happy!
     Do you ever have that feeling of just being VERY productive? That's how yesterday was...I was accomplishing everything on my "to do" list, and even things that weren't.
     Then as I finished running my errands (PUD, post office, insurance, car tabs, gas, rent, etc.), my car made a strange sound.
     First, thing I am very appreciative of is that Rick is an oustanding mechanic...NICE to have in the family :)
     So, I drive over to his work, he checks it out, and it appears to be bad news. But, you know what, I don't feel devastated or anything, because what are you going to do?
     Rick sends me over to the parts store, I am expecting the worse. First of all, I normally break out in hives (not really, but you get the pic) when I have to go to an auto parts store. It's like a foreign country. And, I like to travel and learn new things, but that's not how I feel in an auto parts store. Usually I feel like I am a country where I can't speak the language and NOBODY is going to help me or if they are going to help me, they might rip me off. Thankfully that was NOT the experience yesterday!
      As I am handing over money, I am thinking about the good things of the situation.
     First, I get to see Randy, who I am technically related to, as we share the same adorable granddaughter. And, if you know Randy...he is a super positive guy!
     Thankfully, Car Quest had my parts, and I only had to fork over an arm, as opposed to an arm and a leg (just kidding, the prices were FAR less than I expected!!!).
     Of course, I brought the parts back across the street and Rick figured out that it was something else entirely, so back over to CQ.
     Then I started teasing Randy that I was going to blog about him (and here I am!).
     In the end, my car isn't completely fixed (found something else out that needs to be worked on...neverending), but I had fun last night around Mike and Rick, and, of course, Santa Randy (although he wasn't giving me presents, he was very JOLLY).
     It's all about the frame of mind you choose to live in...No Grinch attitude here :) Pass on the jolly!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What's on your list?

     It's the time of year where people write lists. I am a list person, mostly a "to do" list kinda gal.
     Today I am giving you a list of my favorite websites. - This is an online dictionary, and in particular, I love to go to the word of the day section. I learn a new word at least once a week. Although I visit it daily, I often do know many of the definitions. I particularly like the etymology of each word. It's interesting to see from where a word originates. Today's word: rambunctious! - I had a former student give me a Zobmondo book as a Christmas present, and I just love that book! It's a book of "would you rather" questions that REALLY make you think. For example, would you rather be perceived as intelligent or street smart?
     Or today's question: Would you rather, as a woman wear 4-inch high heels everdyday and everywhere OR go barefoot? I go with barefoot, although I know I wouldn't like to walk in the snow or the super hot ground, but I suppose eventually my feet would weather and make their own type of shoe out of tough skin. I just couldn't deal with high heels ALL the time! - I love this site, and I can access many of Rachael Ray's recipes (and lots of other people, too). I am going to have to go and check out something to make as a scrumptious appetizer for fight night this Saturday! -Of course, every morning would not be complete without checking out the weather. I really am interested in the weather (and, I am not sure why). I have the site set-up with my weather and other areas of interest (where family and friends live).
     And, I usually check my e-mail, myspace, work e-mail, work on this blog, and I read the news online (,,, and sometimes
     As of late, I have been reading up again on health and nutrition.
     There you have it...a list of sorts.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Best present ever!!

     All I want for Christmas is...not my two front teeth, but my oldest son home! Woo hoo! Cody will be home for ten days at Christmas because the School of Infantry closes down! YAHOO! Best present EVER!

Careful for what you wish...

     We had a great weekend!! Accomplished lots, and spent quality time with family and friends.
     I finally broke down and bought a fake tree. I am 36 years-old, and this is the first time I have had a fake one. I did it for all sorts of reasons.
     Most importantly, real trees bug my step-daughter's allergies. Then you have all the other stuff, making sure to water it, vacuuming up pine needles (or picking them out of your feet), disposing of them, hurting the environment, etc.
     I did buy a beautiful and fresh wreath from the Okanogan High School Music Boosters, so I do have the fresh tree fragrance, but without it being overwhelming. (By the way: They are selling them at the Food Depot along with real trees, which are a fundraiser for the sports programs.)
     So, back to my tree...I LOVE IT! It is soooo beautiful :)

     We had a blast decorating it, and it came with the lights already!! We tell all of the stories of each ornament, and my step-daughter just loves that part!!
     So, the halls have been officially decked! I especially love our Christmas countdown calendar!

     Yesterday, we spent the snowy evening with our friends Rich and Lorri. We had a yummy dinner (I made green bean bake and a delicious dessert - I will post recipes tomorrow!), and then we watched some television together.
     We are going over to their house again this Saturday to watch the big Hatton vs. Mayweather fight!
     I kept saying how I wished it would stop snowing...I love the snow, but not TONS of it! And, I kept wishing for a late start at school.
     And, then...that's what happened!! I did like the late start this morning. I had all sorts of good intentions (go exercise, run errands, etc.), but I just slept an extra two hours, which is just what I needed.
     BUT, I must say...I prefer the tons of snow to this slush. So, be careful for what you wish, indeed!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snow, Thanksgiving, football and more football

     I love the snow. I love snuggling on the couch with the fire going, reading a book, drinking hot cocoa. I have had a few days like this lately. Lots of time to think.
     I don't, however, enjoy driving in the white stuff. I am a good driver, and with my studs on I feel even more comfortable.
     We had one of the best Thanksgiving celebrations ever! It was so nice to have our three kids there at Grandma's house. I feel very lucky to have Grandma Pat in our lives; she a surrogate, indeed.
     Following Thanksgiving, I drove Cody and his girlfriend down to meet his dad in Chelan for one last visit.
     Saturday we were all up and out early to first pick up the kids in Leavenworth and then head over to Seattle.
     We watched the Apple Cup (I was rooting for the Huskies!!!) on Saturday, spent lots of family time together, and ate yummy leftovers.
     Then Sunday we watched the Hawks barely beat the Rams. It was a fun weekend of football.
     Finally, the weekend came to a sad close. We had to leave Cody there to catch his airplane yesterday to return back to San Diego. It was VERY hard to say good-bye.
     And, now we don't know when we will hear from him, or see him next! SIGH
     On the health end of things...I have taken several morning walks, but I am really motivated to get a real routine going. I would like to look differently the next time I do see Cody. I KNOW, I know. That's what I wanted the last time.
     I definitely feel like I ate too much over the Turkey break, and now I don't want to slide down that fat hill through the holidays and on to G-ma's house.
     Right NOW is the time to say, "WHOA!"

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Thanksgiving Myspace Graphics
Thanksgiving Myspace Graphics


     SO much to say! I know it has been awhile since I last wrote. SORRY. I don’t have much to report about the health end of things. I haven’t exercised, and I have cooked lots. I have been busy cooking all of Cody’s favorite meals! Thankfully, I am focusing on portions, so even though I am eating what I want, I am not eating how much I want!
     We have been so busy with lots of friends and family over visiting Cody. Lots of great stories and laughing!!
     Much has happened since we last chatted! First, Cody and I went and got a tattoo together! This makes my third. We thought and thought for a long time what we wanted to get. We want it to be something special and symbolic. So, finally we decided on the nautical star. It actually has a Celtic history, which we are Celtic, so that was the first perfect match! The nautical star is all about finding your way home safely. We both had it tattooed on the inside of our right wrists. To us, it represents family, and returning home safely! Love it! The only thing is my pic is not so great, because it's still in the healing phase.

     Something sad also happened this past weekend. One of our horses came down with colic and was very ill. We had to put him down early Monday morning. It was devastating. It’s amazing how much animals are really a part of our lives, just like family. It’s also during sad times that you find out how much you love each other. To watch Rick hurt, it just made me love him that much more. You know, I think it’s more dramatic when you have someone who is normally rough around the edges and you see him melt into the sensitive person that he is on the inside.
     This past month has really been a month of family. We are all so much closer. All of us. I am VERY thankful for that. To watch the transformation between Cody and Rick and their relationship, it has touched my heart and given me hope that relationships can repair and be better for it in the end.
     As we come to one of my FAVORITE holidays of the year, I have so much for which I am thankful.
     I am thankful for my kids! What amazing people :)
     I am thankful for Rick. We have become so much stronger these past few months. Sometimes change IS for the better! I am proud of both of us. I am VERY excited about our future.
     I am thankful for the health of my loved ones and friends. I am able to share this incredible life with many people, and I only hope that they are around for much longer!
     I am thankful for forgiveness. I have chosen to forgive some people in my life, and that is such an incredible feeling.
     I am thankful to have all my family together this year for Thanksgiving!
     I hope your day of thanks is as wonderful as mine!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

A couple of funnies :)




Veterans Day!

     OK, first off...The federal government does not use an apostrophe in Veterans Day. So, I am going with that.
     Yes, the offical day was know, 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. But, we do have a national observance held today.
     This year, for obvious reasons, Veterans Day means more to me. I have always been patriotic and moved by this day, but not like I am now.
      What did I do today? Well, for starters...I slept in. Life has been rather hectic for a couple of weeks, and especially the past few days, and I took advantage of having nobody in the house.
     (The boys are off with their dad at the Seahawks game!)
     Then when I did wake up, I had a cup of yummy coffee, and I went for a walk.
     I appreciate that I live in a country where I can wake up whenever I choose and go for a walk without fear for my safety, and that as a woman I can wear shorts and have my face uncovered.
     Think about that today. Think about the liberty and freedoms you have and why you have them.
     I am including a poem today, and although I have researched it thoroughly, I THINK this is the author, but if I am wrong, I apologize.

"It is the Soldier, not the reporter,
Who has given us Freedom of the Press.

It is the Soldier, not the poet,
Who has given us Freedom of Speech.

It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer,
Who has given us the Freedom to demonstrate.

It is the Soldier, not the lawyer,
Who has given us the right to a fair trial;

And it is the Soldier--who salutes the flag,
Who serves the flag, and
Whose coffin is draped by the flag--
Who allows the protester to burn the flag."

Charles M. Province

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do the tears ever stop rolling?

     Yesterday Cody attended school and was the guest speaker for the Veterans Day assembly. He dressed in his blues, and WOW!
     At first I was worried about him speaking given his only just graduating from boot camp two days prior, but quickly I was inspired by the impact he made on the students.
     His speech was centered around how he used to feel about Veterans Day, how he feels now, and most importantly what the Marine Corps has given him as a human being.
     MANY eyes were wet; it was an emotional's been an emotional week.
     Later Cody talked to several classes about his experiences at boot camp. I have enjoyed hearing about everything!
     One of my favorite and most touching stories is when Cody handed me a plastic bag. This bag was dirty and had been folded a million times.
     Inside the bag was a worn letter. I opened it up, and it was a letter from his little sister. He carried it in his left pocket right above his heart for every day of recruit training after he had received it.
     One day they were out in the field and a drill instructor was patting him down and happened to find the letter. The DI of course freaked out, yelling at Cody about what the letter was.
     Cody yelled back, "This is a letter from this recruit's little sister, sir!"
     The DI normally would take a letter (considered contraband if carried on person) and rip it to pieces in front of the recruit's face, but instead he handed it back to Cody and walked away.
     I love that story on a hold bunch of levels, but what I think is super sweet is I can just imagine the times when Cody felt low and read that letter which made him smile and keep on keeping on!
     Well, with Veterans Day (Which by the way I have researched and the federal government does not use an apostrophe...I was trying to figure out where the apostrophe officially goes because there are many veterans, so I thought it would go after the "s".), OK, with Veterans Day approaching, remember Cody's words: Be appreciative for the liberty and freedom that you have in your life!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

PROUD Marine Family

      OK, now to the HIGHLIGHT of our trip...CODY. What an amazing experience our entire family had at Family Day and graduation!
     I have always been proud of my son, but this was an absolutely incredible feeling, OVERWHELMING.
     When we first arrived to Family Day, we were able to see Cody, but not touch him. He was preparing for his motivational 5-mile run.
     I just started bawling the moment I saw him. He looked so good, and I missed him so much. Our entire family was touched with emotion to see such an incredible young man stand before us.
     There were 600 recruits and their families from all over the country. The energy was tangible.
     Then at the end of the run, they assembled in front of us, again. And, we still could not touch him. But, since he was a squad leader he was in the front row, and I was maybe ten feet from him!!

      Then the recruits left, and the families proceeded into a theater to watch an inspiring video and listen to a motivational speech about our sons.
     The formality, tradition and symbolism of everything was very touching. You can't help but feel this incredible pride and patriotism when you are there.
     Following that, we headed out to watch the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor pinning ceremony. This is the exact moment when a recruit become a marine.

     Cody was a squad leader, so once he received his pin, he actually went down the line with his drill instructor to pin the other recruits in his squad.
     When this ceremony was complete, we could run down (trust me, I RAN) and hug our babies. We also were able to meet the other young men who will now be lifelong friends.

     Then Cody had leave for 5 hours with us! He had his first pizza in three months!
     I have always been blessed with good kids. What I can say the Marines did for my son...they allowed him to realize what an incredible human being he is and what he has to offer this world.
     You wouldn't think that you would see much of a transformation in a kid that really had so much already going for him.
     This young man...WOW. That's really all I can say.
     We next were able to see him at his graduation ceremony. This was another incredible experience.
     One of my favorite parts of the ceremony is when they marched by the Commander with "eyes right" to show respect and be reviewed.

     All I can say is if you ever have a friend or loved one that enters the military, make sure you do whatever it takes to attend his/her graduation. This is one of the most incredible experiences in my life.

We're BACK!

     What a whirlwind of a week it has been! I will have to post several blogs today just to catch you up on everything!!!!
     I don't even know where to begin. Let's see...I could go from importance (seeing Cody for the FIRST time!!) or chronologically. That's probably easiest, and will help keep me on track and not all random!
     We left on Saturday for Spokane to fly out. First, I must say that flying out of Spokane was SUPER!!! We had no wait through security, the airport is small, the price was cheaper than flying out of Seattle, and it was a non-stop flight. EXCELLENT experience.
     Since we arrived in Spokane SOOOOO early, we went down and played at Riverfront Park. We have done that before, but we really had a good time.
     We rode on the carousel (which I used to do every Sunday when I was my step-daughter's age), and I even rode on it again. She loved it when I caught the rings!!
     I love that park! We played on the big wagon slide, checked out all the geese, walked over the bridges above the falls, just relaxed.

     After a couple of hours there, we headed to the airport and then down to San Diego. We still were super early, so we were a bit goofy at the airport!

     Sunday we went to the ocean in the morning, which was really fun! All the surfers were fun to watch, and we found seashells and even a sand dollar. Considering how many people were at the beach, that was surprising.

     Off to Sea World we went!! I love that place! Our little one even went on all of the BIG rides! I couldn't believe it! She is definitely ready for Disney Land.
     Another major Sea World highlight was when Jordie touched a dolphin!!! Very cool!

     Monday we spent at the San Diego Zoo. We took the Skyfari (a giant gondola) up to the top of the park, and then we walked the rest of the park in one day! We saw absolutely everything.
     My favorite was the Meerkat exhibit. I love that show on Discovery. They had tiny babies...oh so cute! I enjoyed all the monkey, gorilla, and orangataun exhibits, too.

     That gets us through our tourist times in San Diego. The next blog will be all about our Marine experience!!!
     I am exhausted, but in a content way. I wish I would've worn a pedometer, as we REALLY clocked some miles in our walking shoes. And, we mostly ate well. I seriously feel like a lost weight on this vacation!
     The best part of our vacation was all of our family time...all of the laughing!! SIGH.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

     Yeah, I snuck in a walk this morning. It's so weird to walk when it is as dark as it is in the morning because it feels like I am walking at night.
     I am so excited for Halloween tonight! I know I am going to have to buy like 15 bags of candy now that I live in the trick-or-treating hot spot of Okanogan!
     I can't wait to see all the kids! When my step-daughter arrives to my house, rather than go out again, we are going to have her help hand out candy, which should be fun, too!
     I love our pumpkins! We carve ours the old school way, with no fancy patters or scoopers. We had tons of fun making them, and I love it when it's all dark and they are lit up.
     I have been thinking a lot just the past few days about fitness and diet. I need to get into somewhere and weigh, so I can figure out where I even am in that department. My clothes all fit, and are actually a bit loose, so I have a general idea of where I am.
     When we return from our trip to San Diego, I plan on notching exercise up! I am hoping I can get Cody to kick my butt!! LOL.
     So for now, stay safe and warm tonight!

Monday, October 29, 2007

This weekend was a TREAT!

     Sleepy, dreamy, relaxed. Could it be? Yup, that's me the past couple of days!
     Friday was spent not knowing what to kids, no Friday night football.
     Rick and I invited a friend over and we BBQed and watched a movie on tv and then one we rented. It was nice and relaxed (and warm, especially compared to football games!).
     Saturday and Sunday were all about sleeping in!! How nice, what a TREAT!
     Both days were pretty lazy, too. Saturday Rick went to run boats, and I didn't go for two reasons.
     First, I wanted to go to my step-daughter's preschool carnival, both to see her and take pictures for the yearbook we are making for them.
     And, as silly as this sounds, I know Cody will be calling soon, and I don't want to miss his phone call because I am in a place that doesn't have cell service!
     Unfortunately he did not call :( I imagine it will happen some time this week, hopefully, but the bright side of things is that I will be seeing him one week from tomorrow!
     We are leaving this Saturday for San Diego, and I can't believe it's HERE!
     Back to our lazy Sunday, we hung out at my house with a nice fire going, and I made my yummy chicken noodle soup (seems to be a once a month Sunday dinner).
     It was just so nice and relaxing and LAZY.
     Then this morning I went for a walk!! It was SUPER cold, but very refreshing! I like it!
     I know this will be a good week, somewhat hectic, but I am recharged from the weekend and ready to go!

Friday, October 26, 2007

What day is it?

     It feels like I have lived a month in one week! Seriously, when I look back to this week...SIGH.
     We know that last week was Homecoming...ending with the dance on Saturday night. (BUSY)
     Let's take a look at since then. Sunday I drove to Wenatchee and flew to Seattle, and then my sister came and visited with me at the hotel. We sat in the sauna (very relaxing) and trotted down memory lane :)
     Monday and Tuesday I spent working at a conference. I sit on a statewide writing assessment team of teachers, administrators, TOSAS, instructional coaches, etc. We work hard, and I learn tons, which enables me to be a better teacher.
     Then, Tuesday I flew back to Wenatchee and drove home to Oak Town. Long day.
     Wednesday was a somewhat normal day, as normal as it can be after being gone from the classroom for two days. It always feels like I play catch-up all day!
     Thursday...we left right after school last night to head to the football game in Leavenworth. This was a fun trip, as we stopped on the way at Starbucks!
      We returned home last night at around 11:30. The cheerleader bus made it home much earlier than the football team bus, so I was glad to be home as early as we were.
     The trip to Leavenworth is always one of mixed feelings. The field we played on last night is our old home field. Cody played his middle school through freshmen years of football there.
     Even more special to me is that our old house sits right next to the football field, right on the river.
     I saw my best friends last night and their kiddos. SIGH. I miss them all so much. It's pretty amazing how you can go for long periods of time of not seeing people you love, and then when you do finally see them, it's like there was never any absence.
      Now with football season over, I plan on going back up to L-town for a weekend visit, probably some time in December (considering how much is going on in the next couple of weeks). I can't wait.
     Fall, football, friends...Friday.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just how ya see it!

     The weekend felt like a whirlwind, and it just zipped by, at least to me. The funny thing is that Jordie feels like it was a really (albeit good) LONG weekend.
     This was the first year in four that Rick and I didn't go to the Loup Loup ski auction. We even had tickets given to us, but we normally go with our good friends every year, and they had HOMECOMING central at their house, so we all decided to not go this year.
     It actually ended up being a nice break in what would've been an even more hectic weekend.
     Last night my baby sister and I hooked up, and we had such a SUPER time!! We laughed and laughed and told cute stories about my boys when they were little.
     That reminds me! I had no idea that there is some reality show about findng the next Elvira. I happened to catch a bit of it, and it is not something even me, MS. Queen Reality, will watch again.
     But, now here is the sister dressed my boys and their friend up when they were very little. Cody was dressed as Elvira, dress and make-up and all!! LOL
     Speaking of Cody, I read an interesting quotation yesterday (sorry, I can't remember who said it). "War is God's way of teaching us geography." That made me go: Hmmmmmm...
     Regardless of your faith and belief, the gist of this quotation is so true. To even know where Qatar is, would we if it wasn't for the war? Hmmmmm.
     Enough of that heavy stuff. So, even though my weekend felt like a blink, it was a good one! Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


     Somehow we survived HOMECOMING week!! It was truly tons of fun, just very exhausting!
     Friday was a bit emotional for me...And, I don't know if that was because I was super tired (probably had a lot to do with it) or what it was.
     At our pep assembly Aaron Nickelson performed a Lone Star song, Not a Day Goes By. And, I didn't expect it, but I just started bawling because I miss Cody so much.
     I looked for Jordie in the crowd, we met eyes, and I could see how much he misses his brother, too.
     When the song ended, a couple of my cheer girls ran over to hug me. I am really lucky to work with such caring kids!
     Then we had a BLAST at the assembly(the cheerleaders looked and performed SUPER), and the parade, as always, ROCKED!!
     The game was still fun, although we lost. Senior night, half-time Homecoming activities, cheerleaders' stomp routine, etc. And, my cheerleaders surprised me with a thank you and special recognition. (Again, an emotional moment.)
     We only have one more game. I can hardly believe the season is almost over. CRAZY!
     At the end of the game, Jordie suffered a concussion. SIGH. He is thankfully doing much better today, but Friday night was a bit scary.
      Yesterday was spent getting ready for the dance (picking up the flower), dealing with wrinkles in clothes, and chauffeuring to the restauarant and dance.
      Jordie and Becca looked perfect!! They both had a yummy dinner and fun dance.
     In between all of that, we fired up the barbie at Rick's and watched Transformers, which was a great action flick that I wished we would've watched in the movie theaters!
     Now this morning I am enjoying a cup of Starbucks (Thanks to my cheer girls...they know me TOO well!), and preparing for another semi-busy week.
     SO, to recap the week for my exercise: I did go for one walk early on a rainy and dark morning. I can't believe how dark it is when I am up now!
     Eating: Not bad at all. I watched my portions. Water: Need to improve!
     Well, I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks! Although I have not been focused on my health the way I would like to be really since school started, I have maintained (and, not gained).
     There ya have it...I survived!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WHAT a FuN day!!

     I had so much fun today! The kids were all excited, and our school was so colorful!
     I love it when new traditions start, and they are SUPER successful! The volleyball and football games were a HUGE hit!
     Go SOPHOMORE boys for dominating and taking first in Macho Volleyball. I was proud as an advisor, and even more as a MOM, when Jordie served for 12 straight points!
     All the boys from all the grades played well, and the same with the girls (SENIORS won) in football!
     I just love all of the creativity of this week. Again, the sophomores have topped my list with two of their ideas!
     First, their shirts say OXYMORON to the tenth power. This is clever and witty, as they are the class of 10 and they are sophomores (thus the tenth power), and then sophomore derives from Greek, meaning WISE FOOL, definitely an oxymoron!! Very fun!
     Then some of the sophomore girls dressed up for famous pair day. This was supposed to be like Brad and Angelina, Salt and Pepper, Bonnie and Clyde, etc.
     Well, these girls came as PEARS!!!! LOL!!!! I love my job!!
     So, to explain the pic...I corralled my hair into a tie dye bandana, and sported my sophomore shirt to show some love to my class during the activities tonight!


     Three weeks from today CODY graduates from boot camp! I can't believe how time can both go slowly and quickly at the same time. I can't wait to see him!!!!
     And, one of the reasons time is going so quickly is that we are busy!! I love this week, and I feel like I am lucky to celebrate it every year!! Most people only have 4 years, but since I teach I have MANY more!
     Today is the middle of Homecoming week, and I am VERY excited for tonight's activities: Macho Volleyball and Powder Puff Football.
     Today is also my FAVORITE dress-up day, as it is the class color day which is absolutely CRAZY :)
     Our staff is in our third year of tie dye, and I have the perfect dress for today!! And, my hair, let's just say HUGE. LOL
      Last night Rick and I watched The Biggest Loser, which I always find inspiring.
     My favorite part, of course, is how after they vote someone off, they show how they have continued to do...last night's transformation ROCKED.
     A little update on the sicky icky cold I was trying to have. I think I shrugged it off!! Thanks to the water, vitamins, and Zicam! YES! That's one for me and a big fat zero for Mr. Cold!
     Well, I am off to enjoy the day, and I hope you do the same!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On a roll...

     Something to think about...
     On Sunday night Rick and I watched Evan Almighty for the first time; we missed it in the theaters.
     We both love the two main actors, Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell, and we both love comedy movies.
     Although the plot was ridiculously predictable, I still enjoyed watching the movie and listening to all of the messages.
     My favorite lesson from the entire movie is when God (played by Morgan) tells Ethan/Moses that when someone asks him (God) for courage, he does not give that person courage, but rather he gives that person an opportunity to be courageous.
     He went on to also use the example of patience. Rather than bestowing patience, he creates a situation in which the person asking can then show his/her patience.
     I loved the idea of this. Regardless of your beliefs, you can still understand that when your life lesson is let's say...PATIENCE, that you will then be given many opportunities in this life to practice and work on patience.
     I can relate to this entirely. I know that my two life lessons in life right now are 1) PATIENCE, and 2) You can't please everyone, so you need to do what you believe in your heart to be right.
     And, it certainly feels that in the last six months, I have been given AMPLE opportunities to practice those! Sometimes those are HARD lessons to learn :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

I see a pattern here

     I am so busy that I don't even feel like I have time to dedicate to this blog at this moment. Sheesh, I don't want to let anybody down either.
     I can hardly believe that we only have two football games left, and then cheer season is over. I won't quite know what to do with my time for the rest of the year. (I imagine I will blog more!!!)
     Why does it always feel like life is SUPER busy or super not? Seriously, I am amazed at how much has been going on or will be in just the months between September and November!
     Then...slow down, just in time for the holidays! HA!
     I am very excited about our trip at the beginning of November to San Diego!!! I CANNOT believe Cody will graduate from basic training! I am so proud of that little fart.
     He sends letters often, and he has accomplished some major things already! He is a squad leader, and he received the highest level for his marksmanship training!! This is good especially since he wants to be a sniper with recon!
     We are going to have such a great trip to San Diego, and I hope the weather is nice. Sea World and San Diego we come!!! Of course, our highlight will be to proudly watch our son march in his dress uniform and receive his diploma and orders.
     Now for life here and right now. We are experiencing Homecoming this week which means REALLY long days and lots of chaos. I am tired, and it's only Monday.
     But, along with the long hours, we have LOTS of laughs! The Powder Puff football(girls playing football) and the Macho Volleyball (boys playing volleyball) practices have been hysterical! I have very much enjoyed the frustration of the "coaches" (fellow sophomores) who just can't understand why nobody listens!?!? LOL
     Tonight we had double practice, tomorrow night we are going to the Omak vs. Okanogan volleyball match, then Wednesday night Macho Volleyball and Powder Puff games, Thursday...well, looks open after cheer practice, and Friday the big football game, parade, assembly, etc. Capped off with Saturday night Homecoming dance!
     Just writing the list makes me happy and tired.
     I have not exercised in I don't know how long...I am not eating bad, which is a plus, and I have been drinking lots of fluid because I am fighting off a nasty cold.
     This cold reared its ugly head on Friday, really icky on Saturday, and seems to be simmering since Sunday. I am hoping I am holding it at bay.
     So, there you have it in one GIANT nutshell...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is it THURSDAY already???

     Hello, old friend!
     Yes, it has been far too long since I have last blogged, and I appreciate all of my faithful readers who keep coming back and checking.
     Life is just a whirlwind. I am guessing that my sporadic blogs will continue until cheerleading is over, which is surprisingly, just around the corner.
     I can hardly believe that we are almost in the middle of October! This Friday night is only one of three (maybe four, if we play a cross-over) games left in our season.
     It will, no doubt, be strange when cheer is over, as right now it is certainly all time consuming. I will have some much extra time that I won't know what to do with myself!
     So, hang in there...I promise I will be back in full force once life slows down just a tad.
     Everything has been busy, but good. Our airline tickets are purchased for San Diego, and I CANNOT wait to see Cody!! Less than a month to go.
     My eating has been mostly good, with a few slip ups here and there, but really I have been concentrating on eating healthy and on portion control.
     Exercising is spotty (sort of like this blog). I have gone for walks in the morning, and worked on my wood pile in the past week, but I haven't worked out every single day.
     This week and next are particularly NUTSO, with Homecoming on the horizon. We have had planning and prepping activities this week, and then next week...well, I probably won't know my name :)
     What's fun for me is that I get to relive Homecoming every year, and this one I am a sophomore class advisor, so I am helping lots.
     This weekend we are going to Wenatchee to hit up Goodwill and buy all of our dress-up clothes.
     Well, I miss you. Life is well. I hope it is for you, too.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

THANK you Power

      The act of saying thank you, of appreciating all that should be appreciated, of realizing how fortunate we all really are.
     I read an article today online about "Thank You Power" that resonated with me.
     Of course, it makes sense that a natural link exists between optimists and people who live the ideals of Thank You Power. This is all completely connected to my life right now.
     My 10th grade English classes are reading Stuck in Neutral, which actually a local guy (Spokane), Terry Trueman, wrote.
     One of the main messages in the book revolves around optimism, staying positive, and hope.
     Side note: Terry Trueman is coming to our school next Friday to meet with my students, and I am totally thrilled!
     The message in his book, in the articles that I read today is one that I am trying to live each day.
     Remember to say thank you. Remember to appreciate those around you. Remember to FORGIVE. Remember to look for solutions.
     I have resolved myself to remembering. Sometimes I think that we bog down in all the little details and miss out on the big picture. Thankfully, right now that picture's clarity is one of splendid focus.
     Life is busy, and you know what? I am thankful for the opportunity to be busy :)
     On a physical note...I have focused well on eating this past week, but not on water consumption or exercising.
     I have one month until we head down to see Cody at his graduation. I can't wait to see him. I know he will look/act so much differently.
     I need to kick myself in the butt, and workout hard for 30 days!
     We have a fun weekend ahead of us: football game with the junior cheer camp, soccer game on Saturday, wood gathering sometime over the weekend, and I am bound and determined to finish unpacking my classroom this weekend!
     I can do it! Thank you!

Monday, October 1, 2007

What a weekend REALLY should be...

The above pic I took of the mirror as we were driving down the snowy road. I have this thing for reflective pics. My baby brother says that this pic looks like I am in a snow globe! As you can see, I like it so much that it is now my profile pic!

Still green with a coat of white...

Lots of snow up on Mutton Ridge on the LAST day of September!

A mirror pic, shocking, I know!

      So much too say, so little time to say it all.
     I played like a kid this past weekend. It was ABSOLUTELY wonderful. I really am proud of myself of just letting go of all the control of all the things that in reality I cannot. (Serenity)
     We had the football game on Friday night, which it was disappointing that we lost, but it was a good game. The OK boys played hard, and there small numbers in the end really made the difference.
     I am sooooo proud of those young players, my son included! What heart.
     I was also excited about something new this year for the BIG rivalry. The cheerleaders practiced together on Thursday night, and then performed together at the game.
     Kudos to Coach Andy and his girls. What an amazing show of sportsmanship on their part. Kudos to my girls. AND, KUDOS to the Okanogan fans who warmly received the Omak cheerleaders and applauded their performance with our girls.
     I am reminded over and over why I am proud to be a BULLDOG!
     On Saturday, Ricky, our friend Kirkes, and I went on the road. We knew we eventually wanted to end up in Wenatchee, but that was about it for the trip plan.
     In reality this is how it went: Chelan, hydroraces, remote control hydro races, casino, Starbucks, Wenatchee, Chinese Buffet, Lowe's (what is the deal with men and tile???), Wal*Mart (I know, I know...don't we have one of those in our own backyard?), back to Chelan, Wal*Mart (OK, 2 Wal*Marts in one night...there is a story behind it), back to Omak, to the movie theater for the LATE show (Kingdom - GREAT movie by the way), drop off Kirkes, and crash at Rick's after midnight! What a day!
     All I can really say is that we just laughed and laughed all day long. Those boys were silly, and honestly, it is one of the BEST days I have had in a LONG time!!!
     How could Sunday possibly be any better? Well, take two people out for a random drive searching for snow...that's right. We headed up to Mutton Ridge and found lots of the white stuff! We took tons of pics, as both Rick and I are budding photographers! By the way the pic at the bottom of this page, I took as well!
     Then we headed back to my house, made a fire in the fireplace (VERY nice), and I made homemade chicken noodle soup!
     I can just say that there were tons of things I SHOULD have done this weekend, but I am glad for everything that I did do.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Whatta Wednesday!

     Greetings halfway through the work week...I can't believe it is already Wednesday!! Time is just going by really fast this year, and I think it probably has a lot to do with being a coach for cheerleading.
     Just last night Rick and I were talking about my schedule, and how even though this time right now is busy, it seems so much better since I have cleared many other things off my plate. As well, we know that when cheerleading ends life will be slower, indeed.
     Really I am proud of saying NO to things and making choices of what I really want to do and what is really important to me!
     Speaking of clearing plates...I am so excited at how healthy we have been eating in the past few weeks! We are all feeling tons better and that we have more energy.
     This week our little one is not with us, so we are eating at my house, which works out nicely in the lunch leftover department.
     Last night I made yummy "fried" chicken. It tasted like fried chicken, but really it was baked. I soaked (also know in cooking terms as marinated) chicken breasts in fat free ranch dressing. Then I crushed up a bunch of cornflakes, and then rolled the chicken in those to coat them. When the chicken came out of the oven, it seriously tasted fried and very delicious :)
     SO, to go with dinner I made a superb salad. This leads us to today's lunch: Cut-up chicken in my salad. Perfect lunch!
     I have been working in a walk on most mornings, usually just for 20 minutes or so. I know I need to rev up the workout, if I want to really make this healthy eating change more positive and effective.
     I am very excited for the Okanogan vs. Omak football game this Friday! It's just so much fun to have tons of people there! And, I am impressed with the cheer coach at Omak, as we have decided to get our girls together to do some cheers. It should be tons of fun!
     Well, I am definitely enjoying my Wednesday!! Hope you are, too!

Monday, September 24, 2007

ANOTHER marvelous Monday!!

     Life is starting to fall into a comfortable pattern and routine. And, I am very thankful for that!
     We had a busy and relaxed weekend. I know that's an oxymoron of sorts, busy relaxed. But, it's the best way to describe it!
     Friday was football! We lost by a heartbreaking point. However, it was VERY nice to finally play a home game.
     The cheerleaders did a good job, and I am proud of their debut in front of a home crowd.
     Saturday we headed to the soccer game, which was a complete blow-out. Go Dawgs! But, it was fun to hang with the cheerleaders, and watch our talented athletes.
     Then, Jordie left for Wenatchee and to his dad's for the Seahawk game, so we just did little things here and there.
     You know...some chores, painting fingernails and toenails, grading papers, watching movies, running errands, etc.
     Right now I am at my house enjoying lunch. It's so great to be able to buzz home, grab a bite, and blog.
     I am also glad that we are starting to find balance and routine between our two houses. That was a bit crazy for a bit. And, of course, now that we are comfortable, it may not be too long before we change again :)
     Jordie will be home today, Yeah! We have dinner planned, and Prison Break is on, so it's all good!
     We have been working hard on planning very healthy meals, as Rick is pre-diabetic. So, the nice result of that is that I have definitely lost some weight in the past two weeks! My BIG pants are TOO big! LOL.
     Well, that's all for now...happy Monday to you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Like David Letterman, no more!

     I love David Letterman. He is a quirky, eccentric, goofball. Sometimes I feel like we have a lot in common.
     However, one of our major physical characteristics in common (definitely not the hair department) changed drastically. I had my teeth worked on.
     I am SUPER happy about the end result. I just can't believe I waited this long to have it happen. Why? Why did I not do this so long ago?
     The really great thing is Dr. Greg Grillo is all about making beautiful smiles with the least invasive (and consequently, least expensive) way as possible. I am all about that!
     I could not stop smiling yesterday afternoon, and I imagine people who watched me drive by thought I was a WEIRDO!
     And, thankfully I was not in a lot of pain. My gums were a little sore later in the evening, but that's to be expected.
     I really am in shock at how something that took such a short while (I watched March of the Penguins during the procedure) can make such a big difference.
     OK, so to the pics. The top one is my teeth after the procedure. The middle one is my teeth before the procedure but I did have them whitened. The lower pic is before whitening and the procedure! Incredible difference, huh?!!
     I am really proud of myself for making the choice this summer to start changing things that I wanted to change in my life, and fixing my teeth was one thing on my list.
     I feel really lucky to have found such a great dentist in our area. I have a confession to make...I had not been to the dentist since I was pregnant with Jordie (and, he is 15).
     I think it matters greatly when you find a dentist that you like and trust. In addition to that, the entire experience and atmosphere is important, too. I love Dr. G's assistant, Sher, and it helps that she is a friend :)
     I used to joke around about how David Letterman and I had our front gaps in common...NOT ANYMORE!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

MARVELOUS Monday, Darling!!

     To finish off a lovely weekend, I punctuated it with a MARVELOUS Monday!!Today was SUPER!
     The weekend: Friday, fun at the football game, although we lost. My Jordie had a BEAUTIFUL reception! Crazy ride home, tons of laughter :)
     Saturday our plans changed, and we stayed home. We ended up doing things on our "to do" list, and in actuality it felt good to just stay home. We have been on the go so much as of late!
     Then Sunday, Ricky went for a horeseback ride up in the mountains with a friend, and I worked on a gi-normous list I have been wanting to conquer.
     The list was 20 items long, and now only two remain. Mission definitely accomplished!!
     Cody has been writing lots, and I just love receiving his letters, and I often find myself in tears (happy) in the post office because I just can't wait to open his letters in the car!
     Today he actually sent me a shell from his recruit depot. VERY cool, and it ended up to me in one piece! He is so thoughtful.
     He also wrote our little one her very own letter! She was so excited because he even drew her a picture!! It's so funny how something that seems so little can make people so happy! She can't wait to go visit him for his graduation and go to Sea World! She keeps reminding us that we are going after Halloween! LOL
      I am anticipating and exciting day tomorrow! I will take a picture before I head to the dentist, and then after, when my teeth will look so different! This is something I have wanted to do for around twenty years now!!!
     Rather than describe what they are going to do in detail, I will just show you before and after pics tomorrow or Wednesday.
     Speaking of teeth...we had a MOMENTOUS event today!!!! Our little one lost her first ever tooth!!! She was so tickled to put it in her special tooth box that her Grandma gave to her. She actually wanted to go to bed early as she could not wait for the Tooth Fairy to visit her!
     You know what??? Our babies give such meaning to our lives. If we can all just remember the simple pleasures, we can have a MARVELOUS Monday every Monday!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good Morning!

     Hey! I did not go for a walk this morning, and actually I set the alarm for 30 minutes later than normal, and I feel like I have extra energy this morning.
     I plan on waking at my normal time tomorrow and walking, but I was just feeling a little droopy last night and like I might be trying to get sick.
     Knock on wood! So far this new school year I have had not had any sniffles or cold creeping in. I have only had a little allergy stuff happening.
     I don't know if the not getting sick (I always do the first or second week of school) is related to exercising in the mornings or eating well or because I was with kids a couple of days a week all summer.
     But, when last night I felt a small tickle in my throat, you know the feeling, I just figured I would take it a little bit easier to hopefully not catch a cold.
     I do have a busy weekend ahead of me, so I am going to try to go to bed really early tonight, right around the time our little one does!
     The other thing I need to focus on is water!!! I need to drink lots of water and I know that helps to flush out the icky stuff, too.
     Tomorrow night we already have our third football game! I can hardly believe it!
     Then Saturday we are headed over to Seattle. We are going to go check out Emerald Downs and see the horseracing. I am REALLY excited.
     We will crash at my sister's house, and then shop a little on Sunday before heading home!
     Well, I am outta here for the day! Keep smilin'!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Geez Louise!

     Wowser! GEEZ LOUISE, it has been far too long since I last blogged. I cannot believe how busy I have been!!
     I have gone for morning walks this week, so that is GOOD! That is really part of the reason that I have not been blogging...walk or blog in the morning?!
     Then at night time, I have just been pooped out! Plus, I have been somewhat busy at night even.
     School is starting to settle into a routine, and I will be glad when EVERYTHING is in its place!
     Cheerleading has been a good time! My step-daughter just LOVES everything about it, but especially the girls :)
     The fair ROCKED this year!! We were there on Saturday from 12-8:30!!!! I kid you not.
     What a fun day of family, friends, and food (ahem). Then we went back on Sunday from 12-5!
     I especially loved the horseracing, and my favorite race was the Pony Express race on both days.
     Yes, last weekend was a whirlwind. Friday night we had a football game in Liberty Bell (and my little one came with us on the bus), then we had a sleepover at my house, then off to Chelan so Jordie could meet up with his dad to go to the Seahawks game on Sunday, then off to the fair all day.
     We finished our Deadwood series on Saturday was depressing that it is over. I wish they would keep making that show!
     Sunday morning we did take it easy and just relax and then headed off to the fair.
     I did NOT eat healthy at the fair, but I am OK with that. I also did a ton of walking there!
     Last night we went on a date to the movie to see the new western. It was OK, pretty predictable, I thought, but fun to go out without the kiddos. I ate popcorn and Junior Mints for dinner.
     I can hardly believe that it is already Wednesday evening!! And, this shaping up to be another busy, but fun, weekend! I will keep ya posted!
     Have a SUPER day!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Roller Coasters

     Well, it's hard to believe that we are finishing our first week of school!
     I have dealt with many emotions this week from happiness to melancholy and everything in between.
     I love my new classroom. I love the kids. I am excited for my step-daughter and my youngest son, as they, too, have had a good start to school.
     I really miss my oldest though. I knew it would be hard when school started and he wasn't here, but it just seems harder than I thought since I can't even talk to him.
     We have a busy weekend ahead of us. We have a football game tomorrow night in Liberty Bell, and I can't wait!
     Then we have the Fair... WOO HOO! I can tell you right now that I will be eating something not good for me. I can feel the funnel cakes calling me.
     I have been eating well this week, as I have been packing my lunch and snacks each day.
     Water..I definitely need to drink more! I feel dehydrated.
     I have not been exercising this week at all. Grrrr... I am planning on starting next week in the mornings. Right now, I am just trying to swing into a schedule of sorts.
     Well, off and running. Have a SUPER day!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Giddy up!

     Greetings!! I am giddy with anticipation for tomorrow! I dearly love the first day of school, and I always have since I was a little girl. How lucky that I am to continue living that tradition!
     In addition, this year I have a kindergartner!! I am sooooo excited! It is definitely one of my favorite years of school to experience with my kids.
     Giddy up works for this weekend, too. It all started with our first football game on Friday night.
     Giddy up! We won. Jordie played an outstanding game with lots of tackles! And, the cheerleaders did great for their first game.
     For many of my girls, it was their first game cheering EVER. I had to remind them that we are a team of newbies and to not be so hard on themselves. I mean REALLY...just imagine if we were a football team with only three kids who had ever played before!
     The bottom line is that they had FUN, looked good, and I am SUPER proud of their positive attitudes and how much they have learned in such a short time. We are, no doubt, going to have a great season!
     Saturday we drove to Odessa to watch an endurance horse race! It was a totally GREAT experience! GIDDY UP!
     I think Rick might have the bug now. We both helped (also known as crewing) for a teacher friend of mine. Everyone there was so nice and friendly. We just had a super time! NEAT-O!
     I could see us going to these races. He would race, I would read a book and crew for him. Fun!
     Then Sunday we headed out on our iron horse and went over the North Cascades Highway, one of our absolutely favorite rides! We have a little place we love to go to and eat over in Marblemount.
     The ride was perfect. Good company, weather, food, scenery, thoughts, etc. Giddy up, GIDDY UP!
     I spent time off and on since last Wednesday preparing my new room for the kiddos. I am not finished, but amazingly, I am OK with that.
     The control freak in me would've spent my entire weekend making sure everything was in its place, but I am working on letting go of the little things and realizing what really matters, and ultimately letting go of the fear of being judged for not doing something.
     No, my room is not decorated. No, I am not completely unpacked (I still have MANY boxes to go through). YES, I am ready for kids. I am ready to teach. I LOVE MY JOB!!!
     Reality is that I can unpack and decorate as I can, and next year will be better and easier.
     And, really I am VERY proud of myself for giving that stress away. That's a major improvement for me. Honestly I had one of the best weekends I have had this summer, a summer of many good weekends!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

We ARE the World

     I am working on a lesson plan with a friend, and we had to access this video. LOVE IT!
     Really, what a diverse group of people both in their personal and music backgrounds. Can you name everyone?
      Seems like everyone today is just too busy (or too separate) to do something like this.
     I know that there were benefit concerts when Katrina happened, but they weren't a group of people coming together to record a song, but rather individuals making an appearance and playing their own songs.
     I can hardly believe that this was 1985!! I was in 8th grade then! Enjoy!


     Sorry. This has just been an incredibly hectic week. I have been working on my classroom and getting ready to return to school next week.
     Add in cheerleading practices, family responsibilities, chores, and helping a friend in need, and truly I have not had much time to blog.
     I have been eating well this entire week. I have also found that by bleaching my teeth at night, I don't snack (because I can't!).
     I definitely need to drink more water. I am feeling dehydrated, not good.
      I have not had ANY deliberate exercise, but I have been sweating TONS with all the moving and cleaning.
     I am just thrilled about my new classroom!! I will be even more thrilled when I am all settled.
     Right now my best friend is dealing with some major stress as her mom is very ill. I feel so much empathy for her.
      As well, another very close friend recently lost her two-year-old niece unexpectantly.
     This just has me thinking about all of those things surrounding how much I love my family and friends, how all the little things that bug us really don't matter, and how life is far too short to spend it in stress or in conflict.
     You just never know when your tomorrow won't come. Will those around you know how much you loved them? Have you shown them?
     This has been a summer of re-prioritizing for me. I have really searched out my heart, my mind, my spirit.
     I am giving so much away that I used to feel I needed to control or thought I even wanted to control. And, instead...I am using THAT energy for my kids (all three of them), my fiancee', my family and my friends.

Monday, August 27, 2007


     This past few days has felt like a week! Seriously! Friday was spent with cheer practice, errands, chores, and sick people.
     Rick was icky sicky and stayed at my house all day Friday. Then Friday evening I started feeling not so swell, but I really think it was allergies.
     Saturday everyone was feeling under the weather (except Jordie), and we still had 12 tons of hay to haul and a birthday party to attend. Is there ever enough time in the day?
     Sunday was spent prepping for the cheerleader sleepover! We camped on the football field at the school.
     This was a family affair because both my step-daughter and Jordie spent the night making posters, painting, eating, playing, and just having TONS of fun!
     We accomplished the MAJOR task we had of painting our cheer boxes, and we started signs, and mostly we just had some quality bonding time. This morning we worked our cheers and chants.
     Drinking water...good on Friday and Saturday, and OK on Sunday.
     Eating...good for the past three days.
     Exercising...EXCELLENT. My legs are SUPER sore today!
     So, I am tired (especially when we went to bed so late last night and REALLY did not have tons of sleep), but tired in a good way. It's all about making the memories.
     This morning I received another letter from Cody, but this one made me cry. He is missing us all, and he just loves us so much. It really touched my heart.
     As I sit here right now typing away, I am reminded at was is truly important in this world...FAMILY.