Thursday, October 4, 2007

THANK you Power

      The act of saying thank you, of appreciating all that should be appreciated, of realizing how fortunate we all really are.
     I read an article today online about "Thank You Power" that resonated with me.
     Of course, it makes sense that a natural link exists between optimists and people who live the ideals of Thank You Power. This is all completely connected to my life right now.
     My 10th grade English classes are reading Stuck in Neutral, which actually a local guy (Spokane), Terry Trueman, wrote.
     One of the main messages in the book revolves around optimism, staying positive, and hope.
     Side note: Terry Trueman is coming to our school next Friday to meet with my students, and I am totally thrilled!
     The message in his book, in the articles that I read today is one that I am trying to live each day.
     Remember to say thank you. Remember to appreciate those around you. Remember to FORGIVE. Remember to look for solutions.
     I have resolved myself to remembering. Sometimes I think that we bog down in all the little details and miss out on the big picture. Thankfully, right now that picture's clarity is one of splendid focus.
     Life is busy, and you know what? I am thankful for the opportunity to be busy :)
     On a physical note...I have focused well on eating this past week, but not on water consumption or exercising.
     I have one month until we head down to see Cody at his graduation. I can't wait to see him. I know he will look/act so much differently.
     I need to kick myself in the butt, and workout hard for 30 days!
     We have a fun weekend ahead of us: football game with the junior cheer camp, soccer game on Saturday, wood gathering sometime over the weekend, and I am bound and determined to finish unpacking my classroom this weekend!
     I can do it! Thank you!

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