Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is it THURSDAY already???

     Hello, old friend!
     Yes, it has been far too long since I have last blogged, and I appreciate all of my faithful readers who keep coming back and checking.
     Life is just a whirlwind. I am guessing that my sporadic blogs will continue until cheerleading is over, which is surprisingly, just around the corner.
     I can hardly believe that we are almost in the middle of October! This Friday night is only one of three (maybe four, if we play a cross-over) games left in our season.
     It will, no doubt, be strange when cheer is over, as right now it is certainly all time consuming. I will have some much extra time that I won't know what to do with myself!
     So, hang in there...I promise I will be back in full force once life slows down just a tad.
     Everything has been busy, but good. Our airline tickets are purchased for San Diego, and I CANNOT wait to see Cody!! Less than a month to go.
     My eating has been mostly good, with a few slip ups here and there, but really I have been concentrating on eating healthy and on portion control.
     Exercising is spotty (sort of like this blog). I have gone for walks in the morning, and worked on my wood pile in the past week, but I haven't worked out every single day.
     This week and next are particularly NUTSO, with Homecoming on the horizon. We have had planning and prepping activities this week, and then next week...well, I probably won't know my name :)
     What's fun for me is that I get to relive Homecoming every year, and this one I am a sophomore class advisor, so I am helping lots.
     This weekend we are going to Wenatchee to hit up Goodwill and buy all of our dress-up clothes.
     Well, I miss you. Life is well. I hope it is for you, too.

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